Traditional Interiors Home Tour: The River Bluffs

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Welcome to this new home tour feature! The River Bluffs is an outstanding home located in Grand Rapids. Designed by Amy Darooge from Villa Decor, each room in this home brims with traditional elegance and refined style. You’ll see how the serene and light color palette used enhances the natural light spaces and creates a perfect canvas for the gorgeous custom built-ins and decor.

The result is a traditionally elegant home with a modern twist that makes it feel both relaxed and upscale. 

I found this home to be so captivating and inspiring! I hope you will too. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Traditional Interiors Home Tour: The River Bluffs

The entrance already hints at some of the design elements that will be used throughout the home. A custom white hall tree and bench with a pillow arrangement make for a practical and pretty entrance design.

The living room, dining room, and kitchen are all connected through a partially open-concept layout. This creates zones without sacrificing natural light and results in spaces that feel open and airy but intimate too.

Working with the same color scheme of light blue, steel, white, and a little bit of ecru hues for contrast, the home achieves an elegant and harmonious look throughout.
The dark hardwood floors unify spaces and add an upscale feel across the entire home.

The kitchen features one of my favorite color combos, light steel blue and white!
Creating a smart traffic flow, the kitchen island works as the centerpiece of this cooking station.

Bespoke built-in cabinets with a traditional style, help to frame and bring out the beautiful backsplash tile in light blue.

Facing the kitchen area, we find the stunning dining room. Traditional in style, it has a slight farmhouse feel with a modern touch. The natural table is complemented by upholstered chairs in a light beige hue and a matching bench.

Bay windows work as a stunning backdrop.

The exposed beams on the ceiling echo those used in the stone fireplace. Besides adding visual continuity, these elements also maintain a seamless flow between different areas of the room.

Placed around the stone fireplace, we can find the living room area. This welcoming space carries forward the same color palette of soft hues of light blue, gray, and beige.
The use of sisal ottomans, exposed wooden side tables, vintage pieces, and layered textures creates a sense of visual interest and contrast.

Serene and light-filled, this bedroom showcases classical traditional elements with a modern twist.

The light blue walls paired with white molding sets the mood of the room, while the bedding and accent furniture create a cozy and relaxed sleeping space that’s just sublime.

The study room boasts darker hues with medium-warm gray walls. Complemented by decor touches in bronze and black, along with dark wooden furnishings, this space has a more intimate feel while maintaining a sophisticated style.

One of my favorite rooms is the family room! In this space, cozy elements come together with more traditional pieces harmoniously.
We can see French-inspired furniture -like the reclaimed console- paired with plush armchairs and decor elements rich in texture, like the wicker baskets.

The master bathroom maintains the home’s sophisticated character, with elegant marble countertops, light blue walls, and bay windows that give a spa-like feel to this room.

A rich gray shade dresses the walls in the smaller bathroom, contrasting beautifully against picture framing molding in white. A gorgeous vanity in the same gray shade ties the design together.

Decorative items like the galvanized metal bucket and a vintage-inspired laundry sink bring some farmhouse touches to the laundry room.

What was your favorite room on this home tour? Let me know down below in the comments!

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  1. What is the floor made of in both of the bathrooms ?
    Beautiful home

    1. I’m not sure Eileen, you can click on the links to go to the designer on Houzz

  2. Absolutely gorgeous home! Full of inspiration.❤️

    1. Glad you enjoyed this one Michelle ❤️

  3. Bettielou says:

    I’m glad to see a traditional home instead of all this minimalist style. Tradition will never go out of style. Beautiful! I love the light blue and white.

    1. So glad that you enjoyed this one BettieLou ❤️

  4. Love the light blue and white. It has such a clean appearance.

    1. That combination will never be outdated DaleAnn 💙

  5. All in the details they say. This home has all the special trimmings that make this house feel warm without adding lots of color. If I were to change my back splash white tile I’d go for one of these pale blue glass tiles or something with lots of texture to them..even maybe brick but this is so pretty!

    1. And that is so true Lori! I love those tiles as well!

  6. I usually love the tours you post, but I am so over these ALL white everything homes. 🫤 Too blah.

    1. We were trying to publish light, bright homes for summer and now that summer is coming to an end we will have more colorful homes coming!

  7. What a gorgeous home! All the rooms were tastefully done in such calm beautiful colors. Definitely classy!! Thank you for sharing.

    1. So glad that you enjoyed this home tour Sally!

  8. Becky Thornton says:

    Love, Love this home and all the blue. Wish I lived in it. So peaceful & calming. Thank you for sharing, Becky

    1. Glad that you enjoyed this one too Becky! I’m a lover of blue and understand how you feel 💙