An Exquisite French Country Home Tour

A French country home tour today and I’m going to bring you inside to look around. There is plenty of well worn patina of authentic French antiques here! Ample antique mirrors, handmade pillows and beautiful flowers are just a few things. This French country home does not disappoint!

antique french marble mantel

An Authentic French Country Home Tour

Things have been a little bit crazy here since I’ve come back from my recent trip overseas! I know that I promised to share with you a couple of friend’s homes in France, so here we are. I have the most gorgeous home tour that I know you’ll want to see!


french farmhouse

This home of my dear friend Tania is about an hour outside of Paris in the beautiful countryside of France. She is so talented in the art of design and an amazingly gifted artisan in everything that she touches! This several hundred year old home has her feminine touches throughout and yes…that painting is by Laurence Amelie, whose home I shared on a recent post.

shabby chic french farmhouse

French Antiques and Shabby Furnishings

Everything in her home either comes from a local brocante or has been lovingly sewn, painted or crafted by Tania.
antique french furniture

She has a way of combining shabby chic with coastal with true authentic French style.

french country home decor

Softly muted tones of creams and grey with a bit of aqua and pale pink mixed in. I could stare at her exquisite vignettes for hours on end!

old french country farmhouse
Carefully curated collections, purchased over time and authentic old pieces, no reproductions here.
french country cottage

Just the perfect touches in this area where the old stone of the home glows under the skylight.  Hanging a bit of drippy millinery from the chandelier. It’s these small touches that make this home stand out!

beautiful french homes

She has a knack for bringing the outside garden elements inside which I love to do as well.

old french chandelier
 An antique wood chandelier that now holds candles.
french country farmhouse

Upstairs we go.

french country cottage
Gorgeous old window used to display little bits and tiny treasures.
french country decorating
And the French grey paint with some pink peeking through.
french white home decorating

Her studio reflects her personality.

shabby chic farmhouse france
 I’ll be sharing more of my time in France soon on the blog and if you’d like to see the gardens of this gorgeous French country cottage please leave a comment or drop me a line and let me know!
French country home tour

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  1. What a beautiful home! I would have love to tag along with you to all the beautufil places you have shown. You could be a tour guide!

  2. Ohhhh wow, that is to die for!!! Every detail is exquisite! I love the 2nd to last photo of the little staircase. How awesome that you got to visit actual homes over there! I'd love to see the garden:)

  3. Petite Michelle Louise says:

    oh my….swooning here!! it's tres, tres beau! lucky YOU!

  4. Absolutely lovely home! Yes, please show us more, I can only imagine what her gardens must look like!

  5. What a gorgeous home Janet! Thank you for sharing it with us. Sounds like you had a lot of fun on your trip.

  6. Stunning home! I'd love to see her gardens too.

  7. Laural Harrison says:

    Wonderful and lovely home! I'm enjoying vicariously the trip you took πŸ™‚

  8. Dwyllis Harrison says:

    What a beautiful home your friend has. Love the muted tones throughout, & the hand-made touches ….& lovely vintage pieces. I would love to see the garden! Thanks.

  9. Where can I find sofa slip covers like yours? Everything I find out there is very "non-elegant' and from places like surefit which really don't look too good.

  10. Wow, how much fun you had! What a treat to have a friend who just has 'the knack' and lets you in to document it all. Are we going to get to see the garden?

  11. Amy Johnson says:

    Gorgeous! TFS! Visiting from Dream, Create, Inspire

  12. Michele Alger says:

    What a dream!!! I love every inch. Thank you for sharing such a gorgeous home!! πŸ˜‰

  13. Gorgeous! I love the whole house, especially the old window display.

  14. Beautiful home. Yes, I'd love to see the gardens!
    So nice to be able to comment without having to type in name, email and website!!!!!!!! Thank you.

  15. Suzan Sweatman says:

    Well that's about it for me – I'm going to go crawl into bed and dream of having a house like this one day…….or at the very least having a friend that does.
    Just stunning – thanks for sharing ( I think ) LOL

  16. At Rivercrest Cottage says:

    such an unbelievably beautiful home. I love the desk area with hutch above. so perfect!

  17. Pam Richardson says:

    I love all things French, and this home is so gorgeous! I would love to see the gardens! Thanks for sharing! Pam @

  18. Love all of this post! So dreamy! I would love to see her gardens. Thank you for your blog. I love it.

  19. Amanda Dubuque says:

    I enjoyed this so much, gorgeous home, loved the way she decorated, gorgeous decor.

  20. What a dream. A little mini vaca. I loved everything.

  21. Norma Rolader says:

    Oh my what beautiful and elegant homes … Thank you for sharing and yes I would love to see the garden

  22. I would like to see the garden, please! Love the house, now would like to see the outside. Also, do you have any close ups of the walls that look like off white brick? I like the finish and was wondering about them. Thanks!

  23. Jacquie Ellsmere says:

    Perfect dreams are made of pictures of this home in the French countryside, now I will anxiously await to see the garden! Thank you so much ☺️.