5 Gazebo Decorating Ideas For Christmas

Have you ever struggled to come up with gazebo decorating ideas for Christmas or the winter season in general? Why not turn this outdoor structure into yet another place to celebrate the holidays. While it may be too chilly where you live to sit outside, your gazebo is still part of your hardscape, so let it shine with simple holiday cheer!

gazebo decorating ideas for Christmas

We have mild winters in Miami, so are able to enjoy our outdoor spaces often. In fact, winter is the most desirable season here and we enjoy spending evenings outside when time permits. As my husband and I were stringing lights and adding seasonal cheer to the garden areas we decided to spruce up the gazebo as well! After a thorough cleaning we knew that a bit of color was on our agenda and hanging strands of Christmas lights. What was the easiest way to add multiple strands to the gazebo? I’ll share that with you below and some tips on what you can add as well!

This is a paid post in behalf of Spectrum Brands but the work and opinions expressed here are my own.

gazebo decorating ideas for Christmas

5 Gazebo Decorating Ideas For Christmas

You can use these ideas for decorating a porch as well as a gazebo. Keep it simple and uncluttered to have the best use of space. Here is what I love to add and think is the most practical for an outdoor “sitting room”.

  1. Lights! We always have the large Edison bulb stands hanging from the beams, but frankly it’s not enough light. We added strands of outdoor Christmas lights and will leave them throughout the winter season. Add another layer with outdoor lanterns filled with either real or faux candles. You could also layer faux candles on a tray on the outdoor coffee table.
  2. An outdoor Christmas tree or trees. Nothing says Christmas like a tree, so utilize them outside in covered areas or exposed if the tree is rated for that purpose.
  3. Traditional potted holiday plants such as poinsettias, either real (ours are real) or faux.
  4. Pillows and throws brighten up the space in Christmas color or pattern and provide comfort as well. We live in an area that does receive lots of rain and is humid, so an outdoor performance fabric is our best friend.
  5. Lastly don’t forget some outdoor Christmas ornaments for a bit of glitz! Shatterproof ornaments are plentiful these days and come in a variety of sizes.

traditional Christmas gazebo

How To Easily Hang Strands Of Christmas Lights Outdoors

gazebo decorating ideas - hanging Christmas lights

We used the Made By Me Hanging Light Kit from National Hardware. This kit made it possible to hang multiple layers of lights with little fuss!

National Hardware -Made By Me hanging light kit

As long time avid DIYers, we appreciate having all that you need in one handy kit! The cable is strong and we attached many layers of light strings, as you can see.

Product Description

    • National Hardware’s hanging light hardware kit is designed to hang string lights.
    • Made with premium steel.
    • Can be installed with up to 100 feet of lights.
    • Hanging Light Hardware Kit includes: 100′ wire cable, 2 turn buckles, 3 spring snaps, 2 screw hooks, 4 rope loops, 8 cable clamps, 8 screws, 8 anchors, 50 zip ties. (String lights not included)
    • Install and uninstall lights as needed.

You can find the Hanging Light Kit on Amazon HERE.

gazebo decorated for Christmas

How To Install The Hanging Light Kit

Step 1.

Determine the layout for your light installation. Mark and pre-drill holes for the long screw hooks using a screw gun. Mounting points should be on sturdy surfaces like a post or tree. 

pre drill screw holes

Step 2.

Install screw hooks by turning, as shown. The screw hook will be the starting point for hanging your wire. 

screw hooks

Step 3.

Install eye straps on the remainder of the three posts with a screw gun. 

eye hooks

Step 4.

Thread cable wire through two cable clamps creating a loop and tighten. 

cable hooks

cable loop

tightening cable hooks for gazebo decorating ideas

cable hooks

Step 5.

Next you are ready to install the system. Take the loop that you’ve just created and hang it on the screw hook. Then bring the wire across and thread tightly through the two eye hooks on the opposite side ends of the gazebo.

gazebo decorating ideas

Step 6.

Take the wire to the final post and determine how much wire you’ll need to create another loop, as instructed in step 4. Make a duplicate hoop and hook it through one end of a turnbuckle. Tighten the turnbuckle by turning and hook it to the final eye hook. 

turnbuckle hook


Final Step

The hanging light hardware kit is designed to hang string lights, so start draping as many strands as you’d like and secure with the enclosed twist-ties. Clip excess on twist ties as needed for aesthetic purposes.

light kit

I’m so glad that we decided to go with these gazebo decorating ideas for Christmas and will be enjoying this all season long!

Gazebo Decorating Ideas For Christmas

For a printable instruction guide, find that here

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5 Gazebo Decorating Ideas For Christmas

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