Inspiring European Style Home Tour in Salt Lake City

A European style home is featured in this edition of our home tour series! We are visiting a Salt Lake City home inspired by European design with personal touches and lots of textures for interest mixed in.

Designed by the talented team at Remedy Design Firm, this home seamlessly blends contemporary lines with timeless elements and hallmarks of European-style beach cottages.

The harmonious color scheme, thoughtful details, and skillful blend of modern and traditional elements come together to create a welcoming and captivating living space that I’m sure you’ll adore just as much as me. 

Ready? Let’s start out!

European Style Home Tour in Salt Lake City

The dining space is awash with natural light, thanks to the large grid-style windows in white. These not only open up the space but also frame the scenic views outside, highlighting the pale hues of the color scheme.

Upholstered chairs in a soft beige paired with an eye-catching black round table add a little bit of contrast to the room.

In this state-of-the-art European style home kitchen, we can see the same color scheme at play.

Boasting several islands, elegant marble counters, black countertops, butcherblock and pale wood floors, the marble countertops and black hardware create a sleek contrast for an elegant and contemporary look!

A few key details add warmth to this kitchen, like the stunning dome-shaped pendant lights in a brass finish and the antique French-style display cabinet.

Anchored by a stunning fireplace featuring pale stone, this European style home living room is surrounded by plush sofas and armchairs in tan and light gray hues, while a cushy rug adds an extra layer of softness and texture. 

What sets this space apart is the abundance of natural light streaming in through the windows, seamlessly blending the outdoor scenery with the indoor decor.

Here, golden details like the framed artwork and vintage-inspired pendant lights add a subtle glam touch. The result is a serene space, bare of visual clutter.

The family room takes on a distinctly luxe European style home vibe, with a grand piano as the focal point.

The large French windows and the gracefully curved staircase enhance the home’s European architectural charm.

Moving up to the upper story of the house, we find a quaint alcove.

With armchairs upholstered in striped fabric (matching the curtains) and custom bookshelves, this makes for a perfect reading nook.

The office space exudes modern elegance with two sleek desks arranged in an L-shape along opposite walls. Dark bluish-gray cabinets, drawers, and bookshelves provide ample storage and create a harmonious sense of symmetry.

In the second living room or family room, there’s a more intimate mood. There’s an inviting and chic atmosphere with a harmonious blend of tan, creamy, and warm gray tones. 

Dominating the space is a large tan-colored sofa paired beautifully with another sofa in an upholstered warm gray. Wood accents, plush pillows, and shelves showcasing books and decorative elements enhance the room’s modern European style home aesthetic, while still retaining a cozy cottage feel.

In the bedroom, the color scheme darkens a bit with lush blues and muted grays.

European style home tour bedroom featuring bed with blue and white bedding
Remedy Design Firm/Houzz

In the corner, a seating space with dark wood armchairs and tables, with a slight farmhouse style.

In the main bathroom, a striking silver and white bathtub takes center stage, making a grand statement.

White and black floors give a nod to the European-inspired design, enhancing the overall opulent interiors.

Another room which is just stunning but with a slightly different vibe is the main office.

European style home tour featuring an office room with exposed brick wall and brown leaher desk chair

Here, the style leans more into industrial design with the exposed brick wall and dark furniture along with black and brown accents.

And… there you have it. A truly beautiful home!
My favorite room has to be the little alcove with the curved staircase! What about you, what did you think of this stunning European-style home?
Let me know down below in the comments!

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