Creative Fall Mantel Decorating Idea!

Creative fall mantel decorating idea with velvet pumpkins spilling out of the fireplace. Easy ways to transition your decorations from summer to fall. GIVEAWAY is closed! Scroll down to see if you’ve won…

creative fall decorating idea

In transitioning from summer to fall there just aren’t any real pumpkins in the stores yet. It’s a great time to be creative with using faux or fake pumpkins to give a slight suggestion for the season ahead. You know…the cozy season with sweaters, throws, changing leaves, heirloom pumpkins, spiced pumpkin latte and pumpkin everything!

velvet pumpkins creative fall mantel decorating idea

You’ve probably seen the heirloom pumpkins spilling out of a fireplace before. I think that the first time I saw this concept was years ago in Country Living magazine. You can do this with any pumpkins but I LOVE my velvet pumpkins from LoveFeastShop and have been displaying them for several years now. For a pretty tablescape idea, you might want to read THIS POST. In fact, if you’re looking for all of my FALL INSPIRATION, you’ll find that conveniently located in THIS SECTION. Kind of like a mini magazine.

velvet pumpkins spilling out of a fireplace

Here are a few tips for creating the look of pumpkins spilling out of a fireplace.

Creative Fall Mantel Decorating Idea

  • Gather any and all of your faux (or real, later on) pumpkins.
  • Grab a couple of bed pillows that perhaps aren’t in great shape and you’re thinking of replacing anyway.
  • Stack up the pillows one on top of the other against the wall.
  • Starting from the back wall, lay a few larger pumpkins on the pillows first.
  • Layer pumpkins from bottom to top allowing them to have the look of spilling out one in front of the other.
  • Fill in with some small pumpkins in the gaps.

velvet pumpkins stacked up in a Creative Fall Mantel Decorating Idea

I went with a variety of velvet pumpkins in pink shades and I love how they look with my rug. Not much else is needed and the huge vintage copper bucket holds birch logs as firewood. The fur trimmed pumpkins are so unique and whimsical and Bartley is caught in the act of checking them out! Remember…you can do this with any pumpkins, but the velvet pumpkins are truly elegant and they make everyone happy!

french country living room in autumn

GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED. I’m giving away a set of 3 smaller sized velvet pumpkins today! This is not sponsored…I just appreciate your readership! Leave a comment below to have a chance at winning these lush velvet pumpkins from HOT SKWASH. That’s all you need to do and I’ll choose a winner in a few days. NOTE: GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED…CONGRATS TO PAM who has been notified via email! 

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    1. Sweetie wife Jemney says:

      Love Fall even when we don’t get much of a color showing where I love ☹️ Have always loved these velvet pumpkins

      1. Love this great idea and would do love to win the pumpkins!!!

    2. Lisa Swint says:

      Love your post! I get so many good ideas from you! I love these pumpkins….hope I win!

    3. Pumpkins are my obsession! Just finished making some chinoiserie pumpkins and these would add to my vignette.

    4. I look forward to all your holiday decorating. Love the natural stems and the great colors!

    5. Sandee Boggess says:

      Love these pumpkins…thanks for the chance!!

  1. These are beautiful. Hurry Fall!!!

  2. Gorgeous look! Makes me want to jump thru the screen and settle down with a pumpkin latte!

  3. Your pumpkins are gorgeous and I love how they are spilling out of the fireplace. I had no idea you had bed pillows underneath the velvet pumpkins. Your rug is awesome too!

  4. Lori Sawyer says:

    The pumpkins are awesome. I love your rug where did you get it?

  5. Everything looks so soft and girly. Those pumpkins look beautiful the way you have displayed them softly tumbling out of the fireplace. Very pretty.

  6. Laura Harrie says:

    The velvet pumpkins are stunning! Really love the look of them spilling out!

  7. Sandra G. McNichol says:

    Love these velvet pumpkins!

