10 Quick Hacks To Organize Your Garage Fast

Looking for how to organize your garage fast? Read these 10 easy tips to organize your garage quickly and make the most of your space.


How To Organize Your Garage [10 Simple Tips]

If your garage is filled with so much clutter that you can’t even park your car in it, you’re not the only one!
Intentional or not, most of us are guilty of letting the garage turn into a dumping ground for clutter. We often use our garage to store any unwanted items that we don’t want in the house or can’t find a good place for.

So, if you’re struggling to park your car where it belongs, get ready to organize your garage and declutter!
I’m sharing 10 tips that will help you organize your garage and maximize its space.


tools and a pair of gloves on a garage table

Choose Shelves and Bins for Strategic Storage

From DIY supplies, holiday decorations to things that don’t have a place inside our home, we all have those items that end up stored in the garage.
There’s a very simple way to fix this issue: Shelving and large airtight storage bins. These are a great option to keep these things from taking over your garage.

Install Vertical Organizing Systems for Maximum Storage.

Organize your garage by getting things off the floor, and make sure to use up all that vertical space in your garage!

We can find many amazing storage systems in the market right now. From bike racks, tool hooks, and even some clever organization systems.
But we often forget to use our garage’s walls to get things out the floor and use vertical storage solutions. Make sure to take advantage of all that vertical space your garage has to offer!

car tools organized in a vertical storage unit

Sort and Declutter Before you Organize the Garage

With any room, the best method to organize quickly is to declutter first. And organizing your garage is no different.

Sort out first and then put away.
Before you put all the tools back on the shelf, make sure they are needed, and you’ll actually use them.

Asking yourself when was the last time you used an item and when you’ll use it again will put things into perspective.
You may find you need less storage than you originally thought!

man holding car tool in white towel

Don’t Waste The High Space

Your ceiling might be the last place to cross your mind when you think about storing items in your garage.
The overhead space can hold bins and other items that you rarely need to access. This can make a huge difference in your garage space.

The Ultimate Garage Organization Hack: Create a Throw and Go Station

This hack works amazing for things you regularly use but need to be stored in the garage, like kid’s outdoor toys.
Create open bins where kids can easily put them back on their own.

Look Out for More Storage Space

This may sound like a no-brainer, but not everything in your garage actually belongs there!
Have a look at everything and look for things that you could store elsewhere like the attic or an outdoor storage unit.

I’m hoping to get one of these outdoor storage sheds this spring and will give you the update!

garage outdoor storage sheds

Add a Mudroom Area in Your Garage

If you don’t have a huge entryway space in your home leading from the garage, consider some DIY makeover!

This small area near your door is an excellent space for a mudroom! You can do this for cheap and quite fast, too.
Add a shoe rack, coat hangers, and a few other items to transform this small area into a functional one.

Pack Like Items Together

When you’re storing items in bins, baskets, or any storage system, packing like items and keeping them together is a great idea.


This will make it easier to find them later and help you stay organized. Cleaning out the junk does include getting rid of old paint cans.
I recommend taking them to an environmentally sensitive disposal facility if possible.


garage white shelves with paint bins


Take Advantage of Clear Bins

If you are going to store items in bins when organizing your garage, opt for clear bins and containers. This will make it easy to see what’s inside, so you never have to second guess or waste time trying to find something.

It might not seem possible, but just like we discussed in my post about bathroom organization and storage, and organization tips for an efficient kitchen, with a few quick hacks you can completely turn your space around!

Just remember to set aside time exclusively for this task and have an action plan to avoid wasting time and you’re decluttering project will be a success.

I hope these tips inspire you to take care of the clutter in your garage so you can finally have that space back in your control.

If you want to know more about decluttering other rooms in your home, don’t forget to check out this post about the Do’s and Dont’s of the KonMari Method!




pinterest graphic of how to organize your garage tips and hacks

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  1. These are all great ideas Janet! We have the exact same storage bin and use it for holiday and larger items that we don’t want in the garage. My challenge is my husband .. He’s a sentimental guy and doesn’t like to part with certain items. I, on the other hand am okay doing the Marie Kondo thing 🙂

  2. I loved this post Janet . Every January I get a bug to get into our garage to declutter and to organise it . It has been a 5 year project of having had 4 children finally move out and leaving much of their stuff behind , including childhood toys etc ! Things that we too thought might come in handy again and a sentimental piano from my husband’s grandmother finally went a couple of years ago . I am now down to painting it all out and finding my husbands supply of plastic bags that he stashes away . His thought is that they might come in handy . They never do !

    1. Angie…so glad that this post resonated with you and good luck on the organizing! Seems like it’s never ending, but I guess the key is to stay ahead of the game.

  3. Ahhhhh love this garage organizing post Janet. Best tip …. up and off the floor space! Never thought to make a mudroom at the entrance door so thank you. When my children were young I made a short clothesline by the door with clothespins attached to hang their wet mittens and hats for drying off the snow and a selection of dry choices to change into….not a problem in Florida but up here in Canada very necessary.

    1. Snow…what’s that, LOL! We don’t have that issue but we do have the issue of no a/c in the garage = humidity ruining certain things that cannot be stored there.

      1. Trade yah…..we have about 5′ of the white stuff and more coming today. Tonight the temp is dropping to -28 celcius brrrrr! I would say a/c in the garage to drop the humidity would be worth it??? Maybe a portable?

    January is a good time to reorganize our
    storage areas.. We don’t have a garage
    anymore. We had it coverted to a lovely
    upstairs Family room complete with vaulted
    ceiling with sky lights and wood burning
    We have attic and basement storage in the unfinished area in the basement. Two nice size storage units on our property.
    Love using free standing shelving. Easy access for storing just about anything..
    Followed your advice on closet organizing right after I retired a while back. Thank you,
    the baskets are great for storage.
    Enjoy reading your posts.

    1. Happy New Year Su! I guess that we need to utilize the storage that’s available in our homes to the best of our ability! One of the things that I hear most from homeowners is complaints about the lack of sufficient storage, whatever they have!