Style Showcase 13: Your Destination For Home Decor Inspiration

Welcome on in friends to Style Showcase 13, the link party that’s your destination for home decor inspiration!

We are just over 3 months into our blog series The Style Showcase and hope that you have been enjoying the inspiration so far! I thought that today I would just mention a little bit about what I’ve been up to lately…which is clean, clean and clean some more! I’m feeling pretty accomplished and trying not to think of how much more work I have to do in our home. The sense of calm in rooms void of clutter is amazing. Have you been cleaning and organizing this winter? Be sure to check my recent posts for loads of useful tips!

And now let’s visit the Style Showcase 13.

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  1. thanks for the links Janet the hoop orbs are a great look, I don’t embroider so the next time I’m out and about I’ll hit the op-shops to see what I can bring home and make this project. Again, thank you.