  8. Debra Wise says:

    Those velvet pumpkins are gorgeous! This is the first time I’ve seen them spilling out of the fireplace. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Velvet pumpkins are so beautiful! Love what you have done with them, spilling out of your ‘fireplace’. 😀 Always beautiful, Janet!

  10. Such a beautiful room and the puppy is adorable. I loved the Chandelier and the Pumpkins. As they are different from ones we usually see.

  11. I definitely could use these ideas. I am sort of at a loss when it comes to decorating and so I usually rely on posts like this that help me to decorate. This looks absolutely beautiful.

  12. I’m loving all the rose pumpkins. The spillage look is fun, too. THe velvet was a great idea to get decadence into the look.

  13. Awesome giveaway! This mantel is stunning! I love all of the pumpkins. They’re so pretty and really brings out the space.

  14. Hi Janet, the colors you have put together are absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing the give a way.
    xx Jo

  15. I love this look! I’ll be bringing out all my fall decor on Friday. I’m excited to decorate. I’ll have to enter the giveaway!

  16. Oh how I love the velvet pumpkins. I tried to create my own once… the velvet quality on those pumpkins surpasses any velvet that I could find in the store. Love the shades of pink here!

  17. I used to wish that we had a mantle to decorate at Christmas time. You did a nice job incorporating the seasonal colors into your decor with yours.

  18. linda if no.cal. says:

    Sooooooo festive and Sooooooo pretty… luv it !! ?linda of no.cal.

  19. Those colors are gorgeous and you are really putting me in the mood for fall! Can’t wait till the weather cools down.

  20. These are really nice! I wish I had some crafting talent. You do such a nice job!

  21. Oh that looks so pretty with all the white! I need to do something like this.

  22. Awe that is such a cute idea! I really need to look at getting some new decor for fall.

  23. marian zimmerman says:

    lovely, what did you use to clean your copper kettle?

  24. Velvet pumpkins are one of my loves. Love Feast has beautiful things. Thanks for the opportunity.

  25. Velvet pumpkins! How glamorous! I think it’s awesome that you’re sharing this, I really love how your mantel looks and it’s perfect for the season ahead. It’s always nice to decorate for the upcoming season!

  26. I would love to check out their products to see if there’s something that I can use for our mantel. This is really lovely! The velvet pumpkins are a classy take for Fall!

    1. Love all the pink velvet tumbling out! Of course I’d love to win the velvet trio, they’re my colors 💕

  27. The velvet pumpkins look so cute. I think this is such a creative and innovative idea with those pumpkins popping out of the fireplace. Gives a surreal effect.

  28. Oh my goodness, the idea of velvet pumpkins is gorgeous! Love how you put it all together and the color palette you chose.

  29. Oh my gosh how I love love love these pumpkins! Absolutely gorgeous, and the colors are perfect!!!
    xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  30. I love those velvety pumpkins you have! Ahh Summer is fast ending, I am not ready for Fall yet.

  31. Those velvet pumpkins are so so cute. They give a whole new view and aspect. It is so ready for fall…

  32. Oh my god I love it. It’s warm inviting and seasonal. THE pumpkins really do look like they’re falling out. Beautiful

  33. I love your fall mantle decor!! It is so cute! I can’t wait to get my fall decor out!

  34. Edie Libby says:

    This is it…this is the year I go with velvet pumpkins! Your seasonal decor is a winner EVERY season. I love all this, from the copper to the pumpkins. Janet, You never fail to inspire me!

    1. Finally catching up here early this morning Edie with coffee in hand. Thank you for stopping by…I always appreciate that and to know that I inspire 😉

  35. Lila Burner Housden says:

    LOVE, the velvet pumpkins. I’ve been “collecting” them for about two years now. I have to keep them out of reach of our Westie, Mosby, as he is certain they are wonderful “balls” for him to play with. Thank you, for your lovely fall ideas without all the oranges. Blessings!

