5 Romantic Floral Styling Ideas – With What You Have

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trophy cups with flowers

It’s definitely possible to create a romantic vignette on a shelf or mantel without being too mushy and over the top. Today I have 5 ideas for you, using what you might already have on hand and a little bit of ingenuity to change the looks shown here to your own…

vintage books trophy cups and flowers

1. Silver
Not everyone collects vintage trophy cups, but I have a few and love to use them for displaying flowers. On my mantel I mixed them with some simple pieces of silverplate from the thrift store. Some are shiny and some are tarnished and I love the way that the finishes all look mixed and mingled. I added a few roses to each, some books that I stained and rumpled up. Read more about that process. I made a garland with some pink and cream pom poms that were left over from vintage drapery panels. The poms were cut off one by one (tedious but worth it) and then strung on some fishline…


flower arranging in old silver
mantel with silver and roses
If you have some silver pieces that you don’t want to get wet inside, simply take a small jar like a baby food glass jar and place it inside filled with water. Don’t forget to check it as baby food jars are small and the water will quickly evaporate…
french style mantel

2. Glass
Speaking of glass jars, I removed the roses from the silver containers in this look and placed them into a variety of glass. The center jar is the largest and then the smaller jars are on the sides. While it’s true that the roses are peachy pink and the jars more of a true pink I’m not afraid to mix the two and it all flows. I painted the jars pink and more here


old jars for flowers
floral arranging
I use jars so much in my home that I save almost every one that I have left from food items. The large pink jar on the right is a pickle jar and the other two pink jars held jelly. Don’t throw out your glass jars! They have so many uses, limited only by your imagination!
ombre paint cans

3. Cans
Tin cans are another household item that can be reinvented into something lovely…


roses valentines day

I spray painted the cans with a couple of different colors of paint in an ombre effect…


vintage books and roses

You can do this with any color…maybe aqua for Spring…


light pink roses in hombre tin paint cans - floral styling ideas
vintage chocolate pots
4. China
Vintage china mimics florals when the pattern is one that has roses or pink tones. I have pared down my collections over the years and store them in a cabinet when not in use…
flowers in vintage china

Obviously these don’t match each other but they compliment. You can collect individual pieces of china from thrift stores or yard sales and don’t overlook chipped pieces that are fine for flower arranging, as I talked about recently


janet coon photography
flower garland

5. Loose!
If I know that my flowers are going to be tossed soon and I want an arrangement that will last just for a party or for the day, I cut the stems short and just plop them down on the mantel, table, shelf…etc. Sometimes I’ll mix fresh garden greenery into them and create a table garlandThat can really stretch out the floral budget!


french country mantel with flowers

I love this look the best and it takes just minutes to do something like this in a pinch…


pom pom garland
rose photographer

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  1. Love all of your ideas, Janet!
    You always inspire me.

  2. You just make everything look so pretty!

  3. Just beautiful! I love the silver but I have to say my favourite is the vintage china! 🙂
    Jennelise xo