Fall Decorating – Organizing Tea – And Hurricanes

I decided that I’d take my mind off of what’s been on my mind for the last week and join my friends for Home Style Saturdays. As I am writing this on Friday evening, I’m thinking about what’s to come with Hurricane Irma. I shot this image a few days ago here at our beach home, during a week that was supposed to be our vacation.


A vacation cut short and we feel totally prepared and yet at the same time completely unprepared for Hurricane Irma. I’ve been through hurricanes before as a Floridian and THIS ONE was your worst nightmare come true.
That was 25 years ago and Florida is MUCH more densely populated now than it was back then and we are sitting ducks with a storm the size of France hitting the state this weekend. We thought about fleeing but with the chaos of mandatory evacuation on both coasts of Florida you might imagine the desperate measures that people are taking to get the heck out of dodge. There is little gas, bottled water and the roads are so bad that a friend went 10 miles in 6 hours before turning around and heading back. Please keep anyone and everyone in harm’s way in your thoughts and prayers. I’ll see you on the flip side with updates…xo, Janet

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