Laid Back Summer Style At Home

navy blue and white summer living room
Changing your home seasonally can be a challenge for some of us, but I believe that since this should be the most laid back and fun season it’s nothing to get stressed about. Keep it simple and neutral and add in some of your favorite…
collectibles both new and old. I made a few changes in the living room this afternoon and it took less than a half hour to accomplish, so let me share with you what I did and some tips for a quick summer refresh…
how to combine vintage furniture with new furniture
I love moving furniture around and it’s times like today that I’m glad I work out and have the energy to drag an 8′ sofa across the room! I love this sofa and I normally have it with it’s back facing the window. The room looks so different when it faces this way as opposed to this way and it shows off the beauty of the button tufting. No worries about the fireplace, it’s non working and we acquired it from an old local home that was being renovated.
Try moving your furniture placement if possible and you’ll see how the room can look new and fresh!
beautiful vintage french chandelier and pink roses
Minimal amount of pieces on the mantel and my sweet husband brought the roses home because he knows me so well with my love of blush flowers. I placed them into a favorite vintage ironstone pitcher and balanced out the shelf with some vintage beaded light fixtures and a modern gold orb. They go well together because I’ve mixed metals with metals in the same tones, even though I have new and old displayed. Plus the glitz factor of the chandelier and the crystals in the light fixtures just add shine to the room…
french modern vintage style room
I borrowed the rug from my updated home office and not sure if I’ll leave it here permanently because I have another rug on the way. Texture is everything with a white room and again…the rug is modern and the furniture is vintage.


white and gold modern accent pieces


I’m crazy about this white and gold table or bar cart from Ross and you’ll be seeing more of it in posts to come. A blue candle picks up the blue in the pillows on the sofa and there is no better color for summerizing a room than blue!


room with vintage and modern mix


The room appears to be flooded with light, but I’m going to be totally honest here and tell you that this shoot was done late in the day and the natural light was very dim here. I’m going to do some more posts soon about photography for bloggers like this one…and share tips on how to shoot and edit when the light is scarce…
white living room with navy blue accents


Navy pillows and a chunky navy throw mixed with white linen pillows and a vintage French pinstripe bedroll pillow…
Have you ever tried out some of your pretty bed pillows on your sofa?
vintage modern french mix


Something living in the form of a real plant for breathing life into the room. My daughter who has the green thumb around here says that plants also bring good karma into a space…
white living room with white and navy blue and gold
Happy summer!

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