Stylish Holiday Table Ideas – No Fuss Elegance

Stylish holiday table ideas do not have to be complicated or cost a fortune. In today’s post there are tips and visuals to show you how to create an elegant look for less.

stylish holiday table ideas for Christmas in white

Take away the slim Christmas tree that’s tucked in the corner of the room and this tablescape could look like one used in any season. Simple elegance is often best and less can truly be more. I have three top tips for those of you who love to set a beautiful table.

Stylish Holiday Table Ideas

  1. White Linens – While I don’t often use a tablecloth I have several tucked away and available at the ready. White tablecloths add an elegant aura and instantly uplift a table setting to new levels of luxe. They don’t need to be pricey, think hotel style linens, your grandmother’s lace and discount type shops.
  2. White Dinnerware – My everyday white dishes are white and would just as dignified on this table as the dressier plates. Mix and match your white plates of all sizes, all eras and patterns and dress the table up with accessories.
  3. Flowers – A simple table garland of eucalyptus and a few other additions along with a vase of blush peonies are highly effective in giving this tablescape polish. If you prefer a colorful table the same ideas apply.

stylish holiday table ideas white christmas

My first step in setting this table was the white linen ruffled edge tablecloth. Frankly I didn’t have time to iron, but THIS SPRAY is a clever lifesaver…you’re welcome! Next I layered the plates so that I could see how much room I’d have for my garland in mind. Some of my favorite plates are below, scroll and tap to shop.

white and gold Christmas dining table

After the plates were set up I added the flatware and napkins and then I was ready to place the centerpiece. There are no set rules in my world of tablescaping and this is just a suggestion of how I set up on this day. Next came the flowers and I was thrilled to find these barely blushing large peonies at my local florist! For a  Christmas setting I love to use my antique and vintage glass pieces mixed in, like the Bohemian glass vase and antique champagne coupes. Each setting has a coupe with a single bloom and just one more thing to consider in making guests feel special with stylish holiday table ideas.

stylish holiday table ideas blush pink peonies

I was going for a light almost ethereal effect, so before I set out the eucalyptus I laid some wisps of tulle down the center.

stylish holiday table ideas gold and white

Next came the greenery and finally a few non-breakable Christmas ball ornaments. Stemware was the final touch with a combination of antique and new.

stylish holiday table ideas

Even when it’s just my husband and me eating at the table on a quiet weekend I love to use candles for the glow. Brass, gold, copper and white all appeal to the senses and make a table polished and refined.

stylish holiday table ideas elegant

For lots more entertaining tips and inspiration, I have a whole section devoted to that topic, right here… ENTERTAINING!

stylish holiday table ideas french country style

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  1. I love the look of the greenery and flowers! Where do you get fresh flowers and greenery from? Something like that where I live would have to be special ordered from a florist.

    1. The greenery is from Trader Joes and very inexpensive, as are their flowers. Sometimes I order from my local wholesale florist and that’s where the peonies came from.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Janet! I love the all white look with just a touch of gold and baubles and those lovely peonies!!

  3. Janet you always inspire me and your simple but elegant Christmas tablescape doesn’t disappoint with your white china and white table linens. Love your white flowers too with the twinkling lights in the background. Great tips on making decorating easy. XOXO, Sarah

  4. I love the mirror. The finish is not too ornate which is what Iā€™m looking for. Would you m8 d sharing your source?

    1. It’s a beautiful mirror Margo! I have a direct link to it over the last image of my table above.

  5. Ahrisha Lesher says:

    I adore your white table. Just enough brass to create perfection. I love a white table cloth too and always set my quest table with one.

  6. Such a peaceful and relaxing style Janet!! Love your candleholders and flower bouquets! xo Heather