This NY Farmhouse Is a Grandmillennial Dream

Meet this Restored Farmhouse (Grandmillennial Style)

CJ Swank’s gorgeous pictures of her historical home beautify my Instagram feed weekly, and I’m delighted to feature her stunning upstate NY home in this week’s home tour edition!

CJ is retired but she’s worked as a fashion stylist to celebrities and as a visual art director for museums. She even had her own art studio! She is also a USAF veteran who has lived all over the world.

Her passion for traveling has influenced her home style, which features antique furniture and mix-matched accessories that complement each other. Eclectic meets preppy with a slight touch of French bohemian vibes; her farmhouse is a curated collection of pre-loved pieces found on Facebook Marketplace. Yes, you heard that right! Read my own post here – How To Buy And Sell On Facebook Marketplace With Confidence.

elegant historical farmhouse in upstate new york


Redecorating Using Facebook Marketplace:

I think all of us decor-enthusiast know how complicated furnishing a new house can be.
Making a new house feel like home is neither easy nor inexpensive. It also requires creativity and flexibility as most things don’t always go according to plan.

So, you can imagine how jarring it was for CJ when someone stole her furniture during the move from Seattle to NY!

“I furnished my home during a pandemic with no money (I live off a very modest SS check) primarily through FB Marketplace. I’ve been a widow and lived alone for nearly 20 years, doing all things house related by myself. From fixing the fence to fixing the boiler…I’ve done it all!”

CJ’s eye for detail and design-savvy skills have paid off marvelously. Her home decoration is a curated collection of furniture that compliments the house’s original structure while adding her signature style.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, the Grandmillennial style is a home decor aesthetic that’s all the rage, and CJ’s home is a beautiful example of why it has become so popular.

It’s stylish, cozy, and timeless, with personal touches making it unique. Grandmillennial aesthetic is all about having a home that tells a story, an inviting space that feels personal and this farmhouse is just that.

Here’s a bit bit about this fascinating home decorator known as CJ Swank!

After moving across country from Seattle to New York a few weeks later, the very first thing I did was get myself a dog, a Golden Retriever I named Skye, who quickly became my shadow and likes to walk himself. Life on the farm was not as idyllic as I’d fantasized. It had been vandalized in the decade it was uninhabited. Copper pipes were long since gone, and so was the plumbing, heating, hot water, electricity, gas, and much, much more. Appliances had been stolen. Walls were unmercifully painted with slop. Weeds and wildflowers adorned the landscape. Time had ravaged this once magical farmhouse. But I was undeterred. I saw past the neglect to its beauty, and knew “Riverview Farm” was home. These days, Skye and I explore the fields, fences, riverbank, and wildlife like a land baron. It’s not much. But it’s ours. ⁣

I find her farmhouse irresistibly charming, so I’m delighted to share this home tour with you.

Now, grab your cup of coffee, and let’s walk through every room of this gorgeous home!

Grandmillennial styled farmhouse fixer-upper in upstate new york

Crafting The Perfect Grandmillennial Dining Room

The dining room’s dark and moody color palette brings old-world charm with just the right dose of contemporary style.

elegant dining room with a dark color scheme after decor makeover

The black walls (“Domino” by Sherwin Williams from their Fashion Forward Collection) and dark furniture emphasize the room’s dramatic feel.

elegant dining room with a dark color scheme after decor makeover

The two white love seats add a soft and modern touch. 

elegant dining room with a dark color scheme after decor makeover featuring white love seats in white

The chinoiserie vases and framed golden mirror hanging above the French commode create symmetry and add a hint of traditional sophistication.

elegant dining room with a dark color scheme after decor makeover with golden retriever dog

A far cry from how this room was before the makeover!

historical farmhouse dining room before decor makeover

historical farmhouse dining room before decor makeover

Upgrade Your Farmhouse Living Room With a Preppy Style

This lovely living room is what grandmillennial decor aesthetics is all about!

stylish grandmilenial farmhouse living room with greenery and blue accents


A Boston fern awaits for the harsh winter weather to go away in the comfort of this room. Next to the white and blue accents and mix-matched patterns, the bright green of this beautiful fern adds vibrancy to the color scheme.

stylish grandmilenial farmhouse living room with greenery and blue accents

In these before pictures, we can see the home had so much potential, the house structure is stunning on its own but it needed some love.

historical new york farmhouse during makeover process

historical new york farmhouse during makeover process

Now all the elements of decor balance each other, crafting a beautiful space that invites you in.

stylish grandmilenial farmhouse living room with greenery and blue accents

An unfiltered golden glow from sunrise fills this room every morning, making it even more dreamy.  Isn’t lovely?


Welcome The Grandmillennial Style Into Your Bedroom

A serene color scheme inspired this bedroom – a soft blue is paired with white and pops of warm hues for a relaxing and French-vintage-inspired vibe.   

farmhouse chic french-style bedroom in upstate new york

The stunning 1920’s French primary bed featured a curved footboard, intricate details, and a gorgeous patina.  A beautiful bed like this is all a bedroom needs to make an impression!

farmhouse chic french-style bedroom in upstate new york


The guest room is a work in progress, but we already love it. Mustard yellows, reds, and oranges accents are spread out across the room, while the soft pale blue walls make the original wood of the furniture stand out. No doubt, the lush vintage chartreuse channel back, scalloped chair steals the show immediately. All the decor elements flow harmoniously together, from the vintage seashell prints to the eye-catching animal print rug.

farmhouse chic french-style bedroom in upstate new york

Transform Your Porch with Facebook Marketplace

Secluded in an idyllic spot, the river runs along the left of this farmhouse (lovingly named “Riverview Farm”).  And the porch is one of the best places to take in the serene surroundings of this home.