    1. Oh how funny Lila, LOL! We have 3 pups and thankfully they don’t care about playing with my pumpkins!

  36. Love the pumpkins❗️

    1. Aren’t they great?!!

  37. Doris Hoyt says:

    Love those pumpkins – hope I win pink ones!

  38. I’ve never seen velvet pumpkins in these colors and I’ve absolutely fallen in love!! It’s great to think outside of the box for fall and yet it still gives you the same ambiance! Thank you!

    1. LoveFeastShop has such a wide array of colors and the best velvet pumpkins that I’ve found!

  39. Any shade of pink is my favorite color, so I am drooling over those luscious pink pumpkins. Thank you for the giveaway.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Marilyn and we pink lovers need to stick together!

  40. Elaine Woodford says:

    Cannot wait ’til Fall! These velvet pumpkins are GORGEOUS! Love the pictures!

    1. Thank you Elaine! It’s Sept, so I think fall is definitely on the horizon.

  41. Amanda Tonar says:

    These pumpkins and the room and the decor is just beautiful! love it all! cute dogie too!

  42. I’ve always been afraid to move too far from center when it comes to colors and seasonal decorating, simply nor that comfortable with my decorating (or lack thereof) skills. I must tell you that your white fireplace “cornucopia” spilling over with those luscious pink pumpkins is stunningly beautiful! I have never seen such a creative and elegant Autumn Mantel/Fireplace. Thank you for sharing this delight!

    1. Judy…what a delightful comment and I just love to challenge myself to come up with different ideas that I hope inspire!

  43. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    These are too cute. As always, you have inspired me to new heights!

    1. Thank you Cecelia…I hope you can take a look at today’s post for some fabulous pumpkins! xo

    2. Love this post! I need to get some pumpkins I had some and they got eaten while in storage. I was pretty ticked and the storage management told me I violated the lease by having food. Took me a moment to process they were apparently filled with rice!

  44. Loved the pumpkins, I went to the site to purchase and tried to use the code, said invalid 😞

    1. Hey Laurie! This post is actually a few years old, so I apologize that the code expired. They do offer a 15% discount off your order if you sign up for their newsletter though 😉

  45. Susan Yarmeak says:

    LOVE the addition of pink & fluff to your decor !

  46. Jenean Fazenbaker says:

    These are the most amazing pumpkins! The quality of velvet is second to none! I had three and a mouse got in my tub and ate through the velvet and stuffing. They were quite impressed with them as well!So now I have none.

  47. Dawn Ziccardi says:

    The pumpkins by your mantel are gorgeous! It has a real elegant feel to it. Your dog is cute too! Thanks for the giveaway.

  48. Donna Whitley says:

    I love the posh look!

  49. Mary DeJardin says:

    I love your posts! Thanks for sharing your fantastic decorating ideas with us. They are refined, classy, yet simple to achieve. Wishing you a Happy Autumn!🍁

  50. I love all the beautiful muted colors and that animal print pumpkin is adorable.

  51. That you used real stems took these from beautiful to epic! That’s some serious forward thinking to save pumpkin stems! I’m green with envy you have that ability!

  52. Pamela Burger says:

    Tastefully beautiful.

  53. Eileen Barrett says:

    I love how you stacked up the pink pumpkins! Especially with the feathered foo-foohy ones!
    The dalmation print pumpkin is cool little pop for displayiing them with almost any color!

  54. These are just beautiful!

  55. Sandy Walby says:

    I love your blog and velvet pumpkins! They look so elegant!

  56. I love velvet pumpkins. They are so beautiful anywhere you place them, but especially on your lovely pink rug. Your blog is delightful and I so enjoy it. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas.

  57. Debby Fisher says:

    I adore these pumpkins! So fun and sassy

  58. I am crazy for pumpkins and these are adorable. Thank you for sharing your talents and ideas to inspire us. Happy Fall!!

  59. Carolyn Foxworthy says:

    I love the velvet pumpkins. I first discovered them on your website. I need about three of the bigger pumpkins. I have been adding to my collection a few at a time. Thanks for sharing how you use pillows to stack the pumpkins. Love that idea.

