French Farmhouse Decor – How To Style It

French farmhouse decorating is the focus of this post. Defining style can be a complex conundrum to many homeowners and often I feel that we over think labels. What’s your own style? Do you crave vintage farmhouse? Do you go crazy over French antiques? Are you a shabby or coastal chic?

French farmhouse decorating style living room with blue

How To Style Your Home with Chic French Farmhouse Decorating

I have a confession to make, and it or may not be how you feel…I doon’t believe in following a strict “the designer says” set of rules. I go with what speaks to my heart and if there is one thing that I can’t stress enough is to be that way in your home decor too! Trends my friends ( ;-)) will come and go and if you’ve been around the block a few times like I have you’ll see that. If not and you are in your first home or just starting out you’ll learn that.

My love and my style if I HAD to stick a label on it might be Chic French Farmhouse Decor.

french bergere chairs and chinoiserie pots

In an elegant way and accomplished piece by piece over time and changed for the seasons with elements and additions of color.

I keep my eyes constantly peeled for great vintage finds, for pieces that I can manipulate and maneuver with paint and yes…reproductions items that are priced for my budget. I’ve got some changes coming to the blog soon that I’m excited about, and since I’m often asked where my pieces come from…a full source list will come your way soon.

french country cottage style living room

There are a few things (like a great chandelier) that I believe add elegance to any and every room. Today I’ve put together some of my favorite finds for shopping this look with some affiliate links for your convenience in all price points that I hope you enjoy.

french farmhouse decorating shabby chic style home

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How to Style Your Home With Chic French Farmhouse Decor

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  1. Beverly Ozburn says:

    Thanks so much for the beautiful ideas. Having lived on a farm my entire life, I often laugh at what people call farmhouse style. My family and extended family certainly never adhered to what folks seem to think was our style, I am especially curious to learn about your sofa and would love to have one similar. It meets so many of the criteria I want:
    1 seat cushion
    Upholstered back with no cushions
    Tall enough for the robotic vacuum to go under
    Neutral color
    Sofa length/not settee length
    Supporting legs in the middle

  2. Mary Hite says:

    I have a question about your mantle/fireplace. I can see that you have a fireplace surround. But what is in front of it? It looks like a door or shutter set on its side. And there is either a piece of ornamental plaster or iron work in it. Can you tell me what you have layered?

    Looks amazing!