Grandmillennial styled farmhouse porch upper fixer

But, this porch makeover took some time to come together. Have a look at the before picture!

Before picture featuring an old porch

A set of vintage wicker furniture hand-painted in a muted green set an inviting scene.

Grandmillennial styled farmhouse porch upper fixer

CJ added throw pillows in white and blue patterns and a blanket for chilly nights. A distressed white coffee table, a woven rug, and ceramic vases add texture and rustic vibes.

 Grandmillennial styled farmhouse porch upper fixer

The combo works pair beautifully with the greenery and surrounding nature.

Upgrade Your Outdoors With These Grandmillennial Ideas

Built around 1910, the house seemed stuck in time, but CJ brought new life to it and made it her home. After years of neglect and vandalism, the once magical farmhouse is now thriving with beauty just like in its golden years, thanks to the love and effort of her new homeowner!

“These days, Skye and I explore the fields, fences, riverbank, and wildlife like a land baron.  It’s not much. But it’s ours.”

exterior elegant historical farmhouse in upstate new york

If you want more info about how to buy and sell on Facebook Market Place, don’t forget to check out my best tips in THIS article!

Be sure to follow CJ Swank over on Instagram for her daily inspiration. You’ll adore her updates, as we do!!


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    1. I follow CJ on IG! Great piece on how she brought the house back to life. Thanks for sharing.

      1. She did a fabulous job Marie and thanks for stopping by to see her tour here!

  1. What an inspiration!!! That’s all I needed to light my fire! I’m ready to get started!!! Do you know the paint color in the guest bedroom? Enjoy your features so much. Look forward to each & every one. Thank you, Janet!!

    1. Glad that your fire is lit Linda! I do not know, but click to her IG and maybe she has it posted there?

  2. The homeowner is amazing! I think that I read somewhere that she bought the house sight unseen online! She’s literally saved the house through hard work and determination and made it beautiful again.

    1. Yes…I forgot to add that to my post and will do so now!

  3. What a beautiful restoration. The home looks welcoming summer or winter season. Her choice of color in the rooms is different yet lovely. Thanks for sharing this find Janet.

  4. What a beauty!! Absolutely gorgeous!!

    1. She really made this old home shine!

  5. Oh my! This is beautiful. That white BED ooooh, and the vintage wicker furniture is right up my street.

  6. I LOVE CJ and her incredible style and tenacity!!!! Can’t get enough of her gorgeous home and so happy that she defied the horrific theft of her furniture and went on to create the most beautiful and inviting home for herself and Skye on a budget. Great feature Janet!

  7. Totally inspirational. What a wonderful story. It truly made my day. Thank you.

  8. That was a beautiful tour. Thank you.

  9. The bed is wonderful and the back porch is fabulous. I love this! Thank you for sharing.

  10. Linda A Charlton says:

    Such a lovely home. I would love to live there.

  11. Susan Krauss says:

    So beautiful. The plump bedding just calls for a person to take a blissful nap!

  12. What a wonderful house! I felt serene just looking at it!

  13. Wow! Now this feels like home! I could move right in and not change a thing! GOEGEOUS.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Love this story and photos…thank you for posting..I have seen these featured in a magazine before but it is nice to see them revived again….

    1. Elizabeth, so glad that you stopped by for the post!

    2. My pleasure to share Elisabeth!

  15. What a wonderful transformation on the house. I like seeing old homes brought back to life instead of tearing it all down to rebuild.
    I really enjoy FB Marketplace although I have lost out on many items after I’ve expressed interest and I can pick up right away..I’m close by..etc…the seller commenting ok but someone gets the item before I do some how and the seller doesn’t let me know that. I expect a pick up time and no response. I’m sure I could pay via an app or something but I fear I will lose my money as well as the item as things transpire so fast..then the seller just never replies again.
    I’m old school I guess…so when I’m selling something I give that first person a chance to pick the item up if they are a garage sale…but yes, that’s old school naivete! I know.
    Love your tips though Janet!

    1. Lori, I’ve sold (and purchased) quite a bit on Marketplace. It’s nerve racking as a seller to sort through and to try and figure out who is legit and who is not. At least in my area that’s the case! Hope you have a great week ahead!

  16. What a tenacious lady!!!!!! I wish I knew her! Her home is so interesting—just as is her story. The most prized of her acquirements is Skye!! He brings life to her beautiful space.
    Thank you Janet—it is stories like these of real people who turn a “situation into such beautiful inspiration” and thereby challenges us all in through the process.
    I wish her much peace & success in this lovely home.

    1. Sandi, although I only know her online I feel that I can tell what kind of a genuine soul she is. Glad to share CJ’s home with y’all!

  17. Maria Silva says:

    I love what you did with the porch!! Great choice of colors, different and very cozy.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Maria for the tour!