White Ginger Jars & Peonies – Easy Summer Tablescape

An easy summer tablescape with simple ideas that you can follow! Follow this and create something similar for your next summer gathering!

Sweet summertime means easy living and if you’re like me you probably enjoy simple entertaining! In my book of lifestyle, simple means not difficult or overthought and quick to put together. Probably more so up at our beach home, since I don’t keep a lot of daily “stuff” here and get down to the basics. For this easy summer tablescape I was inspired simply by my collection of white ginger jars and pink peonies. The trick is to create something that looks lavish, but is simple!

Thank you to my friend Bre from Rooms For Rent for inviting me to an inspiring blog hop…be sure to scroll down.

white ginger jars with pink peonies

With my favorite flower…pink peonies, I knew in this case that the look and scent would be the star today. The stems were tall in this bunch from my friends at Petal Driven and these large white ginger jars (also called temple jars) would be perfect. Right off the bat I’m sharing some of my favorite jars with you below.

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My flower arrangements are always loosely designed for an unstructured look. I approach floral design more from an artist perspective and not a trained floral designer (which I’m not), adding the flowers first and greenery last. Especially in a simple summer table setting where my vision is a free and non fussy vibe.

white ginger jars floral arranging

Pink Peonies – Tips

  • If your pink peonies come to you closed up, massage them gently and dunk the heads in warm water. I talk more about that in THIS POST.
  • To cut the peony stems, it’s best to use a small knife rather than scissors and cut at an angle.
  • My favorite way to cut any flower for an arrangement is to hold each bloom upside-down next to the vessel to determine the proper height. Game changer if you aren’t already doing this!

easy summer tablescape coastal dining room

White Ginger Jars & Peonies - Easy Summer Tablescape

Easy Summer Tablescape Design

  • Don’t overthink things and no stress! I would have probably preferred to place the largest white ginger jar in the center for balance, but it doesn’t fit well under the chandelier. It’s fine though, because honestly the jars would be moved to the ends of the table or buffet when eating so that conversation can easily flow.
  • Placemats be gone, so there is less clean up! Keeping the table light and airy is the name of the game for this simple summer table setting.

beach house simple summer table setting

I layered two vintage plates at each place setting. The dinner plate is white ironstone and the salad plate is French Limoges with a floral pattern. All of my dinnerware at the beach home is vintage and all found at local thrift stores and yard sales! Same with the linens and in this case I simply rolled up these rumpled Irish linen napkins and topped each with a found oyster shell. I love unstructured and easy for summer.

coastal Florida home dining room

The antique aqua glasses add a punch of color that my beach going guests always love. The painted enamel dots reminded me of sails when I spied these at a flea market. Sometimes I fill these little beauties with a single bloom each to use as vases.

beach house summer ideas table setting

I haven’t spent much here for accessories in this simple summer table setting and the glass hurricanes came from my neighbor’s trash. She was shocked that I wanted them, but a little bit of clean up and they are perfectly imperfect.

glass hurricanes beach cottage

Candles to coordinate always add another layer to a simple summer table setting without looking too fussy. Plus the glow…it’s mesmerizing!

aqua candles

If your table is long enough, don’t overlook the ends for adding an interesting chair or perhaps some additional candles and flowers. I found a pair of these vintage white caned chairs years ago at a flea market and they are perfect for extra seating.

vintage white caned chair

simple summer table setting beach house



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  1. Tracey Clark says:

    Where did you get your dining table and chairs? I love the causualness of the set.

  2. I love your ginger jars! Those glasses and plates look so pretty together too!

  3. Janet, your tables always leaving me pouring over every detail. Love the vintage touches and beachy vibe! xoxo

  4. The jars, florals, table setting are all gorgeous. Is this a table scape you have actually used or put together for the photo? The colors and selections are wonderful. However, I think the floral arrangements may be a bit high for people to see each other across the table through the floral arrangements. What do you think?

    1. Yes, I completely agree and it’s in the article as a bullet point:
      “I would have probably preferred to place the largest white ginger jar in the center for balance, but it doesn’t fit well under the chandelier. It’s fine though, because honestly the jars would be moved to the ends of the table or buffet when eating so that conversation can easily flow.”

      Thanks for visiting Rosalie!

  5. Great tour everything looks beautiful, fresh and easy. Love the jars.

    1. Thanks Mikki! I love those jars and sad that I can’t get more of them since they were discontinued! Enjoy your week

  6. LOVELY Janet – your table is so fresh and breezy – I feel like I’m at the beach! Thanks for the selection of white ginger jars too. I’ve always wanted some and maybe now’s the time! Here’s to a happy summer!

    1. Hi Barb…nice to hear from you and happy summer sent your way too! xo