Fabulous Blue Living Room Ideas: Decorating with Calm Blue Accents

Blue living room ideas! There’s no doubt in my mind that many of my readers share my passion for the color blue. After years of exploring, studying, and observing interior design styles, I’ve come to think of blue as a truly magical hue.

Is blue a good color for living rooms?

Color psychology says blue hues represent energy, harmony, and serenity which makes blue a fantastic decor choice for a living room. But here’s the real magic – blues can shape-shift to fit virtually any style vibe. From traditional to modern, cottage-inspired to japandi chic, blue seamlessly adapts to any aesthetic, beautifying every space with its unique spirit. 

It can feel lighthearted and serene, cheery and preppy, or moodily cozy. Just a few well-placed blue accents can completely transform the feel of a space!
In this edition, I’m sharing a collection of stunning living room ideas with blue accents that will surely spark up your decor inspiration. 

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a dramatic makeover as much as the next person.  But realistically, it’s often easier to incorporate blue bits here and there to freshen things up without redoing the entire room.

Slight changes can have a big impact, don’t you agree? Adding some blue accents is the perfect low-commitment way to give your living room an updated look without stressing yourself out. Trust me, I’ve seen what can happen when we get too ambitious with home decor projects!

Let’s get inspired by these mesmerizing blue living room ideas, shall we?

Decorating with Blue Accents: A Collection of Beautiful Blue Living Room Ideas

In this living room, we can see how a muted shade of blue works almost as a neutral shade, making all the other colors work together. The smoky blue hue dressing the walls provides a stunning backdrop to the eye-catching artwork.

Bold pops of blue accents and cheeky red enhance the over traditional style of the room, like the pillows on the powder blue sofa, the curtains and the ottoman.

Is there a more refreshing interior design style than coastal? I think not! Just look at this marvelous living room with blue accents designed by the talented Elena Phillips.

The cheerful light blue console table beautifully matches the blue back walls of the white-framed built-in bookcases and the pretty patterned armchair. There are also smaller dark blue accents on the edges of the jute rug and among the showcased books. 

We can find a similar approach when decorating with blue accents in this utterly pretty living room.

Different shades of blue in different patterns, like this mix of solid dark blue pillows and stunning chinoiserie ginger jars, create the character of the room. It brings such an energetic and playful feel to traditional rooms!

Looking to create a serene blue living room without painting the walls or adding too many blue accents? Paint just the window and door frames in a dreamy blue hue!

Just like in this blue living room example, it’s a subtle yet impactful detail to add that extra pop of vibrancy to the room.

Here’s another example of the same detail, but with a sofa in a matching blue hue and more textured decorative elements, elevating this blue living room to a more coastal style.

Another masterclass in decorating with blue accents! The soft yellows, muted greens, and light browns set a classy warm color foundation. But, it’s the blue accents that truly bring the space to life.

Dark blue lamp stands and blue matching throw pillows, along with coastal landscape paintings that complement the interior design style. These small blue accents add much needed refreshing contrast to the space!

In terms of blue living room ideas, focussing on the floorings, like in this Nantucket cottage, is a lovely option. The dark blue hardwood floors set the tone, grounding the room in a muted coastal feel.

The furniture and decorative elements lean towards a more traditional style, with warmer pops of color and textiles rich in texture.

This is one of my favorite blue living room ideas! Pairing an uber-light blue ceiling with crisp white walls and pale blue furniture pieces, makes this blue living room one beautiful serene space to be inspired by.

The warm hardwood floors and floral patterns in gentle greens add an extra dose of casual elegance.

And there we have it! Some lovely blue living room ideas to get inspired. I encourage you to embrace the slow and steady approach when decorating with blue accents and create your own blue magic 😉

Do you have a living room that features blue accents? Comment below! I love reading your decor experiences!

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  1. I love the room with the light blue trim and white walls, especially with the light blue sofa. It is so soft and pretty. Usually if the trim is a color it is a dark shade. It gives me something to ponder.

    1. Meant to say light blue stipe sofa. Love the light blue one with the blue ceiling to. Ok all done LOL.

      1. I just love all of the blue accents that we gathered for this post Diana! 💙

  2. I love all your ideas and sugar for ways to use blue in the living room space.

    1. You can’t go wrong with blue accents Dorothy 💙