7 Genius Dusting Hacks You Need To Know

In this post, you’ll learn about some genius dusting hacks and you are sure to learn something new…promise!

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You know…that ubiquitous white glove test, right? Well if you were to do the white glove test in your home, would it pass? I don’t know about you, but mine sure wouldn’t have until I started on my mission to declutter and clean!

We all get busy sometimes, and a dust-free home all of the time is certainly not realistic. However, there are a few things you can do to get rid of a lot of the dust in your home quickly and efficiently. This will not only help you breathe a little better, but your home will look tidier as well. Here are 7 awesome dusting hacks that you need to know to make dusting a breeze!


Genius Dusting Hacks For Fast Cleaning



Lampshades can be difficult to dust if you have a lampshade made of a specialty fabric. Use a lint roller to remove dust and lint in seconds. It’s truly a lampshade lifesaver!

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Dryer sheets work great for dusting electronics and light fixtures. Dryer sheets have a natural antistatic property for them which will help keep these items dust-free longer! After your clothes are done in the dryer, put one of these dryer sheets to use before they hit the garbage.

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Dusting ceramic knick-knacks can be a challenge as they are usually an awkward shape. You can clean the dust off of ceramic by using a lemon wedge!

Use the cut side of a lemon wedge to rub down your ceramic item, then let the juice sit for about fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes, finish it off with a dry cloth.

lemon wedges


Cleaning the corners of your home or even just reaching the fan blades can be a challenge. But, there are many great ways to reach those difficult to reach areas in your home!

One way you can reach these places is by attaching a cloth to your broom with a rubber band.

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If you have a yardstick or any other long object, this will work as well. Whatever you use, make sure you secure it well, or it will fall off while you’re dusting.


This is one of my favorite dusting hacks!

Before you throw out those ripped pantyhose, consider saving them for this! Pantyhose are typically made of a microfiber material, which makes them perfect for cleaning dust off of your candles. You’ll pick up any dirt and dust without ruining your candles.

genius dusting hacks for cleaning candles


Cleaning your blinds can be one of the most painful tasks, especially if they’re small. You can quickly dust your blinds by attaching two rags to a pair of tongs. Use the tongs by starting at one end and working your way to the other to clean both the top and bottom of the blinds at the same time!

dusting blinds


One of the hardest parts of dusting is those small hard to reach areas.
A paintbrush works perfectly to get into those little nooks and crannies to get rid of dust and any dirt that has built up there. You can also use a foam brush to clean your vents.

paint brushes dusting hack

Dusting your home doesn’t have to feel like a chore and depending on your attitude it can be satisfying when you see the results.

Try out some of these dusting hacks, your home will have less dust, and it will take less time!


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  1. Janet, I love these easy dusting hacks! I never heard of using a lemon wedge to clean ceramics or a dryer sheet to clean electronics, but I’m going to incorporate both into my cleaning routine. Thanks for passing along your tips.

    1. The dryer sheet is really a favorite of mine!

  2. Great hacks! I’m anxious to try out the dryer sheet suggestion, ASAP. Love the tong idea as well 🙂
    I wrote a post a while back about cleaning vintage Gurley candles with old pantyhose and learned that if you have a stubborn spot, you can dip the hose in hot water and gently wipe the spot away. Hope you have a great day!

    1. Well that’s good to know…I never thought about wetting the hose but will try it!

  3. Hello Janet, I came to your blog following a picture of some velvet pumpkins. I so happy to have found your site. I can hardly believe I found someone so much like myself only difference is your are living out your best life now. I’m still trying to get mine started. Hopefully we can chat soon so I can live out my dream of sharing with people my decorating tips, cleaning habits, and other special God giving talents. By the way my name is Miranda Munn, retired educator and lover of All Things Vintage.

    1. Hi Miranda…I’m so glad that you stopped by and would love to have you subscribe! I love what I do…but I have to be honest that it’s a ton of work and hard to slack off, even for a day! Enjoy your Friday…Janet

  4. Omg! The lampshade idea is awesome! I’ve tried other things and it just makes the lamp shade spin!
    I have a special duster for my ceiling fans that I was glad I invested in. Not only can you literally insert the fan blade and get both sides at once, this tool also works great for my ceilings and walls! I have vaulted ceilings in my bedroom and this is the only tool that is long enough to get it!

  5. Thanks muchly for the lampshade dusting idea. As for ceiling fans (not in vaulted ceilings) I’ve found that a pillowcase is a great way to dust both sides of a fan blade and it contains the dust until you can shake the inverted pillowcase outside. Of course this requires a step ladder to reach the fan. How I wish there was a way to stop dust before it settles. Thank you for your excellent solutions!

    1. That’s an interesting idea Jan!

  6. Morning Janet, Sure appreciate all your cleaning/ hack suggestions. Question about the shade cleaning, can dryer sheets be used there?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Good morning and yes…dryer sheets are like dust magnets for sure!

  7. I wrote a post a while back about cleaning vintage Gurley candles with old pantyhose and learned that if you have a stubborn spot, you can dip the hose in hot water and gently wipe the spot away. Hope you have a great day!

    1. Thanks for the tip Emma! xo