French Farmhouse Decor – Home And Garden Tour

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An authentic French farmhouse decor home tour in a beautiful old barn converted into a stunning home. If you love this style you’re sure to be inspired! 

French farmhouse decor in France

Today I have the pleasure of sharing one of my dear real life friend’s homes with you! If you’ve been following me for awhile you may have seen me share her home years ago. Let’s start with the garden, as in this centuries old barn it’s the first thing that you see when you enter beyond the gates.

French farmhouse decor beautiful summer garden

This beautiful former barn is home to Tania Boureau of Grange de Charme (charming barn) and is in the French countryside about an hour south of Paris. Back in the early days of blogging before there was any social media or Instagram, those of us who were blogging often made friends with readers and fellow bloggers alike. Tania had reached out to me back then on a business trip to Miami and we’ve been friends ever since.  We have a lot of fun visiting each-other’s homes when we can, and these photos (via iPhone) are from my trip to France this past spring. Let’s step inside and see more!

French farmhouse decor Laurence Amelie painting

The view to the left as you enter Tania’s home lets you know immediately what she’s about. Her style embodies a relaxed feminine French farmhouse look that is infused with elegance, white slipcovers, French antiques, chandeliers, shabby chic and lots of artistic touches. Like many of us, she shops her own home and changes pieces around frequently. The painting is from Tania’s good friend, artist Laurence Amelie. I have had the opportunity to visit her home as well and you’ll find that post HERE.

French farmhouse decor fresh flowers and branches

The kitchen in Tania’s home is small on stature but full of life. Here she was on the day that we visited back in May, whipping up a delicious pavlova with fresh fruit. There are antique chandeliers everywhere and it’s easy to hang them from the original timber beams of this French farmhouse!

A quiet corner to contemplate, perhaps read a book while looking out at the garden. All of Tania’s furniture is sourced at a local brocante and often remade and reloved.

French deconstructed antique chair

The living room has an alluring antique French mirror sitting on top of the marble mantel. French farmhouse decor at it’s finest with the rock wall that I believe used to be part of an exterior wall.

farmhouse living room France

A cabinet of curiosities with bits and bobs kept safely behind the glass doors. A lover of antique books there are piles stacked all throughout the home.

cabinet of curiousities

In the summer there is an abundance of flowers in the garden, so there is always something to snip and bring inside.

Heading upstairs to the bedroom area and there is always something that catches your eye in this French farmhouse home.

Tania is an amazing artist that creates stunning silk flowers and floral creations. She sells her work in her Etsy shop here – Grange de Charme –as well as collaborating with Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic and others. Some glimpses into her studio and some of her current creations…

Her cat Shabby is always forgiven for playing in the piles of pretty things!

antique french mirrored cabinet furniture antique wasp waist french mannequins handmade silk roses wedding crowns

The mirrors serve to bring more light into the home and Tania prefers mirrors to art in most cases as I’ve talked about in THIS POST.

french farmhouse decor mantel with antique gesso mirror french farmhouse mantel antique french farmhouse mirror French farmhouse decor antique mirror

A few more shots of the garden and I hope that this charming barn inspired you today!

old farmhouse in France renovated barn French farmhouse decor French farmhouse decor rose garden wall

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  1. Pamela J Milligan says:

    Absolutely stunning!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by today Pamela!

    2. Susan Pussilano says:

      Absolutely gorgeous, Feminine, unique! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Janet, What yummy pictures to wake up too this morning! A beautiful home and garden. I loved every single picture. Thank you, I enjoyed this post sooooo much!! XO

    1. Thanks for visiting with me today at this gorgeous home!

  3. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing an authentic French Farmhouse and garden.

    1. Hope it inspired you Gigi!

  4. Nancy Brantley says:

    Thank you for showing us this pretty home and yard. I would like to know the name of those climbing roses?

    1. My pleasure and we aren’t sure unfortunately of the name Nancy.

  5. Wow so gorgeous! I love to have a place in the countryside either Tuscany or French countryside! Don’t you have the urge sometimes to get a place there!

    1. Yes…I’ve tried to convince my husband, but he doesn’t feel that investment wise it would be wise. Sadly ;-((

      1. Wow, I enjoyed this so much, Janet! When she bought her beautiful barn home, was it in the condition that it is in now? Or did they have to do a lot of renovations? I always have dreamed of a place in the French countryside, but know that will never be a reality, so thank you for this tour!

  6. My dear Janet,
    Thank you so much for this post of my french barn, while scrolling I realize that’s it’s a real heart breaking to sell this barn , but no choice … I hope my future french barn will be as beautiful as this one !

    1. Oh I know…and I hope that your current home will give you the inspiration to live your dreams in the new one! Thanks for letting me share Tania!

  7. Absolutely lovely! Thanks for sharing….

    1. My pleasure…so glad that you stopped by!


    Absolutely beautiful! I could only dream about these pictures but now I know exactly what I want to do!! Thank you for sharing them!!

    1. That’s awesome Lori…so excited that you’re inspired!

  9. Lynne Beattie says:

    A truly beautiful home! Classic and so welcoming!

    1. I so agree Lynne…it’s so charming in every way!

  10. Lucia Donahower says:

    Janet, thank you for sharing this beautiful French home and it’s gardens.

    1. Lucia…I very much appreciate you letting me know how you enjoyed this tour!

  11. Oh Janet I am swooning over this beautiful home. What a gorgeous place and life Pamela has in this over the top sweet home. I went back over the pics several times just to swoon over the pretty style. Love this so much thank you for sharing with us. xoxo

    1. I’m so glad that you enjoyed Tania’s home Kris…it’s truly a labor of love! xo

  12. Love!!! So, so beautiful! I went to Paris for the first time in June and fell in love. We went to Giverny , and that was our only trip into the countryside. It was Gorgeous! .

