French Country Fridays 47 | Chairs | Flowers | Laundry and More

Welcome on in to our series French Country Fridays! Here is where we share the best of French style decor each Friday with friends and post topics relating to home, the seasons, lifestyle, shopping and more.

I’ve been up to eyeballs in styling, shooting and writing some exciting posts to share with you soon! For those who aren’t bloggers it might seem like we have an easy job. As my husband likes to tease…”sitting around and eating bon bons all day”, lol. Definitely not the case and it takes a ton of time to do what we do, but most of us wouldn’t have it any other way. Let’s see what everyone is sharing today. My post is about Flower Arranging Tips, which reminds me…I need to pick up some flowers for the weekend!

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Edith and Evelyn Vintage | French Chair Makeover

French Chair Makeover - E&E

French Country Cottage | Laundry Room Renovation Step by Step

French Country Cottage

Maison de Cinq | New Hardwood Floors – the Full Reveal!


Shabbyfufu | Simple French Farmhouse Flower Arranging Tips


Cedar Hill Farmhouse | The 4 Key Elements of Good Design


Designthusiasm | Storage Solutions: 8 Surprising Places That I Store Things

Storage Solutions: 8 Surprising Places That I Store Things

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