Marble Look Quartz – Kitchen Countertops Reveal

Marble look quartz has come a long way, but it truly depends on the quality that you choose. I am beyond thrilled to reveal my new kitchen countertops that make this kitchen look amazing! This is the kitchen that I’ve wanted now for such a long time and the counters from Hanstone Quartz are simply beautiful! Excuse any excess of exclamation marks, because this kitchen has stepped up it’s game and I’m excited! Here’s an overview shot and I’ll go into more detail so that you can learn about my decision.

marble look quartz

In THIS POST from a couple of weeks ago I shared the actual selection and installation process and a “before” of my kitchen. I’ve also been sharing a lot in my Instagram Stories! In an upcoming post I’ll be talking backsplash tile and go into depth about what I picked out and why. I firmly believe that you can refresh your home without tearing everything out…so do it!

marble look quartz white kitchen

The kitchen and dining area appear so much brighter than before, as white has the innate ability to reflect light. With the previous dark and splotchy granite the light was absorbed and it made for a much darker room. In partnering with Hanstone Quartz, I was sent samples of their new Boutique Collection and you can order samples directly from their website. I selected the Montauk pattern, as it resonated the feel that I wanted for my kitchen with it’s subtle veining and flecks of a stone looking white embedded in the pattern.

From Hanstone’s description of the Montauk:
“Subtle and luxurious. The soft pearl undertone of Montauk is elevated with warm sandy dappling and an ivory marble pattern for a vintage yet modern feel.” Hanstone…you had me at vintage yet modern!

marble look quartz montauk

This kitchen is a heavy use area with lots of cooking, baking, family and friends and I needed something durable. While I love marble I didn’t want to deal with the etching and staining and went for marble look quartz that is much more durable. This is now my style, and since we are most likely going to sell our home within the next few years it’s a worthwhile upgrade from the dated granite.

marble look quartz white french style kitchen

Simply by replacing the counters, backsplash and sink, we have a whole new kitchen. The cabinets are original to the house and we resurfaced years ago by changing out the doors. The original doors were white as well, but beat up and covered in formica as they did in the 60’s. This weekend we plan on giving the cabinet doors a fresh coat of paint. We haven’t changed the hardware in years and they are less than perfect. I’m going to experiment with cleaning them naturally and will report back.

marble look quartz montauk miami kitchen

We had our fabricator do an eased edge, which we felt was contemporary and would bring the kitchen into a modern look.

My biggest issue in the past with quartz countertops was the unrealistic look of the veining. This pattern looks completely natural and that is the quality that Hanstone Quartz produces. The repeat is random and naturally spread out, so there was no problem in templating the marble look quartz.

marble look quartz montauk

More About Quartz

If you are thinking about resurfacing your counters, know that marble look quartz isn’t necessarily less expensive than marble itself. It’s much more durable though and with most homes having lots of activity it’s worth thinking about. When ordering from a company like Hanstone, you will still have to have your own local fabricator cut and install. Factor their estimate into the cost of your remodel so you know what you’ll be spending. Installation of countertops depends heavily on where you live. Here in Miami it can cost about the same as the price of the material itself. Cleaning the marble look quartz is simple. My fabricator said that soap and water will suffice. I’m using a natural based cleaner without harsh chemicals that can leach into the air. A wet paper towel will wipe up any coffee or even red wine nicely.

marble look quartz montauk details

I’m sure that you noticed the backsplash tile and I’ll be sharing that with you in an upcoming post. The kitchen is the heart of the home! If you are considering doing some updates, new countertops will bring real dollar value

This post is sponsored by Hanstone Quartz. The opinions, thoughts and love of these new quartz countertops are my own.


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  1. Within the next year, I’m doing a total gut job on my kitchen and I’ve been searching for the perfect quartz countertops. I think I’ve found them! I want to replace my granite with lighter countertops and I’m in love with your marble look countertops.

    1. These really are a beautiful quality Alli. When you’re ready, send off for some samples to help you decide!

  2. This is a beautiful kitchen. The kitchen is so bright and airy. The counter tops are beautiful and really complete the design and over all look of the kitchen.

    1. Thanks Candy…it makes a huge difference in the light pouring in.

      1. Lisa Allen says:

        My kitchen is being done as we speak. So similar to yours! Nice to see your beautiful home! Love the look! Will send picture in the Spring when completed!

        1. Lisa, that sounds great and I’d love to see it!

  3. LINDA WALTON says:

    WOW wow WOW this kitchen is truly a Dream….I love the white theme. Great job, so happy for you!

    1. Thank you Linda…I LOVE working in here now so much more!

  4. So beautiful, Janet! I definitely love quartz and now I’m loving the marble look! I also love the backsplash. Gray is really my color! I love it mixed with whites and blacks. The veining is subtle and that is what I like about it. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your lovely space!

    1. Thanks Babette! Something to consider in your next home and I’ll have to say that it cleans up so nicely too. Enjoy your day!

