Cape Cod Beach House – A Calm Refined Home Tour

A lovely Cape Cod beach house in a new edition of our home tour series! Today we’re headed to Osterville, MA, where a truly gorgeous coastal-style home stands out, designed by interior designer and decorator Kristy Kay.

Cape Cod beach house
 breakfast noook
via Houzz/Kristy Kay

In tune with the theme of decor inspiration for the upcoming summer season, I thought this refined Cape Cod beach house would be an inspiring home tour choice! 

You’ll love the interiors of this home if you are a big fan of coastal but prefer more neutral and muted tones and none of the typical coastal elements we often see. 

Interested? Grab your cup of coffee (or tea), and let’s start!

Refined Cape Cod Beach House Tour

The layout is one of my favorite parts of this Cape Cod beach house. It’s an open concept but with a twist! Placed right in the middle of the main space, the fireplace visually separates each area without blocking the stunning views.

In this Cape Cod beach house, the windows are the main character. Expansive white grid windows frame the landscape, flooding the space with natural light. 

With its crisp white walls and plenty of light pouring in through the expansive windows, the living room offers a sense of honed elegance akin to a seaside retreat.

Soft grays and whites dominate the overall cool color palette, which gives a traditional yet airy feel to the space.

Refined Beach Style Living Room
via Houzz/Kristy Kay

Sleek glass and metallic are some of the contemporary accents that introduce modern touches with a refined take on the coastal vibe.

There are also subtly wooden accents, such as the coffee table’s base and the luxe hardwood floors, that add a hint of rustic warmth and help keep the design from feeling sterile.

This breakfast nook is an example of elegant comfort and effortless style.

With eye-catching vaulted ceilings, a sleek chandelier takes center stage. This contemporary lighting piece pairs exquisitely with the built-in bench embracing the round table below.

As you’ll see, this home has quite a few living rooms and seating areas. They are all ideal for entertaining while maintaining functional and stylish spaces. 

Facing the centered fireplace and stairs sits this seating area next to the charming breakfast nook.

Refined Beach Style Living Room
via Houzz/Kristy Kay

Light blue geometric upholstered armchairs, woven with shimmering silver threads, gathered around a plush round ottoman, creating a luxurious seating arrangement.

In the family room, the beachy vibes take a more traditional tone with white and light blue geometric curtains framing the windows.

Neutral grey sectional sofas adorned with plush throw pillows in silvery light blue patterns face a coffee table topped with a striking clam shell and lilac hydrangeas arrangement. 

A serene seaside painting above the fireplace completes the space, effortlessly blending coastal charm with sophisticated comfort.

This bedroom is a stunning example of how neutral hues paired with crisp white can create an unassuming coastal vibe.

The vaulted ceiling and low windows add architectural charm, while the crystal chandelier and powdery lavender chaise lounge bring in feminine elegance and a lush detail that elevates the entire space. 

It’s these special touches that make this room feel like a perfectly designed retreat!

Which one was your favorite room? Let me know in the comments. I love reading your thoughts!

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