  60. What a sweet and velvety way to decorate for fall! I think it is a necessity to decorate for the seasons down here.

  61. Janet, I love those pumpkins with the “fluffy” near the stems and the display is so pretty. If you had the “fluffy” pumpkins before I sure missed it. If I did this my kitty would throw them all around. 🙂

  62. I LOVE your posts and love velvet pumpkins!
    I would love to win!
    Thanks for inspiring all of us!

  63. Sandra Lynn Koch says:

    I love the velvet pumpkins! So pretty!

  64. Michele D. says:

    So cute! I am definitely decorating my fireplace with pumpkins this year!

  65. LOVE fall decorating and the pink velvet pumpkins!

  66. Decorating with pastels is my favorite, and I’ve just learned to embrace that motif in my holiday decorating as well. The pretty pink velvet pumpkins are beautiful and so inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

  67. Wish the giveaways would include Canada. We are loyal readers too

    1. I’m sorry Dale…the shipping is outrageously expensive, but we will have a couple of gift card giveaways over the holiday season

  68. I’ve been collecting velvet pumpkins too. Love the addition of the fufu boa tips-will add to a couple of mine. Thank you ❤️

  69. Cynthia Simmons says:

    Love these velvet pumpkins!

  70. Ramona M Claassen says:

    Love the Hot Skash pumpkins! By far they are the best on the market. Beautiful mantel display

  71. Love this ! Getting ideas for a me or honey do project.. Love the mantle and the beautiful pumpkins

  72. Love Fall,leaves changing colors chAnges my moods to simpler meaningful thoughts. Love your ‘ lil punkins’🎃. Simpler the better. 🍂🙏🏼🍂🌾🎃

  73. WoW
    I hardly ever enter into giveaways – but you KNOW that I can’t let this one pass by!
    If I were to win this one, I would definitely take it as the omen I need to jump in with both feet as a luxe velvet pumpkin collector! LOL
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  74. Jennifer Clayton says:

    Thank you Janet for such a thoughtful giveaway! The velvet pumpkins from HOT SKWASH are simply T-H-E B-E-S-T! I have a small collection that I am building on with these fabulous pumpkins! These 3 would be the perfect addition. Your home and your decorating are inspiring to so many of us who read. Continue doing what you are doing…….it means something 🙂

  75. Love the smaller velvet pumpkins. Adding a few around fresh flowers with greenery would be a special treat. Enjoy your posts.

  76. Love your pumpkin display!

  77. II love all the great ideas on your website. The color combinations of your pumpkins is wonderful. I would never think to put some of those colors together. It works very well.

  78. Arlene Walker says:

    Velvet pumpkins! Fall glam!

  79. Love when your email arrives in my inbox…always great ideas! You did not disappoint with this pumpkin display…gorgeous!

  80. I love the velvet pumpkins. The pink are gorgeous.

  81. Mary Lynn Redmond says:

    I love the texture of the velvet pumpkins and the versatility the offer for fall decor. So pretty!

  82. Love the soft look of the velvet pumpkin cascade and the color combos! Creative alternative for the beginning of Fall. I’d love to be the lucky one to win the minis. Thank you for your inspiration!

  83. Leena Lanteigne says:

    I never would’ve thought to use pillows in the background! How clever! Thank you again for some great inspiration. I’d love to win this set of pumpkins! So cute!

  84. Thanks for the great tip about bed pillows! Love velvet pumpkins and started collecting a few last year from Hot Swkash. Would love more! Love your blog and all your posts

  85. Debbie Mrazek says:

    These rose color ones are so unique!!! …and love how they used them with the fireplace and mantle. Thank you for. Sharing!!😃

  86. Caroline Mitchell says:

    These would be perfect in my daughters decor! I love the little feathered fluff around the stem!

  87. Love lush colors and feel of velvet pumpkins. Thank you for the tips on stacking. Will definitely try that out.

  88. Anne Neuman says:

    Love all the pumpkins! Would be so nice to win.

