My French Style Home Office – Christmas

Today I’m sharing my French style home office dressed for Christmas! It’s actually the first year that I’ve put a Christmas tree in here and it is definitely sparking joy! It was easy to dig in the bins and add a few touches to this room where I spend my time. It’s really a working office. A budget friendly one, indeed!

I apologize in advance for the photos, as this is a tough room to capture. It’s at the front of our home and faces east. The morning sun was streaming in today creating quite a glare! One of these days I need to hang some pretty curtains in here. I’m thinking a pale blue silk, puddling on the floor. There are definitely other changes I’d make in my French style home office, but it’s not a priority at the moment.

This used to be one of my daughters’ bedrooms. It’s been through the changes over the years from juvenile to shabby chic to craft room to eclectic! Almost everything in my French style home office is vintage. Several of the pieces were free for the taking from clients! Therefore I won’t be able to source anything, but can give you some info if you like the looks.

white Christmas tree in French style home office

The white Christmas tree was left as is and ornament free! I’ve talked about how to make your white Christmas tree look better in several posts prior holiday seasons. THIS POST is so informative…so check it out!

vintage Christmas villages in French style home office

Since my French style home office has a vintage look I added some of my Christmas village collection. The shelves are mostly where I keep decorating books that I enjoy referring to often. It’s to the left of my desk and now it’s dressed up and sparkly!

French style home office bookshelves

My French Style Home Office – Details

My desk is a French antique and is quite small, but it works for me. It’s a necessity to have a comfortable office chair, so I went for an affordable one in white with gold accents.

French style home office

What would a French style home office be without a settee?!! It’s the first piece that you see when you walk in and an alternative to working at my desk. Sometimes I roll that ottoman over and put my feet up, or the dogs will sit on it and watch me work! I have a DIY tutorial on painting and covering a settee HERE. It was truly a labor of love but so worthwhile!

French settee in French style home office

We had the floors replaced with luxury vinyl plank flooring awhile back and I LOVE these floors! For more information on LVP flooring, refer to this post.

This fabulous mirror is by LaBarge and was given to me by a client! A forever keeper and it reflects lots of light into my French style home office all day.

moroccan screen room divider

Another great piece is this Moroccan screen room divider that I was given. It hides a bunch of pillow slips in space saver bags!

We have a serious lack of storage in our 60’s sprawling rancher style home. I take it wherever I can grab it! A cabinet in the corner of my French style home office houses styling props. It was a kitchen cabinet in an old home that was being gutted. Sometimes you need to think outside the box as necessity (and budget) dictates!

So that’s it for this little impromptu tour of where I spend a good deal of my time. I hope that you enjoyed it and see how by choosing carefully you can create beauty on ANY budget!

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  1. Linda Walton says:

    I do hope you plan on enlarging the floor picture of you and the 2 sweeties! This is beautiful and I can just imagine it hanging in your office with gilded gold frame. We love to see your pets enter any scene. Ps the office is stunning.

  2. What a cozy and peaceful spot to work! I also have a collection of Putz houses and the display is one of my favorite highlights of holiday decorations! Yours look so terrific with your books and memorabilia! Thanks, as always, for sharing!

  3. Miche Ortega says:

    Janet, your office is beautiful, just like the rest of your home. I love your putz houses. They just make your Christmas decor. Thanks for inviting us.

  4. I really like how you used the cute buildings and decorated bottle brush trees on the shelves. It is just enough to bring the Merry! Thank you this is fun.

  5. So appreciate budget decorating ideas for those of us that need/want to be frugal!

  6. I love your office. I am in the planning stages of redoing mine and yours is great inspiration. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect desk ever since I let one on FB Marketplace slip through my hands. My favorite items in your office are the desk, settee and room divider, but it’s gorgeous all around. Do you like your all-in-one printer? I also live in a mid-century ranch with limited storage space. Having one of those would be helpful.

  7. I loved the tour of your office; it has a serene feel to it. I loved your Christmas village and trees on the bookcase. So pretty!

  8. Janet, where did you find your office chair? Can you please include the link?