CottageCore Design Trend – What Exactly Is It?

The cottagecore design trend…what exactly is it? Bouquets of dried flowers and herbs. Weathered woods with a rustic touch. Vintage botanical illustrations.

An idyllic cottage nestled somewhere in a luscious forest awaits. Say hello to the new trend conquering Instagram: Cottagecore.

Cottagecore design trend

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about the GrandMillennial Home Decor Style and marveled at the blend of modern comfort and traditional vibes.

Continuing with our explorations of the upcoming trends, today we’re talking about another similar trend: Cottagecore.

Just like the Grand millennial movement has its roots on one of the many corners of Instagram.

Behind the hashtag cottagecore, a new aesthetic with nostalgic vibes and English flair took the spotlight just when the entire world experienced the first lockdown.
While more traditional decor trends have been rising in popularity in the last few years, this time around, we’re falling extra hard for this romanticized version of rural life in a cottage.

Let’s enjoy some quiet time and have a look at some of the cottagecore decor style homes in this tour, shall we?

The Cottagecore Design Trend

A Picturesque Entryway – Cottagecore Edition:

Want to escape from everyday life? Just walk into this entryway!
The rustic hardwood floors, woven baskets, and the full-length silver mirror, along with the striking floral arrangement made with vintage aquamarine bottles, make this room an escape all on its own.

Cottage-Chic in Shades of Pink and Green:

While many of the pictures under the cottagecore design trend hashtag seem almost too perfect to exist in reality, this home proved us wrong.
Using a serene yet bold shade of green for the countertops and soft pink on the walls, this color scheme makes the unique emerald green oven stand out while tying the entire room together.


A Cozy Reading Nook Dreams Are Made Of:

All the brown shades across this cottage enfold us into a dreamland that can make anyone log off their phones and simply enjoy the little things.
To recreate a cozy space like this, clearly you don’t need to move out and find an authentic English cottage.
Pair a classic wooden chair, throw in a monogrammed pillow, and plug in a lantern-style reading lamp. For an extra layer of inviting comfort, fit in a lush carpet.


Let The Outdoors In – A Whimsical Cottagecore Design Trend Kitchen:

If you thought you need to live in the middle of an English country town to enjoy the authentic cottagecore experience, this home would show you wrong.

A wooden countertop to let homemade baked goods cool off and an open shelf to display vintage tableware max out the fairy-like vibe this kitchen has.
Plus, the arched window looking over the garden makes this kitchen even more charming.

Cottagecore-Inspired Sunroom:

If you’ve looked at the photos in the cottagecore design trend hashtag, there’s a clear trend. Dark, dimmed, and winter-like homes are everywhere! Now, this charming room is a clear exception.

A glass ceiling, sandstone walls, and intricate details. Lamps and framed botanical illustrations. This room is all about letting light to blend with the outdoors!

Scenes of Rural Life – The Ideal Rustic-Chic Kitchen:

When it comes to multi-use spaces, balance is key.
This kitchen’s whitewashed ceilings and walls work as an ideal canvas to let the more intricate details stand out.
The open shelving concept allows the tableware to become part of the decor and adds a little more of that rustic charm we love.


Tiny Home Love – Cottagecore Version:

Is The Cottagecore Design Trend Realistic?

For the owner of this charming home, escaping from everyday life, it’s just as easy as walking into it.
The delightful soft blue exterior of this cottage-style tiny home takes the cottagecore appeal to new dimensions.
The dainty flower bed surrounding it, along with the red cobblestone path, stole our hearts without a doubt!

Cottagecore design trend


Is the cottagecore design trend too idyllic to be real? Maybe, but that’s where its magic lies.

After all, the biggest appeal of the cottagecore trend is part fantasy, part possibility.

And there’s no best way to make this fantasy a reality than at home!

Turn your space into your own magical gateway by applying some of the cottagecore elements and enjoy this ever-growing dreamy movement that celebrates the return to a quiet and more simple way of living.

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  1. Marie Kromer says:

    Hi Janet,
    I absolutely love this Cottagecore design. Ah, to be enveloped in an English Cottage Garden and Home. It feels like you might feel the presence of whispy fairies flitting here and there and perhaps playing little mischievous tricks on their human friends!
    Enjoy your Sunday!

    1. Ahhhh yes, well said Marie. I love all things English cottage and so happy that this design trend is catching on with a new generation of decorators!

    2. I think I have always added cottagecore to my home ever since I moved to the country immediately planted an herb garden and added an area for the fairies to live within it. Many a tea party was enjoyed with the grandchildren in this garden. I always made sure never to use pesticides so every plant was safe for nibbling on by the little ones while we talked about the flowers and the fairies. Inside my home was filled with baskets of dried and fresh herbs and flowers, almost daily baking provided yummy things to eat . The decor was cozy and relaxed with lots of reading
      and conversation areas. Our home wasnt large but filled with warmth and love. Just recently my two grown granddaughters told their best childhood memories were when they were visiting that house. What a wonderful thing to hear.
      Now we have downsized but I still incorporate lots of cottagecore charm to our more urban home.

      1. Sounds so beautiful Kathy and what great memories you’ve made for your family!

  2. I love Cottagcore design. They rooms look they were lovingly and thoughtfully put together, and the owners personalities can shine. It’s all unique

    1. Unique…perfect way to describe this aesthetic and how I feel ALL home decorating should be!

  3. Loving ALL THINGS COTTGECORE ! This WILL be my NEW LOOK ! LOVING sooooooo MUCH ! I Always thought it was more like English country garden style! Love the name cottage core ! Sooooooo rustic , cottage , charming 👍❤️👏👏👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. I love this look as well Cynthia…so warm and each home has it’s own vibe!

  4. Susan marti says:

    Loved this post on Cottagecore…..would love to see more please!

    1. So glad to hear this and will try and post more!

  5. All so beautiful! Love your cottage & all the brick work.

  6. Its beautiful Janet! Thanks for sharing this whimsical style, and what it’s called. Love, love, love it!

  7. terri morgn fox says:

    i have decorated my home in this style for over 20 years in my past 5 houses i use vintage laura ashley fabrics to pull it al together what people forget is the fact this is one of the cheapest ways to decorate your home as all elements are found in thrift stores , face book market place , and second hand stores i fined it the most welcoming style i have ever done , i always post everything on insta gram and have a huge following , i think the core of the whole thing is to hark back to a nicer simpler time with family values and a cozy home i also show people how they can decorate in this style for a fraction of the price of other trends, which in this day and age is a huge help . to some up i dont think this is a trend , its a way of life

    1. I too had lots of Laura Ashley in my first home years ago Terri and it’s wonderful to see this style trend coming back into favor with the next generation of homeowners!