Designer Spotlight – Mark D. Sikes

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Welcome to another edition of our Designer Spotlight series!

Mark D. Sikes creates spaces that strike that ideal balance of feeling deeply rooted in traditional aesthetics while still feeling current and livable. 

We’re talking about an expertly edited mix of patterns, colors, and textures that just works together beautifully. I’m so excited to show you some of my favorite designs from him! 

Let’s start, shall we?

Designer Spotlight – Mark D. Sikes

Sikes has this really refined way of creating spaces with a collected and fresh aesthetic that pays homage to American traditional design with a few classicist twists and nods to the Hollywood Regency Style.

It’s all layered, nuanced, traditional but contemporary, and even a bit eccentric. Right up my alley! 

After so many years of observing and studying the work of interior designers, I’ve noticed something crucial. 

The best ones are not just designers, they’re also exceptional colorists. Mark D Sikes is part of this select group! There’s nothing like the way he manipulates color, and it makes all the difference in his creations. 

Sikes’ designs embrace the bold use of prints and color, creating striking combinations that enhance the space without overwhelming it.

Layered patterns adorn upholstery, wallpapers, and accents for an effect that’s a tad maximalist yet harmonious. His color stories meld rich, saturated tones with softer, muted hues for balanced vibrancy.

Most of his designs feature my favorite color combination, white and blue. 

He introduces this timeless palette alongside warm and cool neutral tones while layering an inspired mishmash of patterns (so many stripes!) and varied textures to balance it all.

Antique furniture pieces from the 18th century are mixed with contemporary ones, like coastal-inspired bamboo coffee tables and transitional sofas. Statement pieces play the decor up.

In other creations, he leans towards gentle corals, soft yellows, and more delicate patterns.

No matter the color scheme, his designs have an unexpected edge through his clever use of color and textural contrasts, making the spaces stand out immediately.

Large abstract paintings, ornate mirrors, framed murals, woven baskets, layered pattern-rich rugs, and plenty of chinoiserie accents are some of the signature decorative elements in all of his designs.

Mark D Sikes’s interiors feature an alluring mix of European sensibility and that all-American style so beautifully embodied by iconic figures like Jackie Kennedy and Lee Radziwill.

His masterful use of pattern and color creates spaces that are timeless and elegant, with a bit of restrained eclecticism thrown in the mix. Some of his interior design projects reminded me of those stunning pictures of C. Z. Guest by Slim Aarons. Don’t you agree? Just spectacular!

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These timeless decor pieces are in tune with pieces you might find in a Mark D. Sikes design… on a budget!

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