5 Unique Ways To Display Flowers (On A Shelf)

Are you stumped and looking for some unique ways to display flowers on a shelf or mantel? Today I’m sharing 5 uncommon ways to help get you out of that same old, same old rut!

Decorating can sometimes be over though out. When it comes to to the large decisions and big money purchases I totally get it. However, when you are just trying to add some flavor or fluff up a room, then why not have fun with it! Today I have 5 unique ways to display flowers on a mantel (if you have one) or a shelf. Fun ways, maybe that you haven’t thought of before. These ideas will all take you 20 minutes or less…guaranteed!

5 Unique Ways To Display Flowers

1. Ginger Jars

When we think of ginger jars we always envision them with a lid on top. Ginger jars were originally used in ancient China for displaying and transporting spices, such as ginger. That’s where the name originated, but obviously we don’t do that in modern times. They are collectibles that are trending with lots of options these days and I’ll list some great buys below. First though, if you have some…take off the lids and use them for flowers on the mantel. They make great flower vases and since they’re ceramic they hold water.

ginger jars unique ways to display flowers

unique ways to decorate with flowers


When purchasing ginger jars, consider buying a pair. They balance out a mantel or bookshelf at either end, adding symmetry. Place the jars first and then fill in the center with a few interesting objects.


2. Canisters

Kitchen canisters make for fun flower containers that are a bit unexpected. Since they are designed for food, adding water shouldn’t be an issue. If antique (as mine are) test for leaking first, especially if you see rust. If so, then use a small jar inside.

canisters unique ways to display flowers


3. Display Loose Flowers

Plop a big bunch of flowers directly on the mantel or shelf for lots of pizzaz! Of course this only works short term since cut flowers need water. If you’re having friends over or an event at home it’s so effective as a WOW factor! You could do the same for an entire season though with faux flowers or dried flowers.

display flowers on a mantel



4. Tiny Toppers

Sometimes subtle is best and if you have a small space to cover, how about tiny buds on parade? I’ve placed some small buds on various sized vintage brass candleholders, but this is simply a starting point to let your own imagination fly!

unique ways to display flowers on candleholders


5. Trash Cans

Yes folks…you read that right! One of my own favorite flower containers is actually a plastic trash can that looks like copper. Don’t overlook the simple things in your home or when you’re out shopping. Keep your eyes wide open for unique ways to display flowers!

summer master bedroom ideas peonies in gold



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    1. Thanks so much Kris…happy evening! xoxo

  1. Ruth Ledyard says:

    Your flower displays are so very lovely.. These are the colors I love! Are they all real? If so I envy you being able to get such beautiful flowers. I especially love them in the ginger jars.

    1. Thank you Ruth and yes…they are real! I’m lucky to have a wonderful florist in town that I work with.

  2. This is such a great post! Love all of your flower decorating ideas!

    Happy day friend!

    1. Thanks Karianne…I appreciate you!

  3. Patricia Harkness says:

    Absolutely love your arrangements. What are the flowers in the “tiny toppers” idea?

    Those are amazing.


    1. Thank you so much! They are proteas and they have the sweetest buds.

    1. Thanks so much sweet friend! xo