Colorful Elegance: The Chatham Project Home Tour

Prepare to be inspired by the colorful elegance of the Chatham home! 

blue and green living room colorful elegance idea home tour

In this edition of our home tour series, we’ll step into the captivating “Chatham Project” crafted by the talented interior designer and decorator, Lisa Fleming.

If you have read one of my latest posts, you know I’m loving using green and blue in summer decorating and today’s home tour reflects why I love this color combination so much!

Join me on this home tour, where we’ll step into the stunning curated home where every corner tells a story of refined taste and timeless allure. 

Incorporating warmth, intimacy, and a breezy mood, this home embraces a bright and fresh aesthetic.

Colorful Elegance Home Tour: Living Room Ideas

Green and blue take center stage, forming a harmonious marriage that oozes tranquility and sophistication. As you explore the rooms, traditional patterns, and vintage-inspired elements come alive, showcasing bold color combinations that are both trendy and timeless.

As we step into the living room, the striking framed mural on the wall immediately draws our eyes.

blue and green living room colorful elegance idea home tour

Against a green background, vibrant blue and pink birds and branches come to life, becoming the undeniable focal point. 

blue and green living room colorful elegance idea home tour

Flooding the space with natural light, two large windows frame the picture-perfect setting.

colorful elegance home tour ideas of living room with blue walls, geometric armchairs in white and blue and a green side table

The blue walls contrast beautifully with the white window frames. Classic white and blue armchairs with a geometrical pattern provide comfortable seating. 

colorful elegance, entryway idea home tour

A console table features a collection of ceramics jars and vases in a classic chinoiserie white and blue style, adding a touch of Hollywood Regency vibe to the space.

Colorful Elegance Home Tour Entryway Ideas

In the entryway, an accent wall boasts a rich blue hue, adorned with beautifully framed botanical art. A dark faux bamboo console table and two bench ottomans in an egg-blue shade exude serene sophistication. 

colorful elegance, entryway idea home tour featuring a dark blue wall and a condole table against it

In the dining room, symmetry reigns supreme, creating a harmonious ambiance. Green walls and floral curtains in coordinating tones give the room a tranquil, organic feel.

dining room in home tour featuring a light green room with floral curtains, colorful elegance idea

There is a beautiful bay window in this room, which is complemented by a console table in a bold blue hue. The combination of blue and green hues creates a harmony that is pleasing to the eye and invokes a sense of nature’s beauty within the room.

bay window in dining room, blue and green ideas home tour

Colorful Elegance Home Tour – Bedroom Ideas

The focal point of this bedroom is undoubtedly the gorgeous headboard, upholstered in a mesmerizing blue and green floral pattern.

colorful elegance idea, featuring a bed with blue, green and white patterned headboard

It effortlessly draws the eyes and adds a touch of elegance to the space. To complement the headboard, a perfectly placed accent pillow sits atop the bed, boasting the same delightful floral pattern. Tieying the whole bedroom together, there’s a dreamy window nook featuring the same pattern in the curtains and seating pillow.

colorful elegance home tour - ideas for a window nook featuring colorful curtains

Colorful & Elegant Kitchen Ideas – Home Tour

In the kitchen, lightness, simplicity, and a hint of whimsy come together to create a truly captivating space.

colorful elegance home tour kitchen ideas featuring blue and green floral curtains and kitchen island

While the kitchen boasts a predominantly neutral palette, colorful touches add delightful pops of vibrancy.

colorful elegance home tour kitchen ideas featuring blue and green floral curtains

Roman shades featuring charming illustrations of leaves and lemons add a playful touch to the space, along with ginger jars in white and blue, faux greenery, and subtle golden metallic accents.

colorful elegance home tour kitchen ideas featuring breakfast area

The breakfast area continues the captivating color story with a foundation of neutral tones. White faux-bamboo chairs with blue seats offer stylish seating, while artwork and a stunning box-shaped glass hanging lantern in a greyish blue shade add visual appeal.

colorful elegance home tour kitchen ideas featuring small desk

Dark furniture pieces, such as the round table and small desk area with a collection of books, provide a striking contrast to the all-white color palette.

The family room is all about luxe comfort, with plush seatings and uncluttered space.

home tour family room idea featuring colorful elegance style with blue and green colors,

Boasting plenty of natural light from the large windows, which are covered with cream-colored curtains, this room features fewer pops of color and lets blue and ivories take over the color scheme. The result is a serene and comfy space, perfect to relax with loved ones.

home tour family room idea featuring colorful elegance style with blue and green colors,

Wasn’t the Chatham home just delightful? It has been an absolute joy to share this home filled with colorful elegance and timeless charm with you!

Which room was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Irene Madrid says:

    Thank you for showing colorful homes. Color is Life! and I celebrate pinks, teals and whites everywhere in my newly decorated/remodeled home. By intuition my home turned out to be a French glam cottage coastal style, uniquely ME and everyone loves it. Who knew I was a maximalist?!

    1. Glad that you enjoyed this tour Irene

  2. Linda Hickey says:

    Everything is so elegant and beautifully decorated. It’s all amazingly fantastic.

    1. Glad that you liked this gorgeous home Linda!