Winter White Outdoor Table Setting

french style dining outdoors
You might think that living in Florida we would be able to enjoy the outside all of the time to get together with family for dinners and friends for entertaining. Well that may be partially true, but only if you are…

white rose garland on an outdoor table
  1. Sitting in the shade under an umbrella with an iced tea or some other sort of cold libation in hand.
  2. In the pool, floating on the pool or under the pool.
  3. Under the overhang on the patio covered in mosquito repellant and sitting directly beneath a ceiling fan…
restoration hardware dining table outdoors

Our weather has finally broken over the last few days and I’m taking full advantage and setting up in the garden out back to entertain…

french book party
and also to do some upcoming styling work for a project…
vintage french enamelware

Simple white china, white vintage monogrammed napkins, and white roses in vintage French enamelware are my outside entertaining go~to’s for winter dining…

embossed clay cups

The table is my outdoor patio table from Restoration Hardware and it was one that was free to me with a client no longer needing it after selling her home. I love it’s rustic look and the fact that it’s slatted, so rain will just pour right through it. You can read the entire post HERE to see what else we scored and where we used it…

white roses romantic
party decoration outdoors french style
The rustic outdoor table mixed with the wood chairs and some random vintage chairs brought outside that normally live inside our home. It might not be the season for you to bring the outside in where you live right now, but keep the thought on the back burner for spring.
french party
Come spring, I’ll be back in the pool or in the house or perhaps gardening with a sunhat and bug repellant slathered on. For now I’m enjoying anything al fresco!
aqua swimming pool

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  1. Susan Duane says:

    Just beautiful! I have to say I'm a bit jealous since it's 24 here!