  5. Oh the countertops are gorgeous!!! I love the white quartz it looks so pretty! Wonderful job!

  6. Marty Oravetz says:

    Your new countertops and backsplash are both stunning.

  7. Janet the kitchen looks wonderful. I love the backsplash you changed and decided to use.

    You must be beyond thrilled


  8. Gorgeous. So light and bright in your pretty kitchen. I love the look of quartz. I have butcher block right now but I have been thinking of changing up to quartz. These are really pretty.
    Have a great rest of the week Janet.

  9. Love the look of your kitchen and the your counters are so pretty. Love how light and airy it looks.

  10. Your kitchen would be great to wake up to, so light airy and bright. I always think of dark when I think of granite but your color scheme is much nicer.

  11. I love the look of this quartz countertop. Good to know that it is much more durable than marble countertops.

  12. Countertops in our kitchen is our next project and what a great product to check into. Thanks for the idea. Your kitchen is just beautiful

  13. E. T. Hach says:

    Just remember any quartz countertops top will NEED SEALING. It will cause etching and just water stains will show up on them. Avoid any acids especially vinegar products. Do your research. It has a lot of marble in them. Beautiful counters but need a lot of prevention techniques to keep them looking that way like coasters under all glasses that drip or sweat. Love them.

    1. Ana Maria says:

      I believe quartz countertops are non-porous and do not require any sealing. My research has demonstrated that these are virtually “no-maintenance” and can be easily maintained with soap and water or mild cleaners.

      1. Yes, you are correct Ana Maria. We own a construction business and know the product well and love it for today’s busy homemaker!

  14. Oh wow, your kitchen is gorgeous! I love how these countertops look! I want to brighten up our kitchen at some point. Right now it’s pretty dark and blah.

  15. Janet your kitchen remodel looks beautiful and those quartz countertops and backsplash are stunning! We have same granite that you just replaced and this has been on my wish list since we moved in 5 years ago. Always inspiring and informative! Xoxo, Sarah

  16. Wow Janet….this is beautiful! Just from your photos I can tell you that quartz has indeed come a long way even in the 5-6 years since I did my kitchen renovation. We did carrara on the island because I couldn’t find a realistic marble looking quartz at the time. I did a solid white quartz on the perimeter counters to give me some durability when cooking. Enjoy the new look….I think it came out great!!!

  17. The faux marble quartz is exactly what I will be using in my house that we will be building soon. Love it. Your kitchen is stunning Janet! Now off to do more packing!!

  18. Your kitchen is just beautiful!! Love love the counter tops..
    I am trying to figure out what is on your wall in the eating area???
    I think I really like it.. Do you have a better picture of it? Could be my next project!

  19. Selah Ingle says:

    I have always loved quartz because of the ease of clean up 🙂 So happy for you and beautifully done…as always <3

  20. Beautiful!!! What thickness are they? I’m trying to decide…

  21. Sara Welch says:

    That is seriously some slick looking marble. I love the clean look and feel to this kitchen now.

  22. I love how the kitchen looks so minimalist. The tiles are very modern and clean! This serves as a good inspiration for those planning to refresh and redesign their kitchen.

  23. I am totally in love with your kitchen! We will be updating ours in the fall and I am super nervous about painting our cabinets but I really want them white, and now I think the white counters are going to be a must!

  24. I love this look. My quartz is darker and it does reduce the light in the room. I have too much of it to change it out. I do love yours!

  25. I wish I had already my own house so I can decorate it just like this. This looks so pleasing to the eye and very tidy. Simple and beautiful.

  26. This is a great choice for those who would like to update the look of their counter tops! I really like the material and I think it’s nice that it costs less than a marble.

  27. Your kitchen is really sparkling. It really makes sense to get white tops and these quartz kitchens countertops look great. White of course means much more light, making the kitchen so much bright.

  28. Your kitchen is beautiful! Our kitchen is so outdated and that would be our next project.

  29. I am dying to redo my kitchen and that countertop and backsplash is my dream kitchen! I just love how clean it looks!

  30. It’s nice to keep the kitchen updated with new countertops, it definitely ups the value of the home as well. I like your choice and I think it’s something that people should consider getting if they’re ever renovating.

  31. I’m so happy to have found someone who writes about life in southern Florida. Our needs and aesthetic are specific to our hot climate. Love your new counters. My husband and I are in the throes of painting our dark cabinets white. We have over 32 doors because the built-ins in our dining area and living room all match the kitchen. The pain is worth the reward. The rooms glow when the afternoon light comes in. Someday, we’d like to replace the dark builder’s granite with quartz, but even the dark counters look better with white paint. Dark on dark is not a good look.

    1. Life in South Florida is unique for sure with it’s own set of issues. Sounds like you’re on your way to a nicer kitchen!

  32. Beautiful kitchen!! I’m loving those counter tops and the backsplash!! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you found this helpful!