Valentines Day Decorations You’ll Love

Valentines Day Decorations don’t have to be cheesy or overdone. See what’s new that we designed for our online store Posh Cottage Shop.

I just love the month of February with romance in the air and my birthday as well. It’s a month that we can add some femininity in small doses to our homes with a bit of pink. I won’t apologize for my lifelong love of pink! I’ve toned it down over the years but a small dose with a pillow, throw or pink flowers imbue modern romance. Just as with Christmas decorating I am not a huge fan of red, so I shared this post a couple of years back that you might enjoy. See the post below RIGHT HERE.

You might remember when I used to sell the ruffled throws. I’ve moved on from that but they sure were well loved and so pretty!

valentines day decorations pink ruffle throws shabbyfufu

Times change and I love to design new things! Like these coffee mugs that are the perfect gifts for Valentines Day. We have lots of styles and below are a couple of my favorites, which you’ll find RIGHT HERE.

love you coffee mug posh cottage shop #sff225

valentines day mug posh cottage shop #sff225

And some new pillow designs to mix and match with your Valentines Day decorations that you’ll find RIGHT HERE as well.

valentines day wreath pillow posh cottage shop #sff225

valentines day lovebird pillow posh cottage shop sff#225

My business partner Lory of Designthusiam and I hope that you love our new designs. We both feel that supporting small women owned businesses is so important in these days of Amazon shopping! I have lots more coming for Valentine’s Day this year to inspire you, so stay tuned and subscribe!

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