Mid-Century Home Meets Scandinavian Style

This mid-century home was renovated into a dreamy home, filled with light, modern functionality, and bits of playful details. This renovation integrates midcentury lines beautifully with modern elements reminiscent of Scandinavian design.

Renovating a mid-century home and bringing it back to life is no easy feat. Particularly if you’re more inclined toward a minimalist and airy aesthetic. However, Magda and Scott Rauscher did not shy away from the daunting task and achieved spectacular results!

My decor-loving heart swoon over this home’s light-filled spaces and its magical mixture of mid-century charm and playful modern touches.
As well as showing the before and after of the renovation process, the homeowners shared a photo of their lovely home dressed for Christmas and it inspired me.

I thought it may inspire some of you who prefer a more minimalist look but also want to add a festive touch to your home decor elegantly.
I’m sure you’ll be just as enamored as I am with this charming home.

So, dear friends, time to grab a cup of tea en let’s start this new home tour edition!

Mid-Century Home Modern Remodel – Before and After

With the help of the contractor Fred Leiva of F&G Remodeling, this family transformed their outdated and dark Chicago home into something modern and airy.

Like many of us, Magda used Houzz to spark her inspiration and guide her in deciding the best course of action.
The original home layout didn’t work for the family and the flow they were looking for. They removed some walls and doors to create an open-space layout.

Looking at the before and after pictures, one might think this was a long process as the renovation is so incredible, but it only took four months! Amazing, isn’t it?


The dining room, living room, kitchen, and breakfast nook were integrated into one big, open room. This resulted in a bigger space that works for their social and family life.


Light and Airy Living Room Decorating Ideas

To transform the living room area, some walls and the original wall paneling had to be removed. Now, the walls are a bright white, adding even more lightness and an airy feeling to the room.

The hardwood floors were stained, working as a beautiful contrast against the all-white walls and modern decor.

The main space incorporates design and functionality, while also adding personal touches that bring it to life. The all-white palette and open-space layout make it feel light and airy, while the modular white cabinets and open shelves take over one wall.


Scattered across the bookshelves, small decorative elements and plants add color and playfulness to the all-white room.

The large wood table, blue rug with a Persian design pattern, and upholstered dining chairs tie the room together.

A mid-century fireplace sits right between the dining table and the sitting area, providing a quiet place to chat with friends or read a book. A Christmas wreath crafted from faux garland, ribbon, and sparkly ornaments hangs above the fireplace, made by Magda herself.

Adding to the festive ambiance, a cute garland vignette sits on the staircase.

Mid-Century Home Scandinavian Decor Ideas


Stone floors from the midcentury era remain in the entryway. To continue the same style but with a modern twist, the couple added a wooden bench and elegant festive decorations. The garland’s rustic feel and dark green pair beautifully with the darker hues, enhancing the richness of the space.

Minimalist Mid-Century Home Modern Bedrooms

All of the bedrooms in this renovated home have a serene quality to them that I find just delightful.

In the main bedroom, floor-to-ceiling curtains give the room a diffused light effect, creating a calming feel. The color scheme consists of ivory tones, greys, and blues that play perfectly together. Especially as the decor elements are rich in texture, such as the upholstered bed and statement silvered framed mirror.

Similarly, the guest room features a similar color scheme, but vintage elements such as the headboard, throw, and wooden stools create a contemporary boho look.

The kid’s room is another wonderful example of how to integrate beautiful design with functionality in a stunning way. The blue color scheme is stronger and more fun thanks to the playful mix of patterns. Plus, it has its own Christmas tree!
Plus, this bedroom features its very own Christmas tree, the ultimate child’s dream!

I wanted to end this home tour with a beautiful room, the studio. This room’s beauty lies in its simplicity and reminds me so much of the Scandinavian style, especially in the way the homeowners have incorporated midcentury lines with more modern touches.

The light color scheme makes the wall gallery pop, allowing the personal elements to tell the story. Doesn’t this look like a lovely spot to focus and write? It does to me!

What is your favorite room in this lovely mid-century home? Comment down below if you’re inspired to do so. I love hearing your thoughts!

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