5 Examples Of Vintage Decorating That Will Inspire You

I am not a trained interior designer by trade, but with my background and training in art, I feel that it gives me the eye and an edge to see the interior flow. Vintage decorating is one type of decorating that always catches my eye.  I tend to look at a room like a painting, and every good painting should have something that draws your eye in, like a focal point.

If you are anything like me, interior decorating is fun. There are so many combos of colors, patterns, and shapes that it’s possible to combine old and new and create something beautiful and unique each and every time.
Finding inspiration for ideas on vintage decorating isn’t hard and here are 5 examples that are certain to inspire you!
vintage decorating ideas for your home

5 Examples Of Vintage Decorating That Will Inspire You

A room should have natural movement so that when you enter you are drawn to that one piece and then scan around to the others.
vintage glassware for your home decor
Often I see rooms and homes with just way too much going on. It might work for some dwellers but personally, I prefer clean, quiet and organized rooms.  Too many “things” are too much. Organize your rooms…as in putting things into cabinets and taking them out when you need them!
Clutter can cause chaos of the mind and body. It’s always a good interior decorating plan to have as minimal clutter as possible.
decorating your home with vintage items
My favorite designers (past and present) or just homeowners that I follow on Instagram or Pinterest decorate in a clean manner, with relaxed and refined elegance. They also have a love of vintage decorating as well.  It’s simple for them to create an entire home with vintage finds or mix in vintage with reproduction and new pieces.
vintage farmhouse home decor

Be Unique With Your Vintage Decorating Ideas

Be unique! Don’t rush out and following every. single. new. trend. PLEASE.
Back in the day, it seemed to be fashionable for suburban housewives to purchase sets to show their new found success or money. Stores like Sears or Ethan Allen did well in selling thousands of sets of furniture. Times are different now.
Have you seen Ethan Allen lately?  They have turned around an Early American business to suit the millennial home buyer?!! It may be out with the old and in with the new, but you can STILL mix and mingle vintage pieces with newly found items that you are probably purchasing online.
vintage modern home decor

But I digress, as I’m talking today about examples of vintage decorating that will inspire you. I encourage you to think outside of the box when it comes to designing your home.

Top Tips for Vintage Decor


I always look for vintage garden furniture when I’m out on the junking trail. You may have noticed that I bring it inside! This perfectly chippy plant stand is covered in layers of paint! It works well not only to hold cut flowers or plants but put a round of glass on it and you have an instant side table.

how to paint vintage household items

I don’t care how great of a painter you are…there is just nothing like the patina of vintage decorating and old paint!

When it comes to vintage decorating, the older the paint appears, the better.

vintage decorating ideas for living rooms

My husband and I used to make these to sell on our website. So simple to do.  A vintage picture frame was the start of this shelf and we built the box to fit behind it and covered the inside back with beadboard. Then the entire shelf was painted in a crisp white.

vintage retro decorating ideas

It serves a purpose in our beach home breakfast room and is ONE OF A KIND, which is such a plus in vintage decorating.


Look for and collect useful pieces that have the ORIGINAL OLD PAINT. There is nothing finer than finding an old table or shelf bearing old paint. If you are concerned about lead you can consider spraying a clear sealer on to protect.

vintage beach themed home decor

This half table is the handiest piece ever and I love the lines, the medallions, and the curvature. It fits snugly against a wall and was $10 years ago at a local yard sale.

Another plus about vintage decorating is finding items at great prices at yard sales or flea markets.

If you take the time to shop frugally, you may find some really, really great vintage decor items.

vintage caned chair decorating ideas

Why do I have this uncanny knack of recalling where I purchased vintage finds even if it was 20 years ago? I can’t even remember what I had for dinner last night!

I have a pair of the ’40s caned chairs above and years back they came home with me on a FLEA MARKET BUYING TRIP to North Carolina. I changed the look by painting them in a warm creamy white tone and covered the seat cushions (easy, peasy job) in white matelasse from a bedspread. They were stylish once I did that 20 years ago and still are today!

It’s one of my favorite vintage decor focal points in our home.

decorating with antiques and collectibles

I have A LOT of vintage lighting in our homes, but I mix the old with new as needed in a room. You DO NOT need to spend a bunch of money to enjoy vintage lighting. This sconce is one of three in our beach home master bathroom and again, flea market bargains!

I check ALL vintage lighting to make certain that it’s sound by today’s standards and change if necessary. A little spray paint and we were good to go.  The shades were new

Soooo much better than the builder grade lighting in the master bathroom!  This is just one example of VINTAGE DECORATING THAT WILL INSPIRE YOU.

If you love the idea of vintage decorating, you are going to want these home decor tips! Simple, easy and fun ideas on how you can bring that vintage look into your home! #vintagedecorating #vintagedecor #antiques #homedecor #interiordecorating

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