  89. I love the velvet pumpkins!

  90. Ooooo, these are adorable! I’m so THANKFUL for this opportunity,for you and for your refreshing site!

  91. Love your fall inspiration ideas! Also, the non traditional color schemes!!

  92. JoAnn Jackson says:

    These pumpkins are gorgeous and the color wave is exquisite…a very elegant vignette!

  93. Loving these beautiful lush velvet pumpkins from HOT SKWASH.

  94. Love love love the pumpkins you’ve displayed and love seeing sweet Bartley enjoying them too 🥰

  95. I have been wanting to make some velvet pumpkins but winning this trio would be even better! Love the sophistication of the luxe fabric!!

  96. I just love the pumpkins–they are so professionally done! Would love to own them for sure!

  97. Catherine says:

    I love love the “spilling” pumpkins idea! Because I don’t have a fireplace to use this idea, I’m going to have pumpkins “spilling” from under our t.v. There’s a deep shelf directly under the t.v. with plenty of room for pumpkins. Thank you for the inspiration! 🎃🎃🎃

  98. Cathy Martino says:

    They are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

  99. I love the velvet pumpkins, they can be used to extend the fall feeling from mid September to Thanksgiving.

  100. Linda A Charlton says:

    I have seen the lovely styling of these gorgeous pumpkins on the blog before. Just love those pink colors. The quality of the Hot Squawsh pumpkins is top notch. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  101. I love this, so beautiful. Gave me some ideas, thank you

  102. Love 💕 Love the velvet pumpkins. They are so much fun mixing different sizes, textures, and colors. Thanks for all the ideas just beautiful 🤗

  103. First of all, thank you for offering us the chance to win these little cuties. They would look perfect on my ebony baby grand for this fall season….Thanks again for you generosity, I love seeing all your posts.

  104. I always enjoy your blog content. Whether it is your home or beach home you have beautiful pictures and creative ideas.

  105. Chicki Atwell says:

    I have a few of the velvet pumpkins but could definitely use a few more. They are so gorgeous! Love the pink collection spilling from the fireplace!!!

  106. JERRY B THOMAS says:

    I have been following you for a couple of years now and always find something fun or interesting and awesome. Thank you for your decor tips and how-to’s!

  107. Beautiful! I’m lucky enough to own one large velvet pumpkin and I would love to win these smaller ones to compliment it. Love your style and talent.

  108. Just love the pumpkins.
    On my wish list…
    And the pumpkins are how I originally found your blog years ago now.
    And I continued to stay because of your design is so much like me for my new Florida coastal home remodeling.
    Like your pea gravel space. ❤️
    Thanks Janet

  109. Oh my goodness, pink and velvet! Two of my favorites. I so would love the smaller ones!

  110. What fun!
    Thank you for offering these pumpkins in a giveaway!

  111. Christine Ashkeboussi says:

    Lovely post. It’s such a great time of year. Super cute pink pumpkins. Velvet and pumpkins-two of my faves.

  112. Anne Marie says:

    These little pumpkins are so cute. Love your blog!!

  113. I just love velvet pumpkins!! I’ve made a few myself, but these are just so pretty! The combination of animal print and pink is lux and on trend. I’m also loving the velvet pumpkins with the boa around the stem. Very fancy! I would love to be chosen to receive these adorable pumpkins! Love your blog! I look forward to reading it every day!

  114. I would LOVE these for my growing velvet pumpkin collection, which you inspired. Haven’t found any new ones I like yet this year. The velvet just isn’t pretty enough … not like these beauties!

  115. Emily North says:

    I had hoped to post a picture, I’ll see if I can do that in another location. I ordered pumpkins from the link and copied your table setting with the velvet pumpkins, pine cones and fall leaves with our favorite blue hunger jars. They make me happy too!!! I would love some additional pumpkins!! I’m getting ready to try the marble and chinoiserie with the modge podge.

