French Modern Fall Home Tour

french modern blue and white bedroom


I approach designing a space as if it’s a living, breathing being. Almost like a child that evolves over time and grows up. Maybe an unusual metaphor, but you sometimes have to let go of the past and stop treating the room like a baby and just let it breathe…and grow.

French Modern Fall Home Tour

So when I had the chance to round up a bunch of my great blogging friends recently and work with Soft Surroundings, I knew that this room would be the place that I wanted to update.
French Modern Fall Home Tour
The before and after is pretty dramatic…don’t you think? My husband is actually the one that wanted an update as a fan of modern design. I was agreeable and was happy to sell several of the items in the room to special friends. More befores on the bedroom HERE.


white coverlet with puddle skirt
It started with the removal of the vintage rug, and once we rolled her up the bedskirt was a tad too short. I wanted something in white and when I saw the coverlet and shams from SOFT SURROUNDINGS, I was smitten and new that it would be a perfect fit for the beach house. Santorini…you know, as in Greece where the rooftops are all white and the sea is so blue. Just like here with the ocean right outside and the white cotton of the attached bedskirt freely flows!
modern blue and white bedroom
It’s the beginning of the fall season, so I dressed the bed with some deep toned pillows in cobalt and gold that have tons of texture and detailing. The coverlet itself is nicely textured on the top with an intricately textured design. It’s just PERFECT for this space! I kept the French cane headboard that were already a part of this grown up retreat and somehow it all just flows.
french cane headboard beach house


As you can see, I am not much of a formalist when it comes to bed making, especially at the beach:-).


modern gold mirror over bed
White sheets are on all of our beds, since they are easy upkeep with hot water and bleach when necessary. There is nothing like sleeping under clean white sheets and listening to the ocean’s wave lap at the shore! Now that it’s fall and it cools off slightly at night we sleep with the windows open to the sound and breezes.


boho velvet pillows
Subtle velvets with a faded vintage golden ochre pillow and a new distressed boho style pillow in the mix.
louis chaise and ottoman
My French chair and ottoman are antiques that I recovered and I have a post about similar FRENCH CHAIRS that are reproductions but beautifully done.


soft surroundings home tour
Breakfast in bed or coffee in bed under the new gold mirror that reflects so much light and just fits like a glove in the French modern coastal room.


white ginger jars


I’m in love with these massive WHITE LATTICE GINGER JARS from SOFT SURROUNDINGS that can be used in any room, but I particularly love them in the bedroom on the mirrored chest!
As you can see, I don’t do much for fall at the beach house and a few scattered pine cones do the trick of adding some rustic natural elements to the room. My husband feels more at home in this environment and just a few more touches and that will be it.


Please visit my talented friends to see their items from SOFT SURROUNDINGS too!

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  1. Everything is so pretty. Can you tell me where I can find the light green throw on the chair. This would work perfectly in my master which we’ve just redone. It’s just beautiful.

    1. Hi Margo, it’s a vintage throw and I no longer have it.

  2. christina says:

    Where did you get the mirrored chest? So pretty!