Decorating The Laundry Room – Plans

Decorating the laundry room and making a huge impact while keeping the existing floor plan and storage. Ideas for what I hope to be a modern, chic laundry and half bath for guests!

The last year has been our time to play catch-up on this house and do some renovating. We have been taking it one room at a time and working within our carefully executed budget. As an influencer I’m fortunate to work with some of my favorite brands, but we still need to budget for any labor and extra materials. We are experienced DIYers and can do our own carpentry, tiling and electrical work. We don’t do plumbing and there are some other jobs that we don’t want to do anymore and hire out in renovating our home. I do have two self imposed rules in every home decorating update. The first is to try and save what we can and update it with paint or some extra love. My second “rule” is to add at least one vintage piece to a room to give it individuality.

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Our laundry room is an interesting room with a lot squeezed into one 8′ x 10′ space. When we purchased our home (27 years ago) the room was an outside photography studio that a previous owner had added on. It had one small window with a wall unit a/c and a door leading to the pool area and a toilet and sink inside. For several years I used it as my art studio and the washer/dryer were in the garage. Not the ideal situation for south Florida, since garages are hot! Not only that, but they generally have a car parked inside and often provide the only storage (no basements or attics down here).

We added a large addition to our home after Hurricane Andrew struck and devastated our home and area. The photography studio became part of the house when we added a wing. Around 14 years ago we updated the laundry room and had custom cabinets built in for storage. We replaced the rusty, crusty old washer and dryer that were in the garage with a stackable unit inside. Hidden behind cabinets it was nice not to have to see it every day, and the toilet and sink were great as a pool bath. That being said, I’ve always regretted purchasing such a small washer/dryer combo and it has started to give us so much trouble lately that it’s time to go. I have not been able to wash my king sized blankets in here and always had to take them to the cleaners…so, YAY!

The Before

Some photos (from my phone) of the existing dated and worn laundry room are below.We plan on keeping the pedestal sink, toilet and cabinetry on the left side of the room. The cabinetry in the back of the room would stay as well for all of the valuable storage.

The Demo

So far we (my husband 😉 removed the cabinets where the new washer and dryer will go and cut the granite slab to explore behind the wall more clearly. He also removed the granite backsplash to start working on smoothing the walls so that we can repaint them. Our favorite wall paint that is used throughout is Benjamin Moore White Dove and will be used in here as well. Wonderboard was added to the wall that was behind the existing washer and dryer, since we won’t be stacking or using cabinets.

The Plan

We closed the window in the room when we enclosed the room to become part of the house. I wish that I had some photos, but that was years ago, pre-digital cameras. Since there is no window, we will be adding some better LED undercounter lighting as well as a flush mount ceiling fixture and new lighting over the pedestal sink. The cabinets that we are able to keep will all be painted white. On the right side of the room as you enter behind the door is an 65 gallon water heater that serves this entire 4 bedroom 3,600 sq ft house ranch home). We just took this opportunity to install a new hot water heater, since the previous one was so old. Thanks to my husband and his awesome skills he built a new cabinet around it with a removable panel door. We are keeping the existing stainless steel laundry sink, but have a new faucet to be installed. We are using one of the cabinets that is in place and modifying it to house a rolling laundry cart. I applaud my husband for accepting my ideas and plans and making them work practically!

The Biggest Way To Save Money

Lots of DIY is the biggest way to save money and in decorating the laundry room and keeping the existing cabinetry. We kept the cabinets in our master bathroom remodel as well as the kitchen, and just gave them a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. Resurfacing the countertops with quartz from Hanstone Quartz gave the rooms a dramatic impact! We will be working with Hanstone Quartz again on this project and believe in the product so much that we are offering it to clients in our construction business.

For more on our KITCHEN RENOVATION IDEAS you might enjoy this post… ” Marble Look Quartz – Kitchen Countertop Reveal

The Moodboard

My choices for decorating the laundry room are fresh and modern with touches of blue and gold. I can’t wait to see this all come together and talk more about the sources with you! If you have to do laundry (and we all do) it’s nice to have a place to do it fashionably! Since this room also serves as a powder room/pool bath the blues and golds just seem to be the perfect fit. More on this project coming soon and we are almost there!

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  1. Love the items you picked for your laundry room. We had a tiny laundry in our old historical home in Austin and I was able to put a farm sink in it. It was amazing and I loved that I could use it for dog baths and hand washing items. Can you share where your tile is from? Thank you!

    1. I LOVE farm sinks Kim and wanted to put one in this laundry room, but there just wasn’t room. I will share once I have the tile and will put it up…since I want to report honestly on how I feel about it in person.

  2. Would you share the type and color paint you are using on your cabinets? Also, do you have the same color on the walls as your cabinets?
    Thank you so much for your help!

    1. I’m going to share that info in another post soon Margo, once I can report on the results! Don’t want to steer anyone wrong.

  3. Hi Janet

    You always do wonderful makeovers.

    Looking forward to seeing it finished


    1. Thanks Cindy…hope you like the makeover! xo