  116. I love these, so perfect!

  117. Linda Mittleider says:

    Love this patch of pumpkins and your blog too!

  118. Lesley Conrad says:

    Love these velvet pumpkins.

  119. I love velvet pumpkins!

  120. Melodye Shore says:

    Velvet is such a beautiful, luxe fabric–and those pumpkins are exquisite!! Thanks for your generosity in sharing so many wonderful ideas with us on this blog, and for hosting this giveaway contest. This vignette speaks to me of abundance, and I’d be grateful to have a few of those pumpkins stacked on MY fireplace hearth!

  121. Jane Hansen says:

    Velvet pumpkins are exquisite for fall decorations. Velvet appeals to all the senses so is a warm feeling choice for fall decorating.

  122. Love these velvet pumpkins….what fun they would add to my Fall decor! I so enjoy your blog and decor ideas.

  123. Lori B Sawyer says:

    I love your pumpkins with the fur! Thank you for a chance at winning those awesome little pumpkins.

  124. What a beautiful way to welcome fall! Love the look snd all the different textures are so attractive. Thanks!

  125. Truly, a touch of sheer elegance. Reminds me of a velvet cape trailing behind a young princess. Thank you for your consistent and unique inspirations!

  126. I love these beautiful pumpkins!! They are adorable!!

  127. I wish I was brave like you by using the pink pumpkins. Maybe I will try it soon. I would love to receive the free pumpkins. They are so cute with the blue stems. Love how you decorate your home!

    Thanks for your great ideas.

  128. Those pumpkins are wonderful! The luxe of velvet & the trims…feathers!! The softness of the velvet & the harder edges of the wood…and the copper contrasting the pinks is gorgeous…elegant also and the texture of the velvet…just stunning.

  129. Love your posts. Would enjoy the pumpkins; I have some but no velvets; I love mixing colors and textures together.

  130. Christy Owens says:

    I love how you displayed your velvet punkins this year…and last

  131. Mary Ann McCarty says:

    Love these. Make me think of my beloved TN. Became ill last year with a bacteria after 55 years of nursing without a sick day. Now on an experimental drug, just getting my life back and actually wanting to decorate. Always using your ideas. Thank you!

  132. Susan Skidmore says:

    Pumpkins are the best thing about Fall. I love all colors and fabrics. The pumpkins are great.
    Hope to win. Thanks for the chance.

  133. Absolutely love Autumn…and those darling pumpkins!

  134. They are stunning! you are so talented!

  135. Charlotte says:

    Love this vignette – the velvet pumpkins are so rich and elegant. I am using these colors in my fall decorations this year – just love these colors! Thanks for your inspiration.

  136. Love velvet pumpkins. But most of all I love your blog. I follow you all the time. You have great ideas and tips.

  137. I love the pumpkins but my favorite photos are the ones you post with your doggies! Love when they are part of the scene.

  138. Cherylfufu🏵🌸💐 says:

    I love the spilling pumpkins and the pretty colors!😍 How fun!🍁🍂🎃🎉 Fall is my absolute favorite season. I love everything about it! 🎈

  139. Thank you! Such a smart and easy tip! Always love your posts! AND THAT RUG!!! ❤️

  140. Love, love, love pumpkins!!! But my favorite this year are the delicate and elegant velvets. Every year I decorate my house with different types of pumpkins (whether its real, plastic, foam, fabric, paper, or in paintings) but this year I have decided to share my love of pumpkins with my students. I feel like every pumpkin is a personification of a little person, they each have their own personality and spunk. Not a pumpkin in this world are alike! And I love that!!!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations.

  141. Always look forward to your posts. So relaxing to get my morning coffee and see your beautiful ideas. Would love these pumpkins in a vignette!

  142. I always look forward to your post. The velvet pumpkins are such a beautiful addition and your decor is the best!

  143. Who else but Janet would come up with pink pumpkins – and velvet no less? You come up with some of the most original ideas. It’s always exciting to open your blog and see the fabulous, fresh and fun inspiration you bring to us! Love it!

