Most Common Gardening Tools And Their Uses

Do you live in a space with a garden to take care of? I’ve compiled a helpful list of some of the most common gardening tools and their uses. It’s so much easier to get any job accomplished if you have the right tools on hand!

common gardening tools - pink wheelbarrow

Most Common Gardening Tools And Their Uses

Gardening involves nourishing plants and for that, you will require seed, soil, and water. Whether gardening for a long time or a novice, it is really a hard task that can be made seamless with the help of the right tools. If you are new in the field of gardening, there are an ample number of gardening tools that you should have on your list. Therefore, I’ve summarized some important gardening tools along with usage. What you need basically is calculated by the amount you grow, the place you grow, and the process of growing. For more on beginning gardening you might want to read this helpful post – 12 Helpful Tips For The Beginning Gardener.

Not everyone has a large enough space for a dedicated garden, but even if you only have a small balcony you can grow your own produce with this Vertical Garden from the folks at Garden Tower Project. A genius idea and I can’t wait to start planting in mine!

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11 Favorite Common Gardening Tools That Are Must Haves

1. Pruning Shears

common garden tools pruning shears

Pruning is how you shape plants and remove dead branches. This is one of the most significant tools for removing and trimming and what we use most in our garden. You can also use pruning shears for the purpose of harvesting various items like fruits, herbs, vegetables, and many more. These common gardening tools (also known as secateurs) work well for the removal of plants to make a compost pile as well.

2. Garden Gloves

garden gloves common gardening tools

This is one of these valuable items for gardening which helps to safeguard your hands from getting cut. Also, it helps in negating injuries from those thorny bushes like roses or in my Florida case…bougainvillea. If you like to work with prickly plants such as cactus, these gloves will be of immense aid. If the skin is sensitive, then the gardening gloves are indispensable. So, if your skin is susceptible to rashes and allergies which may arise from certain plants, fertilizers and chemicals, then the gloves are useful. One of my favorite ways to gift a gardening friend is with a pretty set of new garden gloves! A favorite place to shop for all things garden is RIGHT HERE at TERRAIN!

3. Shovel

common garden tools shovel

If you are using a yard or a raised bed, then a shovel will be a necessary addition to your common gardening tools. It serves many purposes such as digging holes and transporting dirt from a wheelbarrow to the garden. You can use the shovel for the purpose of mixing composite piles before you incorporate something into your containers. A strong shovel can be used to make a level ground or to remove mud. Pointed shovels can be used for lighter weight tasks, as regular shovels are much heavier. Handle material is a preference and what your abilities are physically. We have had a couple of wood handled shovels for all of the 30 years that we’ve now lived in our home!

4. Garden Hoe

common gardening tools

The blade used in the garden hoe seems to be the perfect one for weeding which facilitates chopping the unwanted trees or plants and removing it from the garden bed. Moreover, you can use this in order to spread the compost in those places which are tight. The shape, type, and size that you need will be determined by the nature of gardening you are in. A wider hoe will be a good resort if you are out to clean a large area of dirt. A delicate blade will be perfect for the flower gardens. Therefore, you’ll need to select the blade as per your job requirements. As time goes on in your gardening journey this gets easier!

5. Wheelbarrow

common gardening tools - pink wheelbarrow

If you garden a large yard as we do, then you’ll need a wheelbarrow or garden cart which can make things easier for you! With this, you can easily be able to move dirt and debris throughout your property. A normal design of a wheelbarrow is perfect if you are using soil or compost since you can dump your load once you land up in the perfect place. If you are interested in moving tools or plants, then you can opt for a garden cart design that is perfect for you. My next purchase is going to be a folding garden cart!

6. Loppers

essential garden tools lopper

If pruning is involved, then a small pair of pruning shears may not suffice for thicker shrubs. You need to have loppers to keep your hedges under control. When you are shopping, it is important to look at the thickness and the length of the loppers.

7. Garden Knife

A small knife is handy for cutting sticks, string, ripping fruits, vegetables, etc. This can be a very good option to keep one such thing in your pocket or a pouch when you are gardening. It comes with a sharp blade that usually has a wooden handle. My favorite garden knife is a hori-hori knife which is serrated and used for cutting, digging or weeding. Get one of these and you’ll thank me…you’re welcome!

8. Oscillating Hoe

I’m putting this in the list of common gardening tools that can be quite useful, depending on where you live and what you grow. We don’t have a need for this tool here, so I don’t have one. It allows you to cut weeds in forward and backward directions. Great for clearing pathways and clearing vegetable beds before replanting.

9. Rake

A landscape with tines is a rake that can be used to gather fallen leaves and other unwanted plant materials. We have a lot of pea gravel beds, so prefer a gravel rake that won’t break and can be used for pulling weeds as well.

10. Spray Nozzles

You need to water all the plants so spray nozzles are essential! You will hardly find one which has self-watering containers. For a patio garden you may be able to get away with just a watering can, but for a yard that’s obviously not enough. A good spray nozzle allows water control, and have adjustable spray patterns. Attached to your garden hose a spray nozzle is a must have in your arsenal of handy gardening tools!

11. Spading Fork

A spading fork is similar in appearance to a pitchfork that is used for changing dirt and soil. It is equipped with four strong tines that can easily lose hard dirt as well as lifting the soil. Also, it is quite useful to blend compost over the established beds.

Garden smartly with appropriate equipment and use caution with all tools!


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