Gold Christmas Decor In The Dining Room – Gilded Flair

Gold Christmas decor is such a sophisticated look and this year I’m using lots of it! I’m breaking down my holiday decorating into easily digestible tidbits. Today it’s all about Christmas in the dining room with gilded flair. But first…HERE is where to find the incredible mirror that makes the room! I have the 5′ size.

gold Christmas decor


I challenged myself to come up with some new looks this year for the holiday season, while staying on budget. I think that the gold says what I wanted it to and most of all it makes me feel good. That’s my biggest “rule” of decorating whether seasonal or evergreen living. You do you and make yourself happy! Which is why I just put up another tree in my home office today! More coming on that soon!

gold Christmas decor shabbyfufu

Gold Christmas Decor – Adding Sophisticated Style (For Less!)

When I decorate for Christmas I always start by putting up the Christmas trees. In our home that usually means at least 3 or 4 trees 🎄🎄🎄 and the living room tree is first. If you haven’t see the other rooms that I’ve decorated this year, head on over HERE and HERE. I truly hope that you glean some inspiration, which basically is why I share with you!

gold Christmas decor dining room shabbyfufu

This tree fits well in the dining room and it’s one that I’ve had for a long time. You can’t go wrong with these trees…they are stunning! Find it here – Slim Artificial Flocked Christmas Tree With Warm Lights. I added ribbon and matte metallic ornaments and some gold tinsel, just like on the living room tree.

Shabbyfufu I Gold Christmas Decor dining room 2020

Gold Christmas Decor – Tips For Repurposing A Wreath (That You Already Have)

Next I knew that I wanted to repurpose the artificial flocked wreath that I already had. I purchased several of these gold bay leaf clusters and boy are they stunning! Highly recommend if you’re looking to up your game with some gold Christmas decor!

gilded gold Christmas tree wreath Shabbyfufu

Shabbyfufu gold wreath Christmas 2020

I pushed them through the wreath and made sure that they were secure on the back side. So easy peasy! Then I added fairly lights, gold wired ribbon, a few small pine cones, some dried orange slices and nature inspired glass ornaments that I had received as a gift. It’s a unique look and really makes the room come alive this year hung on my favorite mirror (find it HERE)! I gifted myself that mirror awhile ago and it was a splurge but it makes the room!

Shabbyfufu 2020 Christmas gold decorating

Decorating The Buffet

A gilded tray that I already had was filled with THESE battery operated candles that are inexpensive and flicker like the real thing. They have a remote and I purchased 3 sets so that we can use them outside as well. Some additional faux Christmas greenery was sprinkled in the tray as filler. Find the FAIRY LIGHTS HERE.

Gold Christmas decor

This French urn was filled with some branches that I clipped from my garden. I sprayed them with this flocking spray and let them dry and then tucked into the urn amongst some pine cones.

The birds are Christmas tree clips and I don’t have a source. They add a nice woodland touch to the them of gold Christmas decor!

How To Add Small Wreaths To Your Chairs


Small boxwood wreaths and gold ribbon were added to the backs of the dining room chairs. I simply pinned them with a few dressmaker straight pins into the fabric on the chair backs! This seems to be the best way and I’ve tried velcro and double sided tape. They do not work, so if you’re going to try this look for some long straight pins and be gentle.

Silver buttonwood was clipped from my garden to make a table garland. The leaves have a nice soft faded green color and remind me of bay leaves. Use what you have…clip from the garden or the roadside and use your creativity to save money when decorating seasonally!

Christmas balls in metallic tones along with some dried orange slices finish up the mix and mingle table garland. A few metallic candles enhance the Gold Christmas decor and the table is set!

Shabbyfufu Christmas 2020

Thrift store chargers sprayed gold, my favorite dinner plates (find them HERE & HERE), vintage estate sale monogrammed napkins and pretty vintage ombre ribbon all add to a unique look. I hope that you find this inspiring as you go about your day and your holiday decorating!


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  1. The gold accents look so elegant. Thanks for the inspiration Shabbyfufu!

  2. Donna Marie says:

    Your home looks so elegant!!!

    1. Thank you so much Donna Marie!!

  3. Brenda Daradics says:

    Absolutely gorgeous and so magical. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Brenda, I’m so glad that you liked this one and hope that it inspires you!

  4. Well, this is exactly how I want my holiday home to look: warm, inviting, intriguing, just a touch of artsy/craftsy, and elegant as all-get-out! Wow. So beautiful. I’m mad for your buffetscape – is that a word LOL? … simply stunning accessories. And that natural tablerunner with gleaming matte balls is just perfect. Did you make the wreath hanging on the mirror? – it’s lovely. And the perfect finishing touch (that is definitely a Janet detail) are the chairback wreaths with the ribbon runners. They are so festive and decidedly spiffy!
    As always, thanks so much for sharing it all!

    1. I should hire you as a staff writer Tristan, lol!! Thank you for your glowing feedback and know that I appreciate it. I didn’t make the wreath, but I did repurpose it with all mentioned to give it that gilded vibe!

  5. Hi there
    You land your friends all seem to have faux and flocked trees and they are beautiful. However, some of us have real trees and old ornaments that we love to use. How about some tips for us to update a bit? Love your site.

    1. Hi Margie! Any of the tips that I share for the faux trees can be incorporated into your real Christmas tree as well. Ribbon is especially a favorite of mine!

  6. LOVE that Gold Mirror!!! πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž. EVerything looks so beautiful and elegant!! Where can I find the ambre ribbon?? Does Michaels carry them?

    1. I’ve linked a couple of the ribbons but if you’re talking about the ones on my chair backs I can’t recall where that was from

  7. Janet, your decor is just gorgeous as usual! I love all the golden hues!
    I do have a question…what is the best way to secure a garland to a mantel? My mantel is maple and very pretty so I hesitate to put nails in it! So I use small picks of evergreen but would rather try a garland this year for a fuller look!

      1. lana kloch says:

        love your comments and suggestions.. you are amazing… love your site..

      2. Ann Davis says:

        Amen Janet! I love those little clear ones. Perfect!

  8. I looks magical. Everything is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  9. Stunning! May I ask your source for the lovely wine glasses? Is the mirror 7′?

  10. Miche Ortega says:

    Christmas PERFECTION, as always, and that mirror is to die for. Thanks for having us in, Janet.

    1. Thank you for hanging out with me here Miche and enjoy your week!

  11. Teddee E Grace says:

    Love this! These are my colors and not so common at Christmas.

    1. Thanks Teddee and I truly do believe in doing what you love and not necessarily what everyone else does!

  12. How did you attach that gorgeous wreath to the equally gorgeous mirror?

  13. So pretty Janet and your eyes can take it all in without it one decoration overpowering the other . This year I have a foraged Christmas as I am not allowed into the stores here in Australia., as I am not jabbed . My home is full of shiny ,copper rose spray painted eucalyptus branches , a tree branch , small twiggy branches in epsom and pine cones , all of which came down in storms . It is very much make do this year but it still makes me happy .

  14. Adele Bass says:

    Janet……… this is just beautiful!!! So very elegant! πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

    1. Much appreciated Adele…xo

  15. Hi Carol, Thank you so much! I have been to Provence a couple of times and don’t really have any advice other than there is so much to see and do that it might be best to focus in on one area. Perhaps a tour might work for you both or rent a house and a car and live like a local for your trip!