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BEST Gluten Free Holiday Cakes

Best gluten free holiday cakes! It’s not easy to find really great gluten free recipes and if you are following this lifestyle you’ll know what I mean. I have been working with a women’s health specialist for a couple of years now and I’ve really been following his advice.

Best gluten free holiday cake recipes

VIA: Nirvana Cakery

I’m pretty healthy and take no medications, but allergies have always been an issue as well as digestion. The two really go hand in hand and the old adage of “you are what you eat” holds true. You have to do what’s right for you, and going gluten and dairy free has been just that for me. I know that Keto is huge at the moment but I just feel so much better without dairy. Back in the day when the Atkins diet was a passing fad I tried that, because let’s face it….who doesn’t want to lose a few pounds!

Best gluten free holiday cake recipes

VIA: A Calculated Whisk

It didn’t work for me in that I never felt quite right and once I stopped any few pounds lost came right back. So it’s my lifestyle now to follow a gluten free/dairy free regimen and take a list of supplements that have me feeling pretty great. For the first time in years my allergies have subsided and I don’t need to rely on meds. Check out THIS POST (by request!) on the supplements that I take. All of this being said, I am human and love a great dessert…like these > Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Best gluten free holiday cake recipes

VIA: Cotter Crunch

Especially during the holiday season and while everyone else indulges I can too. Especially if I bake it myself and I’ve gathered 20 of the Best gluten free holiday cake recipes for you today! They aren’t all dairy free, but they are all gluten free…so take a look.

Best gluten free holiday cake recipes

20 BEST Gluten Free Christmas Cake RECIPES

  1. Chocolate Christmas Cake†from cottercrunch.com
  2. Gluten Free Gingerbread Pound Cake from spicedblog.com
  3. Gluten Free Black Forest Cake from deliciouseveryday.com
  4. Cranberry Orange Coffee Cake from alldayidreamaboutfood.com
  5. Chocolate Cranberry Christmas Mini Cakes†from nirvanacakery.com
  6. Gluten Free Rum Cake†from glutenfreeonashoestring.com
  7. Gluten Free Orange & Cinnamon Fruit Cake from everynookandcranny.net
  8. Low Carb Cranberry Walnut Coffee Cake from ibreatheimhungry.com
  9. Christmas Cake Baked Oatmeal from breakfastdramaqueen.com
  10. Cranberry Orange Cake from texanerin.com
  11. Coconut Amaretto Crepe Cake†from downshiftology.com
  12. Gingerbread Cheesecake†from thecookiewriter.com
  13. Yule Log Cake Recipe from lowcarbyum.com
  14. Gluten Free Pear Spice Cake†& Caramel Sauce from thetoastedpinenut.com
  15. No-Bake Gingerbread Buche De Noel from acalculatedwhisk.com
  16. White Chocolate Christmas Cake from begoodorganics.com
  17. Mint Paleo Gluten Free Chocolate Cake from foodfaithfitness.com
  18. The Easiest Gluten Free And Vegan Chocolate Cake†from theprettybee.com
  19. Flourless Chocolate Torte from wellplated.com
  20. Vegan Panforte Italian Chocolate Christmas Cake from wallflowerkitchen.com

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  1. Debbie Sunshine says:

    5 stars
    Yes.. definitely post lots of gluten free desserts & any supplements u take… Did gluten free for a month just as a test and felt sooo much better & had no issues.. Hub did the same diet… . he did not have one issue with his reflux he has struggled with for 20 yrs.. was told by Dr to take meds r live with it! Please post all things u r learning on your gluten free diet journey… Will help us all!:)Thanks!

    1. Thank you for responding Debbie! I do have so much to share with my readers and if it can help even just one it’s worth doing. Will get that post together for a healthier new year soon! xo

    2. Thank you Janet! I am gluten-free due to a family history of autoimmune disease. Thanks for this!

      1. I hope that you find some recipes that you love here Patti!

  2. Your gluten-free holiday recipes are amazing, beautiful and appreciated!!)
    They will be fun for the whole family to try this Christmas!
    I would. be very interested in your suggested post above describing your gluten-free/dairy free regimen and list of supplements! Thank you so much for your gorgeous website and information you share!!!

