Winter Decorating Ideas – Home Inspiration

Winter Decorating Ideas and it’s not even winter yet! I like to keep things neutral and bring in natural elements to keep things cozy. Texture is important and elements like wood tones, ice tones, silvered leaves, candles, woven baskets and faux fur will keep you thinking warmth! I’ve partnered with Amara and their Home Inspiration program to give you some ideas for your home.

authentic antique bergere chair

Ice tones might sound cold, but they bring in light and a glow to a winter room.
A simple approach to adding some ice would be in a pillow that is pale and in a cool tone like the iced blue pillow on my French chair.

Winter Decorating Ideas – Instead Of Christmas

More Winter Decor Inspiration:


Faux fur in white and a floral pillow with silvery tones that are pale and fade into the background.


Wood candle holders with lots of texture and garden clippings of my own from my Silver Buttonwood Tree that I love to display all winter long. Metallics and softly faded florals are casual and cool.


Cozy baskets with lots of texture that can be used for simple display or holding throws and blankets for cold evenings.



Layers on the cold tile floor for warmth underfoot. I love to layer throw rugs and in pale colors they are pretty much perfect.


amethyst vase

Amethyst and silver for reflections of winter. You can just envision snow outside this setting but warmth inside with flowers in pale glows.


Apple pies, cider, baked apples…all wintery infusions that start with the basic apple displayed in a weathered wood bowl.



Winter Decorating Ideas - Home Inspiration

I hope that you have a wonderful and warm Thanksgiving with loved ones.Thank you to my friends at Amara for sponsoring this post and I’d love for you to check out my Home Inspiration page to see more of these looks.

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