25 Beautiful Summer Porch Ideas

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Whether you have a small front porch, a wrap-around or a back porch, take advantage of this summer season and give your porch a little makeover with these 25 Beautiful Summer Porch Ideas!

When the seasons change, so does our daily life and with that comes a need to give our homes a fresh and new look. If the warmer days have inspired you to spruce up your porch and beautify it to use during the summer months, but you don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place! 

The sunny season always inspires me to add pops of color and make my spaces feel bright and fresh. In my previous post, I talked about small ways to prep your home for the summer (to read it, click HERE) and now it’s time we talk about simple but effective ways to make your porch feel and look amazing for the summer season!

Whatever type of decor style or porch size you have, you’ll find an inspiring idea down below. Read on!

25 Beautiful Summer Porch Ideas

Depending on the size of your porch, the front porch ideas that make the most sense for your home might be purely decorative–think a front door wreath and a pretty hanging basket. Or, they could be more functional, like adding furniture pieces to improve the movement flow.

How do you decorate a porch for spring and summer?


1. Isn’t this whimsical porch the prettiest? To get a similar look, find creative ways to display flowers. Use clear glass bottles as vases to display flowers and place them around in different heights and play with vintage-inspired decorative elements, like a retro wicked couch. A pair of pillows in a similar color hue to your flowers adds an extra element of comfort.
2. There’s nothing like sitting outside on a warm summer evening with a cold drink and your favorite people and the porch is the perfect spot to entertain your loved ones! Making this area more entertainment-friendly is simple. Add comfy armchairs, an outdoor bar tray and a small table, like in this gorgeous example. Make sure to rearrange the furniture to allow a seamless flow. 
3. Make your back porch a secluded retreat by adding sun beds to relax on during the summer. In addition to be a comfortable spot, it also works as a hangout spot for those warm afternoons.
4. How to spruce up a small front porch, you ask?  Add some greenery to your porch with wicker baskets filled with flowers or herbs! It looks enchanting and gives a beautiful and inviting first impression of your home.

Small Front Porch Summer Decorating Ideas: 

5. Go the extra mile and make a bold change by painting your front door in a bright and vibrant color. Add contrast with different greenery in ceramic planters.

Grandmillennial styled farmhouse porch upper fixer

6. Create a romantic atmosphere by placing candles around your porch or lanterns like my good friend CJ Swank has done in her stunning NY farmhouse! (See her farmhouse tour HERE)

7. Obsessed with the Grand Millennial look but not sure where or how to add it to your home? Start with the porch! Paint the ceiling and columns in a nature-inspired hue -like this subtle dark green- then, add armchairs and pair them with geometrical pillows or a striped rug for a pop of contrast.
8. Add curtains to your porch! The result is not just beautiful but also practical, especially if you live in a tropical area. In hot weather, lightweight waterproof curtains will help your porch feel like a haven and will also give it a lovely rustic glam touch.
9. Give your porch a charming summer update by hanging baskets filled with flowers and enjoy summer blooms!

Porch Summer Decorating Ideas:

10. Summer is all about bright and airy vibes. Cue yellow accents, the sunniest color of the season. Incorporate this lively hue to your porch in small ways like a welcome sign, potted sunflowers or with a statement yellow chair.

11. A rocking chair on the corner and planters with your favorite greenery makes for a lovely welcome to any guests in this rustic chic porch! To get a similar aesthetic, give your rocking chair a distressed paint job.

12. In this charming mountain-chic home, a simple wooden bench, lanterns and plants on a welcoming porch and a mudroom. This is an amazing idea to recreate in your porch this summer.

Front Porch Entrance Decor Ideas

13. If you’re looking to add a little romance to your summer porch this year, look no further than this adorable French cottage-style porch! The key here is to find a small table and chairs made of wrought iron or similar in style to give off that charming European feel.

14. For this porch, homeowners decided to go the extra mile and installed a pair of wicker swing chairs. If you don’t have a space as big but still want to get the same vibe, go for a smaller one and place it in a corner, to keep the porch functional but get the boho feel.

15. A pair of armchairs made of natural seagrass and rattan can bring the most simple porch back to life and give it a whole new look. To nail a similar look, try to incorporate natural fibers, pillow cases and rugs blue and white to nail the beachy feel.

Front and Back Porch Decor Ideas for Summer

16. Elevate your porch this summer by painting a wicker furniture set in an unexpected color, like this lush forest green. Use complementary colors throughout the decor, like pillows, vases, and flowers, as in this charming example!

17. Infuse your porch with the breezy vibe of summertime with a coastal styled porch. This is an easy one to recreate on narrow porches; the hanging day bed creates extra seating while also allowing you to store a small low table underneath it when not in use.

18. A back porch with roof extension can be an amazing opportunity to switch things up during the warmer months and turn it into an outdoor dining area. If you’d like a similar vibe, pick up an antique farm table, hang string lights on the ceiling and dress it up with vintage inspired accessories.

19. For a quick porch upgrade, return to a classic and adorn your porch with a summer-themed wreath! Get inspired by some of these amazing tutorials and make your own DIY summer wreath!  Check it out HERE.

20. Dress up your porch with a rug for an instant refresh! You can use a large one or layer smaller ones for a more relaxed and beachy look. Pop tip? Get your hand on waterproof rugs!

21. A whimsical little porch shows us how the right lighting can go a long way!  Getting this enchanted ambient glow is simple. Hang fairy lights around the perimeter of your porch or place different lanterns around, always making sure to get light bulbs with warm tones.

Simple Summer Front Porch Decor

Grandmillennial styled farmhouse porch upper fixer

22. Reflecting the mood of the season on your porch can be as easy as adding some visual interest. Throwing patterned pillows over neutral furniture and some unexpected accessories, like in the example below, will give your porch a summery vibe without changing anything else!

23. A revamped vintage bicycle in a bright yellow steals the show in this porch. The design is complemented by cute potted flowers and a colorful doormat, resulting in a charming nook filled with charm!


24. Simple is best for those who prefer something more modern. Set up a pair of white rocking chairs as your porch’s focal point and let them add modernity. Additionally, you can start decorating for the 4th of July by hanging flags and adding patriotic touches, like in this example!

25. Feel like relaxing on your porch? If you’ve been dreaming of having a cozy spot to nap and read on your porch in the summer, then add a daybed!
Put pillows in different patterns and colors, always picking fabrics that are resistant but lightweight, so it looks more welcoming and summer-themed.


Hopefully this little roundup of beautiful summer porch ideas has inspired you. Now that you know how to create the porch of your dreams, it’s time to get started on your own today!

decorative graphic of porch ideas featuring two images of porches

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