Relaxed Elegance Design – Heather Chadduck: The Designer Spotlight

Relaxed elegance design! In this latest edition of the Designer Spotlight series, I’m thrilled to show you the talent of Heather Chadduck.

Relaxed Elegance Design With A Southern Twist

As a decorator and textile designer, Chadduck has a unique creative outlook and her expertise is obvious in her one-of-a-kind projects.

The result? Interiors that feel elegantly relaxed and brimming with character and comfort.

We can find quality craftsmanship and natural materials in each one of her projects, adding a layer of collected and artisan sophistication. Yet, the homes have a personality-rich aesthetic that never feels stuffy or predictable.

Rustic in white and blue kitchen featured in interiors designed by Heather Chadduck

The focal point in this colonial entryway exudes relaxed elegance design with a round table topped with a striking blue and white geometric patterned tablecloth. This harmonious blend of traditional and modern adds a visually striking touch to the space.

Decorative elements and architectural details such as colonial-style lamps and antique furniture enhance the space’s traditional feel.

Although the traditional elements are everywhere, the home doesn’t feel stuffy or overly formal. It’s relaxed elegance design at it’s subtle finest.

Its fresh color palette, coastal-inspired elements, a curated selection of accessories, and modern floral arrangements give it a fresh vibe.

The interiors are a tapestry of rich textures, soothing hues, and eclectic accents that come together beautifully.

In this bedroom, a stately wooden dresser displays an array of decorative vignettes. From the vintage telephone and porcelain ginger jars to the vibrant floral arrangement, adding depth and personality. 

The iron-wrought mirror and lampshade infuse the space with a touch of glamour, while the woven chair and patterned rug ground the design in rustic and earthy tones.

We see this interplay of modern and classical mix in other bedroom designs.  For instance, in this bedroom, there’s a beautiful beach-inspired vibe with its airy color palette and natural textures. 

White and blue bedroom with coastal style featured in interiors designed by Heather Chadduck

The black four-poster bed frame creates a dramatic contrast against the lighter tones of the bedding and walls, making it stand out. Notice the pastel blue window frames match the floor molding! Isn’t it a lovely detail that brings the relaxed elegance design of the whole room together?

In this other example, the bed nook is hidden away by charming patterned curtains. This works as an eye-catching decor element while also proving much-needed practicality!

Effortlessly blending rustic charm and coastal elegance, the white bamboo four-poster bed frame complements the coral bedding accents for a bright look. 

Blending old-world charm with a distinct tropical flair, this verdant living room is another perfect example of Chadduck’s skills.

Swathed in a jewel-toned green, the layered woven textures, rustic wood tones, eclectic accents, and lush botanicals create a spirited space brimming with eclectic sophistication. 

In the same home renovation project, the living room carries similar tones to other rooms with a lighter color scheme but the same tropical flair, like the living room and the kitchen.

White and green living room featured in interiors designed by Heather Chadduck

In the bedroom, woven accents, from the basket vase to the area rug, lend a natural, earthy touch. The gallery wall featuring vintage floral illustrations adds to the delicate and whimsical allure of the room.

Those were some of my favorite rooms of hers! Her work is quite extensive, so don’t forget to check out Heathers’ Instagram and site for more. You’re sure to find something that will spark your decor inspiration!

Pinterest decorative graphic featuring aa collage of rooms designed by Heather Chadduck

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