A Sumptuous Dining Room, Tipping Etiquette & More! French Country Fridays 314

Welcome to French Country Fridays, where you’ll find our weekly shares of French inspired home décor,  products and other aspects of a French lifestyle!

 I’m posting this week’s edition of French Country Fridays (FCF) on Thursday because tomorrow is the day you’ll finally see the kitchen reveal here on the blog! It’s been a busy week here with lots of appointments and outdoor activity to boot. Please peruse the post below, and thank you for choosing our FCF series as the most popular one on the blog! You are much appreciated friends ❤️

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Shabbyfufu I 10 Ways To Create A Romantic Atmosphere At Home

Decorating your home is all about striking that perfect balance between functionality and personal style. When it comes to creating a romantic atmosphere, this balancing act becomes more about evoking a feeling of romance and warmth instead of accomplishing a specific aesthetic. Read more above!

This French inspired house tour can give you more inspiration that a full week spent on Pinterest!

Featured Room

Tastemaker Nicola Bathie McGlaughlin’s Sumptuous Dining Room

As featured in the latest issue of Victoria Magazine, jewelry designer Nicola’s home is as beautiful as her jewelry designs!

A Guide To Tipping In U.S Hotels

The etiquette of tipping with a cheat sheet guide can help you navigate how much and whom to tip.

The Coronation Is Coming

Get your tiara ready, as the coronation is coming! Jewelers in Great Britain have been readying special creations to mark the event.

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The 25 Most Beautiful Places In Paris

With gilded history reflected across so much of Paris, here are 25 of the most beautiful places in Paris. I’m excited to be heading back to Paris this spring!

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