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beach tablescape with magnolias
Here I go talking about coastal style again and although I’m not going up to our beach home this weekend I’m sharing something that I love to do almost as soon as we pull up for the weekend! Be sure to click that little READ MORE button to see the full post and I’m partying with some blog friends today too…

clamshell bowl


The first thing that I do when arriving up here is to go grocery shopping. Sort of a given! I head over to Fresh Market, which is the local store and load up on lots of salad makings mostly and a couple of specialty markets like the local fishmonger for the rest. It’s not often that I purchase flowers here because we only stay for 3 day weekends and I don’t want to spend for that.
magnolia garland

I often decorate my table with clipped greenery (free) and shells (free) and other things that I already have on hand. Right now the magnolias are in full bloom and BOY do they make this place smell delicious! Our table that we made to have a driftwood appearance just looks perfect I think with natural elements on top. In this case I used an oversized clam shell as a bowl and simply draped some magnolia clippings coming outwards from the “bowl” itself…

driftwood restoration hardware

My favorite huge blue pitcher from HomeGoods adds a touch of soft blue.

clamshell bowl with floral arrangement
beach house open floor plan kitchen

This past weekend when we were up at the beach house I clipped some Crepe Myrtle (I’ve also seen it spelled Crape Myrtle – you choose) which is in full bloom in the south!

I’d like to update the almost 15 year old kitchen, but it’s not in the budget right now…

coastal decorating style

It will only last a day in water and makes a bit of a mess dropping flowers, so if you decide to bring some inside be prepared for that. It makes for a mouthwatering arrangement though and looks a little like lilac, which doesn’t grow in coastal Florida.

crepe myrtle in floral arrangement

For more coastal decor ideas, I invite you to check out my BEACH HOME under the CATEGORIES DROP DOWN and I hope that you come away inspired wherever you live!

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