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The Art Of Arranging Peonies & Tips

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Flowers bring so much beauty into our lives and in this post you’ll find some ideas and tips for the art of arranging peonies.

Peonies are special and the sight and scent of them bring so much joy! The spring/summer season of peony availability is fleeting and perhaps the elusive nature makes the flower even more coveted. My friends at Petal Driven have the most beautiful peonies that arrived to me overnight from Holland. Just look at this bounty! The first thing that I did was to clip the ends on an angle.

the art of arranging peonies

The Art Of Arranging Peonies

Soaking your flowers first in the sink or a bucket revives them from their journey. I do this with peonies whether I find them locally or remotely.

soaking peonies in the sink

After soaking for a couple of hours and having time to think about the art of arranging my peonies, I was ready. Speaking of art…life is imitating art in this case. I’ve had the beautiful pink peony painting by Melissa Lyons for a couple of years now. It sits on my living room mantel for the warmer flower filled months. This big vintage copper bucket held some of my pink peonies and a smaller vintage copper bucket holds the yellow peonies on the mantel.

The Art of Arranging Peonies At Home

shabbyfufu living room with peonies and a peony painting

You can choose to leave the leaves on your peonies for a fuller look. Be sure to remove any leaves that will sit under the water line though to keep your peony arrangement lasting longer. Indeed these peonies are already blooming out, but oftentimes lesser quality grocery store peonies stay in tight buds and don’t open on their own. My post on HOW TO FORCE PEONIES TO BLOOM & OPEN QUICKLY might help you with that! Find my rug HERE.

art of arranging peonies

When you procure quality flowers you’ll often find that the stems are longer, depending on the flower. I enjoy displaying my flowers in this collection of French pitchers, as well as some other tall containers.

tips for arranging peonies in French buckets

In addition to the French pitchers, ginger jars make the perfect vase sans lid! This sea washed blue ginger jar is part of my growing collection and is handmade in the USA by the artists at Lo Home. You might enjoy my post for more about the art of DISPLAYING PEONIES IN GINGER JARS HERE!

art of arranging peonies

Transporting Peonies

In addition to displaying the peonies at home, I brought them up to our beach place for a mini vacation weekend. There are several ways to transport cut peonies that are are open and blooming. Get yourself one of those big 5 gallon contractor buckets at a home improvement store. Fill it with enough water to cover the roots and not too much, since it will slosh around as you drive. Wedge the bucket in the back of your car floor with pillows or whatever else you’re hauling. We travel with my husband’s pick up truck and that method works for us. Along with this way to transport flowers, you can wrap the bottoms with wet paper toweling and place in a plastic garbage bag. Leave the bag open a little at the top to allow the flowers to breathe.

The Art of Arranging Peonies At The Beach

art of arranging peonies on a beach coastal table

The yellow peonies are a shade that I’ve never seen prior to this and are called Sunny Girl. They are a full petal hybrid and are only available on the market for a few weeks out of the year! Somewhat delicate, they started losing petals before the pink peonies did.

pink and yellow peonies shabbyfufu

Once the Sunny Girl peonies lost their petals I searched around for different containers. I found a large terracotta pot that is covered in seashells. The peonies were placed in a couple of jars inside filled with water. When you have a container such as that which isn’t watertight, grab a jar!

Because the sea shell pot was shorter than what I previously used I gave the stems a trim. Peonies last longer if you clip the stems daily and change the water, as do most cut flowers. At this point I also decided to strip off most of the leaves. The pink peonies were at their fullest and displayed beautifully on their own. I took great pleasure in this art of arranging my peonies and sometimes it’s the simple things that give pleasure.

A trio of containers hold the peonies and even thought it was a pizza night the peonies made everything special.

Peonies in the kitchen at the beach. Find the barstools HERE or tap the image below.


If you love peonies as I do, grab the June calendar page from our MEMBERS ONLY LIBRARY and print it out! It’s free for subscribers to the blog and if you don’t yet subscribe you can do that below.



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  1. I agree bringing in fresh cut flowers from the yard into your home is a treat that will bring a smile every time you look at them. I have peonies in a darker shade of pink as well as lighter pinks. I like your paintings of the peonies as well as flamingo. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Flowers really lift our spirits! Happy weekend Dawn!

  2. These are so gorgeous Janet! πŸ’– Thanks for the tips – I’m going to try those out asap! Thiscisca beautiful post! Hope you have a lovely day!

    1. Thanks Barbara…this week has flown by and I hope that you enjoy your weekend!

  3. Just simple lushnessπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

    1. Thank you Carol! Enjoy your weekend

  4. Great tips Janet! I have not been trimming my indoor peonies everyday and they have not lasted as long as I would have liked, so thank you for that! Have a great weekend

    1. Thanks Denise! I do my best to try and trim cut flowers and change the water daily and it really seems to extend the life! So glad that you stopped by!

  5. Jacy Cole says:

    Gorgeous flowers and wonderful ideas!! I especially love the French pitchers and the copper containers!!
    Love love love these beauties!!!

    1. So glad that you enjoyed this post Jacy…I just LOVE peonies, as you can tell…lol!

  6. So beautiful! I especially love how they look with the copper and the shell containers. I don’t have any but my mom grew the most beautiful peonies in white, pink and a deep fushia. She’d cut a bunch, shake off the ants (ants love them too) and wrap them in wet newspaper for me to take home. The scent was wonderful!

    1. Thanks Leena and for sharing about your mom’s peonies! Can you grown them where you live?