New! Stylish Winter Fashion Accessories For Women

Give your winter wardrobe a stylish revamp with some utterly-chic and practical winter fashion accessories!

Winter Fashion Accessories For Women

It’s not necessary to buy a whole new wardrobe when the temperature drops. Investing in the right winter fashion accessories that fit your style and budget can help you create sophisticated outfits without breaking the bank.

Adding accessories to your wardrobe is like adding a little dose of inspiration to your daily routine.

Silk scarves in rich hues, leather gloves, a chic belt, the perfect bag… They spark the fashion inspiration I need when getting dressed in the morning and this simple act has the power to put me in a great mood for the whole day!

You can revamp your winter wardrobe with some exquisite accessories that are both elegant and practical.

Let’s dive into some lovely items to introduce to your wardrobe so you can look your best during the winter months.

Here are some of my favorite picks:

Winter Fashion Accessories For Women Over 50+

By now, you know I like to stick to neutrals. Most of my daily outfits are white, black, navy, and different shades of greys and some earthy beiges. To add a little fun and a bit of that je ne sais quoi element to my outfit, I wave in a bit of color to my ensembles through accessories.

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Snow bootsKnitted BalaclavaLeather gloves | Ruana wrapConvertible mittensPlaid PashminaPink and grey plaid scarf | Lined thermal socks

Scarves are my usual go-to, like this blanket scarf that isn’t too heavy but will keep you warm. I love how versatile a simple silk scarf can be! There are endless ways to tie scarves, creating a completely unique look every time.

A pair of gloves is essential for winter and these touchscreen leather gloves are perfect for today’s woman! Touchscreen means that you won’t have to remove your gloves to text on your phone and that’s just a great idea!

For a more casual option, go for this knitted set that comes with a hat, a circle scarf, and a pom-pom hat. At the time of this writing they are priced at just $11.99 for the set, which is 29% off the regular price! You’ll be able to mix and match the pieces and use them in different outfits. I’m headed on a trip in a few weeks where it is COLD, so I picked up this set for myself!

Likewise, we can’t forget about mitten gloves! These are by far the cutest ones. with over 17K+ positive ratings! It’s a convertible design so you can use your fingers when necessary!

Cold Weather Winter Accessories For Women

I know many of my readers live in places with harsh weather conditions, so I’ve included some heavy-duty accessories for you! Practicality wins over style most of the time when we are facing freezing temperatures and that’s perfectly acceptable. But, there are some options to make everyday outfits chic without sacrificing comfort.

These waterproof snow boots, for example, are the ultimate heavy-duty shoe to face the snow thanks to their Thinsulate and waterproof materials. But, the collared fur detailing and color combo is uber chic and will help elevate any outfit. Plus, at the time of this writing they are 44% off, so take advantage of the price!

Another option is this sophisticated pair by Columbia.  Opt for this one if you prefer something just as elegant but a bit more low-key.

Wearing something like a fleece hood or a scarf and hat one-piece (take a look, this is so darn cute!) will help you stay warm on those wintry days when you’re outside enjoying the snow while looking chic!

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Black and white oblong scarf | Cashmere grey scarf | Hat, scarf and gloves set | Black and white ruana | Tassel plaid scarf | Thermal underwear set

Winter Fashion Accessories: Ruanas, Wraps & Blanket Scarves

A pashmina is a great way to add warmth without adding the bulk of a thicker wool scarf.
There are many on the market that offer different colors, patterns, and textures. For me, though, the best ones are on the lightweight side (I live in Florida, after all). I love something classic like this black and white one or something bolder, like this colorful plaid one. They have that effortless vibe, are neutral with a little color sprinkled in, and are big enough to wear as a shawl. A timeless staple we should all have in our closets!

From casual to dressy, a scarf is never not needed! It can really boost any outfit and arms you up with a soft, snuggly layer. Pair it with these fabulous fleece lined leggings (with phone pocket) a long sweater, boots, and voilá! The perfect effortlessly chic outfit for outdoor walks or running errands around town.

I love my blanket scarves to have at least three colors running through them. This gives a pop of color to my always neutral outfits and it also makes it a more versatile piece, as it will match with pretty much anything.

My favorite this season? This lovely one (on sale!) has cashmere-like fabric and a stunning selection of colors and patterns to choose from.

Amp up your winter look with a ruana! This colorblock sweater ruana is comfy and casual, yet has a sophisticated element that makes it suitable for more formal occasions as well.

When going over the best winter fashion accessories for women, I can’t forget to mention thermal clothes. Wearing the first layer of thermal clothes is incredibly important to feel warm and comfortable during the day and avoid thicker layers of clothing. I highly recommend you invest in some quality thermal underwear and thermal socks! I swear by this set of thermal underwear. Similarly, I have quite a few pairs of socks and by far, this is my favorite pair. They’re not too bulky, and are incredibly soft and comfy!

collage style graphic with white background featuring winter accesories for women

Plaid scarf | Cashmere blend embellished scarf | Faux fur scarf | Long shawl wrap | Baclava | Snow boots | Leggings | Scarf set

If you’re going to be out in the cold for a long or live in a state where winters are harsh, I recommend opting for something more heavy-duty ready, such as these wool-lined thermal socks. While they are lightweight and breathable, they are equipped with insulation technology. I purchased a pair of these for a trip years ago and they really keep my toes warm!

These items are my must-have for staying warm while staying chic during the winter!

I hope you enjoyed my selection of winter fashion accessories and find them useful.

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