    1. I’m so glad that you got to go to Paris Patti! Giverny is beautiful and yet there’s much more to the French countryside waiting for you next time!

  13. Connie McGhee says:

    How generous of you to share this once in a lifetime experience. Much appreciated in our “cookie cutter” world.

    1. My pleasure Connie! I am not a fan either of “cookie cutter” and love homes that have some true vintage and antique pieces included.

  14. Lovely? the mirrors awesome?

  15. Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing.

    1. So glad that you popped over and enjoyed the post today Candy!

  16. I knew who the artist was immediately! I only dream of having an original!! Such a beautiful post!!

    1. Laurence’s style is instantly recognizable indeed! Glad you enjoyed the post Eileen!

  17. Ruth Ledyard says:

    Thanks so much for this tour.. I pinned several pictures for help in decorating the house I am building. Everything was so lovely.!

    1. So happy that you found inspiration in this post Ruth!

  18. There’s always something so charming about the homes there… I love seeing brick on the walls and stone floors… my heart just loves all this character… thank you Janet for sharing this beautiful home.

    1. Thanks Alicia…really appreciate you stopping by!

  19. This post is just GORGEOUS, Janet … loved every shot! The floral paintings & silks are stunning, and their entire home ~ inside & out ~ is a veritable treasure! Thank you for sharing!

    1. I’m so glad that you enjoyed this home tour Kathleen and hope that you have a fabulous week!

  20. Thank you Janet, what a photo shoot, had never seen so many photos of Tania’s home which is absolutely gorgeous! Every time I see her in a magazine here in Europe I buy it! Been such a fan, discovered her on French television probably 10 years ago….. XOXOXO

    1. So glad that you enjoyed the post Catherine…have a wonderful week! xo

  21. Thank you for sharing your friends beautiful home & inviting garden. It’s the best of both worlds, beautiful countryside & one hour from Paris ?

  22. Oh my! That is gorgeous Janet! You must have the most amazing time over there – I would just wander around gawking at everything! ? I can see the similarities – no wonder you were fast friends! Thanks for the beautiful inspiration!

  23. Frances Batson says:

    Love Love the farm house. So many beautiful things.

    1. It is a gorgeous home that sadly has just sold.

  24. I have nothing against books or beauty, but do you gals know something I don’t about lots o’ dusting? 😉

    I really have Janet and others to thank as we redid our front room and articles like this help me keep it narrowed down to simplicity and beauty. Still sitting on the fence on re painting green walls as the soft gray small sofa looks nice next to the contrast and additional of white linen curtains which pours onto the floors, and white porcelain add to the pop when walking into the room. Now just need to take a look at some wonderful pictures for the walls, perhaps your friend could help me out?

    1. Hi there! My friend’s home is hundreds of years old and so well sealed that honestly I don’t think there is much dust. The pictures on her walls are from French artist Laurence Amelie and are gorgeous!

  25. Absolutely beautiful in so many ways! All of the white makes the pinks and greens like small nuggets of tourmaline! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Jayne McLeod says:

      hello Candy
      can you tell me what ‘tourmaline’ means ?
      thank you, Jayne

  26. Jayne McLeod says:

    lovely … as always, inspiring
    thank you,

    1. Hi Janet

      You showcased two beautiful homes this time, true feast for the eyes. I couldn’t get over that beautiful, tall French armoire in the Grange de Charme. Too bad she had to sell it. Un palais de reve (a dream palace).

      Fir Jayne
      To help with your question, Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that can be found in various colors.

  27. Over the top!!
    Thank you for such inspiration’
    I’m amazed at the beauty
    In each room …. drooling!!

    1. Emma…I’m so glad that you enjoyed this one!

  28. Donna Marie says:

    I have ALWAYS wanted to live in a barn!!! This goes to show how it can be done nicely!!!

  29. Absolutely gorgeous! Every detail is perfection.

  30. Monique-Marie says:

    Thank you Jnet for this charming tour. The house is just gorgeous and peaceful. Reminds me of home.
    I always enjoy your site. It is most gracious of you to share such loveliness.

  31. mikki parker says:

    Just wonderful I loved it all

  32. Janet, how nice of you to share these homes with your readers!! I would NEVER have the opportunity to see any of this without your gracious hosting. Such beauty for the eye to behold!
    Thanks for sharing.

  33. What an enchanting home. I’m mad for the living room – and that cabinet of curiosities filled with personal treasures is right in my wheelhouse! I’m envious of all the mirrors – because we have a large art collection – as well as create art ourselves, we don’t have space for the mirrors I would like to have hanging. But, I certainly appreciate a home that’s filled with them – especially lovely vintage French plasterwork pieces!

    Do you watch Escape to the Chateau on HGTV? For some reason, last night as we were watching the last episode of this season, I thought of you. If you haven’t seen it, definitely check it out – it’s binge-worthy…and be sure to start at the beginning (🎶a very good place to start!🎶)

  34. So welcoming, and so inspiring! I am still crazy about that tall armoire. Thanks for sharing again Janet those lovely images.

    1. Hi Edmee…I see your comment, so not sure what you meant in the email?

  35. Love it all Janet, beautiful home, so lovely & refreshing,Thanks for sharing her shabby chic home to us. have a wonderful day Janet…

    1. Thanks for stopping by Donna!

  36. Wow, that house is gorgeous. I would love to beam myself over there!

    1. It is Suzanne and sadly she no longer lives there 😞

  37. It’s gorgeous. Do you know the color/brand of green paint on the cabinet in the first photo?

    1. Hi Lizzy! I don’t know, but since the home is in France it’s likely a brand that you can’t get here.