The Best Of Green and Blue Accents For Summer Decorating

Get inspired to do a little bit of summer decorating with green and blue accents!

Summer calls for a home refresh, brimming with bright and sunny colors that capture the essence of the season. And there’s nothing in my book that mirrors this season’s radiant energy more than green and blue! 

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When it comes to decorating my home, summer has a special something that sparks up my creative side. As a Florida girl who has a knack for the old-world charm of the Palm Beach Regency Style, green and blue are among my favorite color combinations of all time. 

Green and Blue Accents For Summer Decorating

This color combination is not just stunning on its own but has the ability to work beautifully in different home decor styles and make any room look more lively and elevated. 

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There’s also a huge plus a green and blue combo in decorating, which is variety.

Because green and blue are such a good color combo and there’s a wonderful range of shades and hues, there’s very little chance of creating an off-looking mix.

You can go for the in-between hues that feel muted and timeless in their quiet sophistication, such as a greyish-blue paired with a dark sage green.

Or, go to the other side of the spectrum, and mix lively blues with bright greens, and you’ll get a summery color combo that takes you straight to the Palm Beach Regency golden era.

Join me and let’s explore the best green and blue accents for summer decorating! 

Green and Blue Decorating Ideas

When decorating with green and blue in summer, small details make all the difference.

Throw pillows, for example, are the easiest and most impactful way to introduce this color combo to your home. You can mix a couple of pillows in blue and green along with your usual neutral ones.

A throw pillow in a rich mix of light and indigo blue with white detailing paired with a patterned green and white one is a lovely idea.

If you like a more streamlined look, consider repeating the same pattern, but in different hues. Like this pillow from Pottery Barn. It has a stunning floral pattern and comes in green and blue, so you can mix them up.

In a similar style, this pillow from Walmart comes with tassels and a dainty pattern, available in both a cool green and a light blue.

For something with a more colorful punch, consider this pillow cover. It’s just stunning! It has an eye-catching organic pattern with rich greens and blues in different shades and it will definitely give any sofa or bed an update!

Chinoiserie-inspired elements usually come in stunning blue shades, like this one, and sometimes they also feature blue and green. For example, this pillow cover set of 2 is perfect to add to your throw pillow arsenal.

Blue and Green Living Room Decorating Ideas

But it’s not all about pillows! We can also infuse our decor with this summer color duo by adding something as simple as a throw blanket, a couple of trinket dishes, or candle holders.

If we’re looking for something that will act as a focal point, look for bigger pieces that demand your attention. Something like this regal floral carpet in soft and low-contrast green hues, an upholstered striped armchair, or this etagere in pastel sage green with a whimsical scalloped edge.

Lamps inspired by the style of ginger jars are also a subtle and timeless way to add more blue to your decor, especially if you pair it with bright green accents like these bamboo frames or these vintage-inspired bottle vases.

I’m eyeing this one and this one at the moment. They are neutral enough to match the rest of my decor, but the blue adds a lovely pop of color without being too overwhelming. For something with a more eye-catching color, this deep green ceramic bedside lamp is also a wonderful option.

Those lamp styles would also work beautifully in the bedroom! You could dress your bed with a duvet set in a soft green, add a large floral arrangement or frame artwork featuring green and your room would feel brand new, with just a few touches. 

Of course, when decorating in summer, we can’t forget the dining room! Your dining table is also a place where you can include this color combo. You don’t need to go overboard, either. A floral tablecloth with a cheery pattern in blue and green, napkins or ceramic dishes in a rich green can do the trick!

What do you think about green and blue? Is this a color combination you have thought of using in summer decor? Let me know your comments down below!

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  1. Susan Krauss says:

    Love these colors! My master is done with silver sage paint from RH. The rest of the colors are white and beige. So soothing. I love your green (Majolica?) charger plates, as well!

    1. Silver Sage was a beautiful RH color that I loved too!

  2. Love the green and blue

  3. I love tis inspiration, it looks really fresh.

    1. So glad you found it inspiring Heike, enjoy your week!