    1. I’m so glad that you found value in this post Heather! I will definitely work up a post on what I’ve been doing because it’s really been transformative in my health and I hope can help others. xo

  3. Hi Janet, I’ve been GF and Dairy Free for about 18 months and it has literally saved my life. I have several Autoimmune Diseases and it’s been so much better since being off gluten. I’d love to have any recipes and supplement info you can recommend. I think there are a lot of people out there sick and hurting that are Gluten and Dairy intolerant and are just not getting the info from their doctors. I know I was one of them. Thanks so much.

    1. Debra, I much appreciate you letting me know and I totally agree! Of course taking supplements can be costly, but at what price do we value our health? I will get a post or two together because I have a lot to share and congrats on your health journey!

  4. Shelley welch says:

    Hi Janet, I’ve been gluten free for almost 2 years to abate inflammation in my spine. It’s not a perfect solution but it certainly makes a difference! I am preparing for a Christmas party and usually make a trifle with angel food cake. Do you have a recipe for this type of cake that is tried and true? It’s the one dessert I look forward to all year! Congratulations on your own improved health!

    1. Really does make a huge difference! I don’t have a recipe like that, but I have seen some where you just substitute gluten free flour. There are also gluten free angel cake mixes you can buy. Happy holidays!

  5. Morven R Baker says:

    This celiac gal is very grateful for these beautiful recipes. I’m off to buy a ton of cranberries to freeze for all year! Have a lovely Christmas.

    1. Cranberries look so beautiful frozen on top of a cake with some sugar sprinkled on. Happy Holidays!

  6. Your recipes sound wonderful. Yes please post a list of your supplements that you take. I removed sugar and feel much better and switched to unsweetened coconut milk. Love your posts! Thanks.

    1. I posted an article about the supplements today!

      1. Emily North says:

        I was looking for additional information on the supplements but couldn’t find it.

  7. Alice Genzlinger says:

    I also am gluten free and dairy free and what a difference it makes in how my gut feels and my joints. I was followed by my doctor for 17 months closely and still check in with her. I had a thyroid issue also and was referred to her. She said if she had known what foods were doing to her she would not have had thyroid cancer. She did many test before treating me and I’m also soy and oat free. I was astonished to find out that ALL oats contain a toxic fungus and it was a biggie in making me sick as I had oatmeal for breakfast almost every morning. I must remind you and your readers that when gluten free you MUST replace the minerals from breads with replacement minerals.

    1. Oh boy…glad to hear you are doing better now Alice! I posted about the supplements today if you are interested in reading some more.

  8. My problem is cookies. I love to bake and love cookies. I wanted to try King Arthur gluten free flour but hesitant because everyone loves my baking so much especially the holidays. I’m a huge King Arthur person.

    I try to not have white anything because of my MS. Dairy isn’t an issue.


    1. King Arthur flour is really good. I think you have to play around with the recipes and see what works for you. Personally I always do a test run before making to serve!

  9. Lori Anderson says:

    Thank you so much Janet! I am gluten free for 3 months, dairy free for about a year and struggling to find recipes that are good, especially with the holidays coming! I am going to read your supplement post now, need to get healthy (inflammation in joints, gut) but already feeling better. Any posts are greatly appreciated!

    1. Lori, thank you for letting me know! It’s a struggle, but I keep trying new healthy lifestyle changes and hope to update in the early part of the new year. Hope you found just the recipe you were looking for!

  10. Thanks for the recipes! I have tried The Easiest Gluten Free and Vegan chocolate cake and the entire family loves it. I have multiple food issues, including gluten, dairy, eggs, oats, and corn. Until I had an issue with corn, I had no idea how many things are made from it. Xanthan gum and citric acid are just two of them. I’ve tried several gluten-free flours but I’ve settled on using Pamela’s because the others have something added that bothers me.

    1. I do understand having difficulties with food Nancy and have several issues myself. So glad that you found a cake to make that your family enjoys! Have you tried Bob’s Red Mill flours?