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The Ultimate Guide To Christmas Decorations Storage and Organization

Once the holiday season wraps up, handling the aftermath of Christmas decorations – the lights, ornaments, and wreaths – can be a bit of a hassle, right?
Fortunately, tackling this post-holiday issue is easy with the right tools and some hacks!

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In this post, I’ll share my favorite products to help you tie up and store your Christmas decorations so they look brand new year, along with storage organization tips I’ve learned along the way. Ready? Read on!

A Guide to Christmas Decoration Storage and Organization

So, what’s the best way to store Christmas decorations? There are so many options on the market right now, but I’ve curated a list with some of the best ones, according to my personal experience and overall reviews. You’ll find all of these in my Amazon Storefront right here. If you continue reading just look under each graphic for the clickable links to learn more about each product I’ve sourced!

Christmas Lights, Wreaths, and Garland Organization

Maybe one of the worst things about storing your Christmas decorations is dealing with tangled Christmas lights. If you have wondered what is the easiest way to store Christmas lights, let me give you some tips!

When you wind up your holiday lights, take it slow. Loop them in a figure-eight pattern or use a spool for a more controlled wrap. You can use a piece of cardboard and cut a slit on one side for a DIY option. 

For this, I recommend something like these spools or lights organizer box.
Once you have your lights in check, you can store them in clear containers

For something that takes care of both issues at once, these storage containers specifically made for lights are my favorites.

Remember that wrapping your lights carefully and storing them securely is key to keeping them in top-tip shape for next year! 

Now, let’s shift our focus to wreaths– another decoration with a knack for being difficult to store.

These storage containers made specially for wreaths are my top pick, along with these ones. Both are sturdy enough so you can pile other boxes on top of it and the label makes it easier to keep everything organized. 

For garlands, you can coil them neatly into a container like this one to avoid tangles or opt for hanging them up. To choose the best storage method, think about where you’ll store them and how delicate (or not) they are.

Hanging garlands can save space and prevent them from getting squished which is a huge plus, especially if you have delicate ones. 

You can simply hang them in a closet or get a rolling rack and place it in an attic or garage. If you prefer this option, remember to cover them first using plastic bags. You can even use clear garment hanging bags!

Christmas Decorations Storage and Organization: Christmas Trees

Storing your artificial Christmas tree doesn’t have to be a headache. With a bit of pre-storage planning and the right storage gear, you’ll be all set for a hassle-free holiday setup next year.

When it comes to storing Christmas trees, a heavy-duty upright bag is the best way to go about it. There are also the duffel bag style ones, like this one and this one which are very practical. It makes the whole process much easier! 

Now, if you don’t have the space to keep an upright bag, a tree box is another great option that saves lots of space.  There are so many options but my advice is to go for one that’s either waterproof or moisture-resistant. This one is moisture-resistant, for example, and it comes with wheels!

Wrapping Paper and Gift Wrap Storage

Protecting your wrapping paper rolls and gift-wrapping materials safely is a must that not many of us keep in mind once the holiday season is over. Keeping it organized and safe from the elements saves so much money and time for the next holiday season! 

Look for containers long enough to accommodate your rolls without bending or crumpling them, like this waterproof one.

Some even have handy compartments for tape, scissors, and those elusive gift tags, like this one. If you prefer something more space-savvy, go for something like this one that you can hang up on a rack. It’s so convenient and the pockets make it easy to store all your supplies! 

Ornament Storage Solutions

For delicate ornaments such as those made of glass and ceramic, your best bet is to keep them snug and secure in an appropriate storage container. 

Padded and equipped with individual pockets, something like this storage box offers a cushioned place for your ornaments while keeping everything neatly organized. For figurines, this adjustable padded box is your best bet!

You can also go for something like a clear plastic ornament storage box, with adjustable compartments for ornaments that don’t require extra care. This one with gold polka dots is another lovely option!

Each ornament gets its own slot and you can see what’s inside which makes it so much more convenient! 

Christmas Storage Pro Tips:

If you have lots of Christmas decorations, don’t forget to use a labeling system! Label your containers, you can use handwritten labels or something like this no-ink label printer.

If you’re short on space, make use of the space under your bed for storing decorations! Invest in storage boxes designed for this use, like this one. These bins are flat, fitting neatly under the bed and keeping your decorations concealed until needed.

If you’re storing your decorations in the garage and have tons of miscellaneous items, consider getting a storage shelving unit if you don’t have one already! Use stackable containers, like these ones, and get savvy with all that vertical space!

Storing your Christmas decorations is a simple tradition that not only keeps your storage space efficient but also minimizes the stress of holiday preparations. I hope you found this guide helpful. 

image of christmas decorations inside of a storage box

I wish you a stress-free and enjoyable time as you wrap up the holidays!

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