Valentine Crafts – Pink Mason Jar DIY

Valentine crafts. Mason jars are the perfect solution and an easy DIY and with some flowers inside make a great gift!

The secret is out…valentine crafts mason jars are fun and easy! My obsession with jars tends to run the gamut from old found dug up jars, to Mason Jars to wine bottles with beautiful shapes or gorgeous labels.
valentine craft pink mason jar diy
Today I’m sharing a quick tutorial on crafting jars/bottles in PINK and it’s the easiest craft in the world.
The jars in the first photo started out looking like the jars above. The green jar is one of the commemorative editions while the other two I painted a couple of years ago to look like old mercury glass and shared a tutorial HERE.
silver mason jars
I love these and use them all the time, but have many so no worries in changing a few out to pink…
spray paint for mason jars
I had these paints on hand and found them all at the Home Depot at one time or another. What you’ll need basically is a roll of painter’s tape, some pink spray acrylic paint and a can of Rustoleum Chalk Board paint.
Tape off any areas that you don’t want the spray to hit and do this outside or in a spray box. You can make a spray station by taking a large cardboard box and cutting off one side, if the cold weather prevents you from working outdoors. It you do that, be sure to wear a mask or working in a ventilated room. Safety first at all times in making valentine crafts mason jars or any spray paint project.
When you spray or paint jars paint them upside down, as you want the paint to get as close to the bottom of the jar as possible so that it doesn’t look too funky.
Remove the tape carefully to prevent peeling off the paint in areas that you might not want peeled. I like to do that as soon as the paint seems dry to the touch, as I’ve found that waiting too long sometimes makes for a sticky mess.
The jar on the right was the green jar, which I gave a first spray coat of the chalk paint in black and then the pink over it once dry. Spraying with black paint first makes the jars have a great patina. I took some 100 grit sandpaper to lightly distress the jar and show some of the black underneath. These valentine crafts mason jars are great for your Valentine’s Day roses, or to fill with candy for a friend.
pink mason jar
How about a pencil cup? Just fancy it up with some ribbon.
pink desk accessories
I decided to do a few more and on this one I tied a torn piece of shabby chic fabric as a ribbon and stamped a French sentiment. Endless possibilities limited only by your imagination. What would you do with your valentine crafts mason jars?
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  1. shirley 33 says:

    Muy bonito, me encanta.

  2. You always create the most beautiful jars and vignettes Janet!….Great tip on placing the jars upside down when painting!…Great partying with you and Happy Ground Hog Day too!

  3. You had me at mason jars! I love the pink and mercury glass combination! I have some ones I've done the mercury glass treatment to, but I think they need a touch of color now! Love.

  4. Love it Janet! What an easy DIY and it's so pretty.You know how much I LOVE pink.And silver is the perfect combination! Yes I have heard about those lavender jars….now they need to make pink 😉

  5. Yvonne @ StoneGable says:

    These jars are fabulous! I love love love mason jars and you took them to a more elegant level! Thanks for the great tutorial! I've gotta try this!

  6. Anita Diaz says:

    I love pink and those are just gorgeous!! I have never painted jars, but must give it a try!!

  7. Jann Olson says:

    Super cute! I love jars as well! Thanks for sharing them.

  8. If you're interested in white painted Ball mason pint jars you can find them at Kmart on sale $1.99 each. They also have a salt & pepper shaker set $4.99.

  9. Courtney ~ French Country Cottage says:

    Love them Janet- so cute!! Might be a little obsessed with jars myself 😉