Things To Put Under A Cloche, Soft Bedroom Ideas For Summer & More! French Country Fridays 380

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Welcome to French Country Fridays, where you’ll find our weekly shares of French inspired home décor, products and other aspects of a French lifestyle!

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Shabbyfufu | Decorating A Bedroom In Soft French Country Style

In this post I’m sharing summer bedroom tips that are simple and can give your room a feeling of relaxing calm.

Featured Guests

Designthusiasm | Decorating with Copper and Pink

Try these tips from Lory for decorating with copper to create a more inviting home.

Things To Put Under A Cloche

A cloche is one of the most versatile decor items you can own. Get some tips for utilizing this affordable decor item.

How Much Should You Tip In Major Cities Around The World

Knowing when and how much to tip is one of the trickiest things to get right as a traveler. Get some valuable tips in this article.


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  1. Linda Perlak says:

    I love all of theses beautiful ideas! Thank you for all the tips and tricks to decorating! keep them coming! So helpful!!😃

    1. Glad that you enjoyed the ideas and we will keep them coming Linda!