  144. LindaSonia says:

    Awesome Giveaway – Thank you for doing this – Love Hot Skwash!!

  145. Sharon Avina says:

    Perfect fall colors. Time to try something different.

  146. I enjoy reading all the emails I receive from you with all the pretty decor. I can’t sew to make pumpkins and I sure would like to have these. Thanks and Happy Fall.

  147. Rachel W. Robbins says:

    I LOVE velvet pumpkins! I have a couple of them, but I want MORE! I use mine all the way through Christmas! They look beautiful with my Christmas decorations! My younger daughter was born on Christmas Eve & last year she bought me a beautiful red velvet pumpkin for HER birthday! And it looks great!

  148. I just love the display in the fireplace and the opportunity to start my own collection of these beautiful pumpkins. I’d love to bring them to my own fireplace and appreciate your generousity. Thanks!

  149. I love velvet pumpkins! They are so elegant. Your display is gorgeous. I love the colors!

  150. Deb Juillerat says:

    Love those pumpkins!

  151. Bobby Williamson says:

    I used to buy scented velvet pumpkins to sit around the house in the fall. they were so beautiful. I hope I win these!!!

  152. I’m in love with velvet pumpkins in all shades and colours!

  153. Babette Thurston says:

    I do love velvet pumpkins! I scour HomeGoods and other stores every year to add more to my collection! Such beautiful colors and velvet! Thanks for the giveaway!

  154. Jacqueline Turner says:

    Janet I just adore your sweet French Country account! You have inspired me so much over the years that I started my own IG account @jacqueline.r.turner and I have been loving it!! I love the velvet pumpkins! They bring such elegance and class to any space! Such a lovely giveaway 💗

  155. Diana Kosnac says:

    I made velvet pumpkins last year and just put them out yesterday but after seeing your pink hues I think I have to make more they are just beautiful. My she shed is in shades of robin egg blue and seafoam with some coral thrown in and I think they would be perfect for a dining room centerpiece or mantel like yours. thank you for all the creativity that you have on your blog, every day I look forward to opening my mail and seeing what gorgeous pictures and ideas that are there. Thank you, a true fan!

  156. Using pillows behind the pumpkins is a great tip!

  157. Deborah D says:

    I adore using pumpkins in my fall decor. The velvet pumpkins take it over the top. As usual you have the best ideas.

  158. Janice Gardner says:

    Love your velvet pumpkins!! Gorgeous colors and so easy to decorate with!!

  159. Thank you so much for your generosity. Just love her pumpkins. And love the idea of using an old pillow as filler. Genius!

  160. Betty Bashaw says:

    You always have such great suggestions, which I incorporate into my home decor. These velvet pumpkins are so “you”! Super sweet. 🙂

  161. Kathy Lahr says:

    Your velvet pumpkin display is gorgeous! I have transitioned to mostly velvet pumpkins for my fall decorating over the years. I have invested in a couple Hot Sqwash ones and have given a few as gifts. They are beautiful, great quality and go with a number of decorating styles. Others I have picked up randomly. One of my favorites is to pile them in an old wooden trencher. This is a great give away…thank you🧡

  162. Julie Garza says:

    Pumpkins say “Fall has Arrived!” Love these beauties!

  163. I love your ideas about decorating with velvet pumpkins. They truly bring fall inspiration to a room and look so luxurious.

  164. I love those velvet pumpkins and how you have them displayed. You are so creative and I enjoy your blog so much. Also, thanks for being so generous!

  165. I love your blog and great ideas! Thank you for sharing! I made a beautiful velvet pumpkin for a friend one year, I never seem to get one for myself. They would be fun to have for my fall decorations.

  166. Donna Whitley says:

    I don’t have any velvet yet. This would be a wonderful way to start. Thank you for all of your creative ideas!

  167. I love to use textures, especially in my living room. I did buy some knit pumpkins from Etsy last year. I’ve never seen velvet pumpkins. I’d love to win some!