Favorite Ways To Display Flowers

pink bougainvillea centerpiece

Since we were up at the beach house for about 5 days I have no fresh flowers in the house and it just feels well…naked and sad without blooms around. I hope to get to the market today, but when you have been away you pay, and I’ve been busy. So what’s a girl to do?

faux flowers in an olive bucket

It’s times like these that I am glad to have faux florals around like the ones in the olive bucket that I talked about HERE

purple flowers centerpiece
These flowers were picked from our garden and a neighborhood tree and I’ve shared those before, but in the summertime here in South Florida pickings are slim…
shabby chic bedroom with pink bench
I’m kind of obsessed not only with flowers, but containers of all sorts for display. In cutting back on my collecting and thinning out my stash, containers for flowers are the one thing that I still buy because they are useful…
floral arrangement with vintage tablecloths
Jars, like the antique French pickle jar are perfect for blooms…
pomegranate shot
richly colored roses
Jars are so multi purpose and easy to find, and the large jar above is a reproduction piece that wasn’t expensive…
beautiful floral arrangements
I tend to like taller containers for floral display and when I bring my flowers home from the market they simply need a little clipping…
pink Lisianthus
As the flowers start to wilt after a few days I’ll often cut the stems shorter and put them into Mason jars for a different look and to extend the life…
flowers in chocolate pots
And chocolate pots…another favorite way to display flowers…
shabby chic flowers
And if you know me at all then you might know that I have been collecting antique china and chocolate pots for a long time now. Chocolate pots are just perfection for display!
flowers in jars and chocolate pots

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