Fall Decorating Ideas Without Pumpkins

Fall decorating ideas without pumpkins and it can be just as lovely as traditional fall design!

It’s been a week since I blogged, but more importantly…a week since that awful dread of Hurricane Irma came our way. I am happy to report that we are fine and have been working and enjoying the comfort of electricity at our beach home that was spared a direct hit. Our home in Miami (3 hrs away) is STILL without power, but it should be back soon and from all accounts our home was spared there too. Sigh of relief…and will see what the inside looks like once the shutters come down and if any mold has managed to sneak in. But let’s talk pumpkins on this Saturday…or in this case, lack of.


white and blue hydrangea arrangement in copper


Weeks before the storm threats I was invited to join in on some Fall Home Tours with blogging friends and have two full posts coming this week. Honestly I was not prepared to be here at the beach where my decor is clean and sparse. So I took it on as a delightful challenge and one to take my mind off what has been occurring in my home state of Florida. Pumpkins be gone…or just very lightly used for autumn.

Fall decorating ideas without pumpkins

As in all seasonal decorating I tend to approach COLOR first. Here the colors mimic the view outside of the ocean and the sand, so why change that for fall?


shabbyfufu coastal cottage decor
The master bedroom has lots of AUTUMN WARMTH with sand tones and deep, angry cobalt blue sea reflected in fall toned pillows on the bed.
Don’t change your linens out if you love white like I do…just add in some color of the season with pillows and cozy throws!
shabbyfufu beach house kitchen

In the kitchen I’ve added a simple copper bowl with red apples and feel that touches like these throughout the home bring elegant warmth. We are relying on suggestions of fall with this style of fall decorating ideas without pumpkins, so imagine gets peeked up a notch.


seagrass coastal design


Natural elements from the storm suggest fall so quietly, so head on outside and see what sort of twigs or branches YOU can find to display. It doesn’t have to be orange to be autumn infused.


beach home decorating shabbyfufu
If indeed you ARE a fan of orange…there are lots of plants in the garden centers right now like mums and more that are on the traditional side of the fall rainbow. I clipped these from a bush outside and placed them in a deep blue glass vase beside the bed.
david austin juliet roses
The softer side of fall can easily be accomplished with peach tones, as in this arrangement of David Austin roses and more. You’ll see all of these touches in more detail in future FALL HOME TOUR posts soon and I’m excited to share with friends!
vintage bottle collection

You may not think of AUTUMN when you see this collection of old bottles that are faded to perfection, but this coming week I’ll teach you some “outside the box” tricks for a new romantic fresh fall look!


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  1. Iā€™m always looking for ways to subtlety welcome the seasons without a large overhaul. I love your suggestions.

  2. My struggle is how to decorate the porch without pumpkins. I never use orange/brown in any way and I am stumped!

    1. What about some corn stalks tied to your porch supports? You could add in dried flowers and put a big wreath on your door.