English Country Cottage Decorating Ideas

Get inspired with these English Country Cottage Decorating Ideas and spruce up your home!

With the right decorating ideas, you can bring the charm and coziness of an English country cottage to your home. For easy tips to bring the cozy elegance of this style, read on.

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What comes to mind for you when you dream about the English countryside? Is its thatched roofs and country roads laced with floral gardens? 

For me, the English Country Style evokes woodsy outdoors and homely cottages that welcome you right in.

Unlike other interior design styles born in England, the English country cottage style has more of a faded look of grandeur than of royal formality. There’s nothing stiff or pretentious, only plushy sofas that you sink into and enjoy the beauty of quiet days in the countryside. 

What is English Country Cottage Style?

English country cottage decor has a unique appeal that evokes a sense of nostalgia. It’s all about the sense of comfort and familiarity it brings to a home. 

There’s no wonder why this decor style is often associated with a simpler and slower pace of life. 

It celebrates the beauty of tradition and the appeal of well-worn and aged objects. This style is not only charming and timeless but also versatile.

What are the elements of an English Country Cottage home?

If you’re looking to create an English country cottage Style home, there are a few key elements to keep in mind.

First, natural materials are a must. Weathered wood, stone, and brick all add to the rustic feel of this style. Incorporating vintage finds and heirloom pieces is also an essential part of this alluring style.

chair slipcover shabbyfufu english country cottage decorating

When it comes to color, English country cottage homes tend to favor a muted palette. Think pale pinks, watered-down blues, and soft greens and yellows. These colors create a relaxed and soothing atmosphere that feels calming and inviting.

In terms of decor, floral patterns are a hallmark of the English country cottage. While the patterns can be bold, they’re often used in low-contrast hues to maintain a sense of subtlety. Floral wallpaper, curtains, and throw pillows can all help to bring this look to life.

white petticoat ruffle bedspread english country cottage decorating

English Country Cottage Home Furniture

Look for pieces with weathered finishes, chipped paint, and other signs of wear and tear that adds to their rustic appeal. You can also incorporate vintage textiles, such as floral or plaid upholstery, to bring even more character to your space.

If you’re not able to find vintage furniture pieces you like, you can still achieve a similar look by distressing new furniture pieces yourself. There are many techniques you can use to distress furniture that will create the same result.

Using a faux chalk paint finish, white-washing, or aging glaze are just a few that will get the job done.


English Country Cottage Decor Details

It’s the little touches that really bring this design style to life and make it feel warm and inviting.

An essential element in the English Cottage Style is the use of chintz-pattered fabrics, along with lace, paisley, ruffles, roses, and faded prints.

From curtains to throw pillows, you can use these delicate fabrics to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

A simple way to bring the charming elegance of the English countryside to your home is through small but poignant details.

Stack your favorite bookshelves, display vintage floral teacups, and place lace doilies to create a dreamy English scene.

To add color (and authenticity) to your home, place vases with wildflowers such as daisies, foxgloves, poppies, and forget-me-nots.

shabbyfufu blue ruffle throw etsy shop english country cottage decorating

English Country Cottage Style Home Bedroom

Creating a bedroom in the English Cottage decor style is all about creating a space that feels warm and peaceful. Comfort is key here!

The bed should be plush, and inviting. Look for soft and luxurious linens in muted colors or delicate floral patterns. Adding a cozy throw blanket, or better yet, a handmade quilt. Pile on fluffy pillows to add the comfy and cozy feel that’s perfect for snuggling up in.

How do you feel about the English Country Cottage decor style? Let me know down below in the comment section. I love hearing your thoughts!

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  1. Julia McKnight says:

    I love anything french country or delicate. I still have many things tucked away from the 80’s. You’ve given me some inspiration to bring somethings out of hiding.

  2. First, allow me to say, I am so so sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. I have over 4,000 emails and because I’ve been sick, and not able to spend much time on the net, each day I get father and father behind. I don’t know you, except thought your site, and I did not know your mom, but I truly can feel your loss. Any loss is hard, but it’s nothing like losing a mom that you are very close to. I say this, because when we loss our mom, (though i think of her daily), things did get a little better, because she know longer suffering. I hope your pain is getting a little less painful. Just know she is with The Lord, and you will see again.

  3. ruth staley says:

    I love ruffles and I am admiring the blue ruffled throw, where did you purchase it thanks Ruth

    1. Hi Ruth, I used to sell them in the shop and discontinued them after several years.

  4. Josephine Marie Howland says:

    I must say that I have always loved the idea of a English Cottage. I also love a bit of formality in some spaces of the home. I love Mahogany furniture, which I have inherited a great deal of it from family members. My dining room set is from a great-aunt who married in 1935, so it is around 80 years old. I have a second china cabinet from her sister, along with various other small pieces, mirrors, and china and glassware. I have a beautiful sheet music cabinet that was from my great-grandparent’s home. I do mix it up with flea market finds, and various collections. I have a huge pink flamingo collection started from many visits to the Bahamas where they also use a lot of Mahogany furniture in the British Colonial style. My moose collection started when I moved to my present location in the White Mountains of NH, where we call our place, Moose Hollow Farm.

  5. DebbieSunshine! says:

    Your ideas are simply beautiful… I love all your photography & your gorgeous flower ideas! And of course… all of your beautiful tablescapes! Can we have lots more of them? I love your wonderful ideas for making every single day so special & relaxing!

    1. Well now this is one of the sweetest comments that I’ve received in awhile Debbie. You made my day! I will keep posting and have something special coming your way tomorrow!

  6. Love it! Have loved this style since we built a brick English Tudor home in Broward County in the 80s. Still have a couple chair covers like you show here. Just donated the chintz one with bouillon trim, drat! Thought we were selling and downsizing. This style is beautiful and timeless and evokes class and comfort. Another Great post.

    1. Thanks Pamela! I find English cottage to be quite a timeless style as well and it’s fun to simply mix in new/old pieces over the seasons.

  7. I just love all the floral. Thanks for some good inspiration.

    1. I just love this style DaleAnn! Enjoy your day

  8. Trying to find a spot to add some soft floral wallpaper..I’m liking that blue and white one you’ve shown…
    Floral always seems cozy any time of year..probably why I adore cottage style.
    The floral lamp with the square base…trying to look up that from here but no go..so sweet!

  9. This is where I get stuck. I love both English Cottage and French Country, but I don’t know how to combine them into something without looking cluttered. Your photos are lovely, by the way!

    1. Hi Janet! I think that English cottage tends to be a bit more cluttered, so if mixing with a French style I would just pare back the accessories and see how that goes. You can always add pieces back in!

  10. English Country is my favorite.

    1. We love it too here at Shabbyfufu ☺️ Be sure to check out today’s post Linda!