Inspiring Beautiful Summer Palette

This past weekend we visited our sweet girl in Austin for Mother’s Day, which happened to be just by coincidence as that was one of the few free weekends she had. Always on the agenda is antiquing, because HELLO…Texas has such great antiques and vintage for some crazy reason!


We stopped at an always favorite shop that you may know of already…
called Uncommon Objects and if you don’t but find yourself in Austin it’s a must visit…even just to browse. She found a simple vase and we found an interesting little piece for our other daughter and this is what I purchased for me.


Perhaps a bit more than I normally spend, but I happen to love INDIGO and you can find some projects in this SHIBORI DYE post. My daughter is always impressed about my knowledge of vintage and antiques when we are out shopping, but I don’t impress myself too much. I’ve studied and hit the books hard because I sold antiques and vintage for a long time and wanted to know as much as possible about what I was selling!


This eye-catcher I had no clue about, so I asked. It’s an African textile that had been dyed in strips and sewn together by hand to create a quilt or throw. I believe that it’s cotton and it’s a nice light weight, perfect for summer. For now I’m using it as a throw but my daughters have dibs if I eventually find it in me to cut and make pillows. We shall see.


Here are a few shots of my living room dressed for early summer. Inspired by Africa and by the styles of several books on the bench/coffee table and of course…summer flowers.
















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  1. Norma Rolader says:

    Beautiful and elegant love the color of indigo Thank you for sharing

  2. Odessa Graham says:

    I have learned so much from you Janet…thank you! That African throw blanket is absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Odessa! I’ve considering making pillows out of the mudcloth, but hate to cut it up!

  3. Hi Janet! I love the summer palette! The indigo is so beautiful next to the blush pinks. It reminds me of my grandmother because she loved blues and blushes! We called her Meme because she lived in Verdun and Paris for a time with our Pepe and my mother and her sisters. Some of your furniture with the curved legs reminds me of her too. So pretty! Thank you for sharing!