Bright English Beach Cottage Style In California – Home Tour

In this edition of our home tour series, we’ll be having a look at a delightful English beach cottage style home!

For those of us seeking some colorful inspiration for the new spring season, this delightful Santa Monica home is sure to captivate!

Here, the laid-back California style meets timeless English beach cottage in a picture-perfect seaside home. It’s filled with coastal charm, blending the relaxed allure of a quintessential Cali-style home with the cozy comforts of an English cottage retreat and a large dose of artistic flair. 

Entryway in beach english cottage style featuring stairs with blue rag and impressionist art
via Houzz/Alison Kandler Interior Design

Grab your cup of tea (or coffee) and let’s start our home tour, shall we?

Bright English Beach Cottage Home Tour

One of the things I truly enjoyed in this home is its playful mix of colors with whimsical details that bring a unique style to each space.

Boasting an open space with a whimsical design and retro-inspired elements, the sun-drenched kitchen is a perfect example. 

White walls and arched windows create an airy feel, while patterned hardwood floors in purple and green add that pretty and playful feel. 

Room in beach english cottage style featuring kitchen with red kitchen island
via Houzz/Alison Kandler Interior Design

All-white counters with floral knobs and bronze handles complement the vibrant red kitchen island. A scalloped white hood vent and pastel blue range heighten the space’s nostalgic charm.

Next to the cooking hub, there’s a truly delightful breakfast nook. With a window seat upholstered in a bright yellow hue, rattan chairs, and a round table, this little sunny spot is just divine! 

via Houzz/Alison Kandler Interior Design

The dining room shares a similar style but with more colorful punches thanks to the wallpaper. The floral motifs have a lovely folk style in vibrant hues of pink and red.

A rustic sage green dining table and chairs contrast wonderfully against the lively backdrop.

The juxtaposition of whimsical patterns against the country-style furniture pieces brims with countryside allure.

We can see the same color story in the bathroom, where different shades of pink are paired with a bright coral red hue.

The other bedrooms also have the same colorful and whimsical style.

via Houzz/Alison Kandler Interior Design
via Houzz/Alison Kandler Interior Design
via Houzz/Alison Kandler Interior Design

Classic California architectural details and vintage finds pair with modern elements for laid-back sophistication.

The living room showcased this concept with cheerful colors and impressionist artwork, creating an inviting interior filled with a unique artistic flair.

Besides the playful use of decor accents and patterned pillows, there’s amazing functionality in this room!

Pay attention to the expansive double desk beneath the windows that spans the entire length of the wall. Working with such a view and natural light looks like a dream!

Another living room has a more tropical and moody feel yet remains bright and cheerful. A purple sofa, wicker black chairs, rustic furniture, and a colorful rug that takes over most of the floor continues with the whimsical and relaxed cottage style.

One of my favorite snapshots of this home is this enchanting seating spot. The muted pink walls work so well with the impressionist portrait, the white wicker sofa, and the fabrics’ dainty patterns. Pretty blooms add to the room’s romantic vibe!

Sofa in beach english cottage style featuring colorful fabrics with boho style
via Houzz/Alison Kandler Interior Design

The bedrooms capture a bohemian spirit with their colorful textiles, eclectic decor, and romantic accents. The wrought iron bed frame, adorned with vibrantly patterned bedding and throws, creates such a cozy space!

The white-washed walls and sheer curtains allow natural light to filter in, which only adds to the airy feel.

The other bedroom exudes such a pretty feminine appeal. The ornate iron bed frame paired with delicate floral patterns on the bedding and curtains, lends a whimsical touch.

Bedroom in beach english cottage style featuring colorful bedding with boho style
via Houzz/Alison Kandler Interior Design

Pops of bright colors in the artwork and accent pieces add a playful contrast to this pastel-toned bedroom.

Outdoor in beach english cottage style featuring colorful bedding with boho style
via Houzz/Alison Kandler Interior Design

This delightful English beach cottage is such a charming blend of femininity and artistic flair. Its bright pops of color mixed in with pastel hues, floral motifs and classic wallpaper patterns with a colorful twist is truly a work of art in itself.

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  1. I liked ALL of the happy colors they blended well. EXCEPT…’maybe’, the red bath tubs. It was a delighttul tour. THANKS

    1. Glad you enjoyed the tour!

  2. Janet
    Enjoyed the tour! Loved all the bright beautiful colors.

    1. Glad that you enjoyed it DaleAnn. Trying to feature lots of different styles in the tours to give everyone some good ideas!